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  1. Hiii bonjour and welcome here
  2. Is there a map with the localisations of the members ?

    1. yang


      That will be an awesome idea!

  3. Hello Asia ! I hope you will like the MFC (I'm talking like a very old member but in fact, I'm a newbie too )
  4. Hi ! Welcome here ! I'm new to the MFC too...
  5. Yes, I found it, thanks there are so many nice people here \o/
  6. The strange thing is that at this time, my English was very bad (even more than today...) and I didn't understand any of his songs when I finally looked for the lyrics I found them beautiful !
  7. I love Rooney Mara and Élodie Frégé

  8. Haha, everything is fine now, I really don't know why but I just couldn't listen to this song...then I watched the clip and I was because of Mika's beautiful hair and collars and face know
  9. Hello ! I'm Stars (no, it's not my real name I chose it because of Some of us in the gutter / Are looking up at the stars) I come from France and I re-discovered Mika on tv 2 years ago. I didn't watch The Voice but I heard about him being a coach, so my brain just said to me "hey, remember, the hairy guy, he sings Relax and Lollipop, yep, this man your family couldn't stop listening to in 2007 ! well now, he is a little forgotten...". So I just searched him on Google and became a fan. Mika first helped me to understand what the labels, genders, sexual orientations were (I read so many interviews about it !) and thanks to him, I'm ok with all of these now. Then I began to really listen to his music (before knowing him better, I was afraid of the song Rain, I don't know why...). At first, I didn't want to go in the mfc, I was telling myself that it has no utility but I'm finally here please forgive me for my strange English/Italiano and if I post in the wrong thread. I interact with many fans on Twitter, and I met marvellous people here (hello G). You can follow me if you want, I promise I am often very nice Some random facts about me : I love subtiltling videos in French (yes, my own language), my firsts concerts were Peter von Poehl and Lou Doillon, I hate raspberries and I approximately know how to sew. Please be nice with me