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  1. I know I'm really suprised, I was expecting it to be in English as well... We still have a couple of months to investigate about that
  2. Ok so I wrote to JC Lattès (the editor) an hour ago and I already have a reply, I'm impressed! I asked them about the release date and if it was written in french or if it was a translation and here was their answer: «En effet, le livre de Mika a été reporté jusqu’à nouvel ordre. L’ouvrage n’a pas pu être terminé à temps et il sera donc décalé soit en fin d’année 2016 soit début 2017. L’original est écrit en français mais aucune date n’est encore fixée pour sa sortie.» Quick translation: the release has been put off until further notice. The book was not finished on time so it will be delayed to the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. The original version is written in french but no date is set for its release yet. I guess we have our answer
  3. Yes it really is weird... Amazon.ca added it a couple days ago. The book (in french) is currently unavailable but the release date is May 18 as well.. https://www.amazon.ca/JOURNAL-DUN-OPTIMISTE-ACCIDENTEL-MIKA/dp/2709656213/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461620122&sr=8-1&keywords=journal+d%27un+optimiste+accidentel I would like to now in which language he wrote it, because that's the version I want to read, not a translation.
  4. There are many theories about Jon's parents, but one is more commonly accepted by the fans
  5. That's the thing, we can always be wrong with this show haha! I haven't seen the trailler, but I hope you're right, it seems like I've been waiting for that moment for ages!
  6. Hahaha yes I've seen it, we'll see! I was a bit disappointed by the last season, I hope this one will be as good as the previous ones
  7. Jon Snow HAS to come back! They didn't burn him, so maybe he'll come back as a white Walker, which means I will definitely be in the white Walker team haha
  8. Isa<3


    ooooh so now she's your classmate, but she'll become your friend, and then you'll go to her home and Luka will be there and he will introduce you to Stjepan and they will play just for you and life would be beautiful
  9. Isa<3


    YAY What instrument do you play? I was so in love with them at first that I bought their first cd along with the scores.. Some songs are so freaking hard to play!!
  10. It's true, she does have something in common with Élodie.. I heard Tamara singing in the metro the other day, when I first heard the voice without seeing the singer, I was sure it was her, no one else can sing like that! I had a bad day and she made it all better, we can hear so many beautiful things in her voice
  11. Isa<3


    So surprised to find a thread about 2Cellos here! They are amazing Playing the cello myself, I like the fact that they are showing to everyone that cello isn't just for classical music. I hope there are still some fans of 2Cellos among MFC in 2016 haha
  12. Yes, that would be so great
  13. Haha yes I didn't know it was 80$, but when I saw that I changed my mind and decided to wait! But thank you for your answer
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