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  1. 10 years of LIFE IS CARTOON MOTION ❤

  2. Happy birthday MFC ♥ We're (a big international) FAMILY!

  3. But it's normal that yesterday, watching 'Casa Mika Afterparty', I've cried all the time? Help me, please!

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    2. BigChiara96


      In this year I went to my first two concerts of Mika (I follow him for 9 years) and, when I saw "Stesera casa Mika" an d"Casa Mika Afterparty" I felt hurt even more because I remembered when he sang those songs in front of my eyes.

    3. crazyaboutmika


      That's PMD, Post Mika Depression, we bave a thread about it. Big hugs for you Chibar96 <3

    4. BigChiara96