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  1. Vorrei farne parte anche io di questo gruppo avvisatemi se va qualcosa in porto
  2. E poi ci sono io che l'ho visto due volte a due concerti e non ci ho mai parlato a quattro occhi (momento che aspetto da circa 8 anni) #MaiNaGioia ...
  3. Io amo No Place In Heaven ma anche The Origin Of Love non scherza. Io me lo sono fatto regalare a matale e non riesco a smettere di ascoltarlo.
  4. In questi giorni mi sono persa un pò di post e mi sono trovata una 50-ina di notifiche. Che mi sono persa?
  5. BigChiara96


    Hi Elisa, my name is Chiara and I live in Puglia. Welcome in our big family Come già detto da Gabry ti aspettiamo nel Thread italiano:
  6. Sono andata allo shop poco prima che lo togliessero della vendita nel negozio per provarlo e mi hanno detto che non lo rimettono in vendita ma che posso prenotarlo sul sito web.
  7. Ciao a tutte e buongiorno! Finalmente ho convinto i miei genitori a comprarmi il MUMU by Swatch ma sul sito della swatch non lo vendono più e su amazon non è più disponibile. Cosa posso fare? Voi avete qualche consiglio da darmi o ci devo mettere una pietra sopra?
  8. Anche a me, tantissimo; infatti se avete bisogno di aiuto ECCOMI
  9. "We should remember that we can be what we want, no matter what people think about us." --> During the years, thanks to Mika, I have learned just that.
  10. Non sta scritto che non si farà... sta scritto che forse ridurranno il budget (credo) quindi vedremo
  11. In alto a destra sta scritto "follow this topic". Se clicchi li, ti manderà un'email appena qualcuno scrive qualcosa in quel thread
  12. I have a dream that has not yet realized (since I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mika face to face): I would like to get a tattoo on the skin the phrase "believe in yourself", however, with his handwriting. As soon as I will get to write this sentence from him I will do it!
  13. it's amazing how a singer, who does not know you exist, can save your life.
  14. We organize a collection, but the show has to be there this year! POINT. We do a crowdfunding!
  15. Hello everyone! I have already presented here recently but I did not say something fundamental about me that, now that I've "known" better there, I want to tell you why Mika, when I was little, has literally saved my life. I, like Mika, am dyslexic. Until some time ago I could not tell so many people in fact knew this thing just my family and my best friend. In late 2006 I discovered to be dyslexic; beginning has not changed my life this news but then I began to cause problems. In 2007, my "friends" began to make fun of me for my "problem" and more time passed and the injuries became heavy. At one point I was so bad he was going through in my head the decision to kill me but of course I did not tell anyone. During the first months of 2008, my speech therapist realized that I was mentally hurt and told me that, in the world, there are many famous people who are dyslexic. He gave some examples and then I pronounced the name of a Lebanese singer dyslexic known around the world: MIKA. I come home and I began to hear the songs of this singer and was able to make me feel better day after day, month after month and year after year. Also reading his past and seeing the artist who was, I said to myself: if he is dyslexic, managed to tackle head-on all obstacles on its way and is now one of the most famous pop stars in the world, even I can follow my dreams caring about the opinions of others. He gave me the strength to get up and chase my dreams. AND I AM HERE TODAY TO WRITE THIS POST ON THE FAN CLUB OF MY IDOL TO PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING AND THAT YOU DO NOT would enable NEVER DO THAT 'HAVE PEOPLE IN MY PAST. This is my story "with Mika". P.S.: Sorry for my english but, when I have to write long things, I may have made some mistakes.
  16. Ciao Pina ed Amelie, benvenute nel MFC ma soprattutto nel thread italiano Come già detto da Gabri Mika quest'anno non farà il tour (ci aveva abituate troppo bene) ma comunque noi ci possiamo incontrare grazie a raduno o incontri oer conoscerci! Io non vedo l'ora
  17. Sirielle Hello, welcome to the MFC. Also I'm Italian and I can assure you that here is really good. Have fun with us! As soon as you can, follow the Italian Thread:
  18. Happy birthday MFC ♥ We're (a big international) FAMILY!