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  1. Good Morning from Europe 😇
    Have a nice Friday🙌
    I just wanted to ask which devices you are using most of the time in the MFC Forum? Well, I use my phone and computer at the same time a lot. What about you? 

    1. Paoletta


      @EzPz_german_squeezy Hi.. have a nice friday you too

  2. Hey Guys, how are you today? 😇
    Bom Dia Hello GIF

    1. A. Clay

      A. Clay

      In short


    2. A. Clay

      A. Clay

      Capital Weather Gang @capitalweather · Details on DC heat response plan today. twitter.com/MayorBowser/st… * Mayor Muriel Bowser @MayorBowser · It’s going to feel like 114 degrees in some parts of the city. So, what do you need to know? 1. If you see someone that needs help dial 311 or 911 for an emergency 2. Visit http://heat.dc.gov for tips on how to prepare 3. To find a cooling center: http://bit.ly/districtcoolingcenters


    3. Paoletta


      @EzPz_german_squeezy today i feel good :thumb_yello:

  3. I made a GIF on giphy.com
    I think it looks kinda cool!

    What are you guys think about it?

  4. Hey guys, could you send me your favorite MIKA Gif here in the comments? That would be really cool, because I can't decide. I need a GIF, because we have reached the first perks level on the MIKA server and we can now set a MIKA GIF as a profile picture of the server. I would need several choices so that the users can decide exactly which GIF they prefer to see on the server. Thank you very much for your help. 😇

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    2. silver


      I don't think my favourite gif would be suitable :das:

    3. Mikasister
    4. EzPz_german_squeezy
  5.  I only post so much from Discord because I really appreciate the potential of this platform. I have made so many new friends. No matter if far away or in the surrounding area. Here is a small video that Discord uploaded to YouTube, which I have been waiting for a long time. 


  6. We are still looking for some people to join our community on Discord. A community like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or WhatsApp. Discord has a lot of potential for communities, a platform that does more than many social media platforms. Opportunities to make phone calls with unlimited numbers of people, listen to music together, video chat together, watch videos or a movie together while talking to each other and much more. Feel free to stop by if I have aroused your interest. 🥰

    Entdecke die Wochenendrouten auf www.wirklichtolleseite.de..png

    1. crazyaboutmika


      I am trying to join but at first it didn't accept any password, then it accepted one but it got accepted before I had a chance to save it :doh: 

      Right now my phone memory is full but I will add an sd card soon and I will try to join again..

    2. EzPz_german_squeezy


      @crazyaboutmika You can join Discord through every device. So if you have a phone, a tablet/iPad or PC/Laptop then you can create an account over there and you can login through your phone with these data. I’m sure this will work definitely.☺️

  7. Here are some photos what I made at the concert in Strasbourg. It’s not all but a little bit so share with you ❤️ 













    1. Mikasister


      Thank you! :flowers2:

      Love yellow suit :fangurl:

    2. EzPz_german_squeezy
  8. Only 13 days till MIKA's concert in Strasbourg. I'm sooo intensively in a MIKA mood. You can't believe how freaky I am currently. 😍

  9. Happy to be back on mfc. Also happy that MIKA is back with a new album soon 🥰 I'm so hyped for the new music. I missed him so much 😇 

    1. silver


      Good to see you back :bye:

    2. EzPz_german_squeezy


      Missed you guys as well😅😇

  10. Long time ago that I was active 😶

    Btw I put a new background picture on my profile. 

    Do you think it fits in? ☺️

    It reminds me sometimes on the little things on MIKA's Album Covers😍

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    2. Lilyen



      I agree @Szara.. I think mikaish shapes and colours! :wink2:

    3. sara09


      I think it's very nice, too! ^_^

    4. Dominika


      It looks great! :mikacool:

  11. Do you also like this beautiful smile? :mikalove:


    Bildergebnis für Mika gifs

    1. Dominika


      Gorgeous! :fangurl:  It's one of a kind! 


  12. Btw who still wanted to join the Discord Server for Mikafans, are always invited to join :wink2:


    If you want, you can also share the link on social networks :blush-anim-cl:


    See you there!

  13. The last time that I was here on MFC, the Design and the schema of the page was kinda confusing to me because I didn't knew where I could find new content (it was more difficult for me) or write an own post or something like that but now it's more clearly arranged and I'm really satisfied with that. Whoever worked on it, good Job! :thumb_yello:




    1. Dominika


      Hello! Nice to meet you! :bye:

      Your surname sounds so Polish  :biggrin2:

    2. EzPz_german_squeezy


      Hello, nice to meet you too:lol:

       I'm not polish:cheerful_h4h: but maybe my ancestors were polish :)  

      I'm german :germany:

  14. Please help the german Mikafans that Mika should come back to Germany. We really appreciate every help from other countries❤️ You can also sign in there if you would go to a concert from Mika in Germany?? We hope many people will help us to get Mika back to Germany?✌? 

  15. Every day could be your Last Party, so Live your Life and Love Today.

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    2. Chrstnahgrd
    3. mamiam


      Such a wise sentense - by just using the titles of 3 MIKA songs :-)

    4. EzPz_german_squeezy


      Yes haha :D that was random in Head and suddenly I noticed that this sentence make sense :D What are the odds! :D

  16. Can someone help me, where I can write a new content? I always forget it Thanks❤

    1. Sabine64


      I sent you a PM


  17. Can someone help me, where I can write a new content? I always forget it Thanks❤

  18. Germany miss MIKA❤️

    1. mellody
    2. Mikasister


      I undersand you perfectly, girls!

  19. I'll post soon some pictures from Mika's concert on 28/05/2016 from Strasbourg :3

  20. Hey I'm new here. Just wanted to ask if someone go to the concert in Strasbourg?

    1. mellody


      Sure, you can see the list of those who are going if you click on the event in the calendar. ;)