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  1. Also mir geht es recht super und selbst? News - Gibt es bei mir eigentlich nicht, außer natürlich *auf kleine Werbung anstoßen* das es nun eine MIKA Community auf der Plattform "Discord" gibt. Wenn Ihr nicht wisst, was das ist hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung: Discord ist eine proprietäre Freeware-Instant-Messaging- und VoIP-Anwendung sowie eine digitale Distributionsplattform, die für die Schaffung von Communities von Spielern über Bildung bis hin zu Unternehmen entwickelt wurde. Discord ist auf die Text-, Bild-, Video- und Audiokommunikation zwischen Benutzern in einem Chat-Kanal spezialisiert. (Also man kann auch mit mehreren Menschen gleichzeitig telefonieren, video chatten und für die Leute am Pc auch Bildschirmunterhaltung machen.) Falls euch das nicht reicht, kann ich euch nur die offizielle Seite ans Herz legen https://discord.com/new
  2. Good Morning from Europe 😇
    Have a nice Friday🙌
    I just wanted to ask which devices you are using most of the time in the MFC Forum? Well, I use my phone and computer at the same time a lot. What about you? 

    1. Paoletta


      @EzPz_german_squeezy Hi.. have a nice friday you too

  3. I know I know I’m really late with that but I don’t think you guys would mind if I add some of my pictures I made at Strasbourg 😄🙌🏼 So here we are: Both Videos are Tomorrow (I accidentally pushed the stop button😄) Edit: ups accidentally posted a video twice! IMG_0539.MOV IMG_0856.MP4 IMG_0856.MP4
  4. Welcome to the MFC Giovanna ☺️🙌🏼 Your introduction went very deep and I think that many users here can identify with that what you have written 😇 In the beginning I also had problems to find my way around here, because it was the first time that I registered in a forum, but if you just look a bit around, you get a good overview relatively quickly. btw I’m Isabelle from Germany 🇩🇪 Nice to meet you✨
  5. Here is a track I am working on right now. This track can be categorized more into the genre Synth or Synthwave. I'm sure there will be a lot of changes to that. Probably the beginning and then the middle part and the end. I thought about to call this track at the end : Happy Days Lexikay - test version (synthwave).mp3
  6. So guys I told ya I'm not that well with singing but maybe a little producing. I have been trying to do this for 6 years now and have had a break time to time. Potential maybe only since one year. A lot what I'm doing is not a big thing but I got a lot of feedback that this what I'm doing has so much potential. Maybe not for pop music and stuff. It goes more into electronic and subgenres from it. Also Ambient I really enjoy producing. Maybe if this is not your taste in music, you could still give me some feedback. Both of these tracks have something from ambient. I can't categorize this in a genre. I'm a little experimental and let my soul speak through this sound. P.S. be careful of the sound I did not put it through the sound mixer Lexikay - Chillout sunset.mp3 Lexikay - Travel.mp3
  7. @yasmine951 Uhh très bien 😍 J'espère que je serai bientôt meilleur en français. Je suis en fait un apprenant relativement rapide des langues. Même si je ne parle que l'allemand comme langue maternelle, je parle couramment l'anglais et un peu le français.😅 Mais merci pour vos commentaires positifs 😇 et enchantée!
  8. Salut! Je n'ai jamais écrit ici auparavant. 🤭J'apprends le français depuis 4 mois et je suis heureux de toute aide que je peux obtenir. À l'époque, j'ai amélioré mon anglais grâce à MIKA et maintenant c'est pareil pour le français. Malheureusement, j'ai dû faire traduire quelques phrases maintenant, mais j'espère que je n'aurai plus à le faire un jour. Pour ma part, je suis une personne très aimable et ouverte. J'aime être entouré de personnes qui partagent les mêmes idées, c'est là que je me sens le plus à l'aise. Je m'appelle Isabelle, j'ai 19 ans et je viens d'Allemagne. Je suis très heureux de vous rencontrer.😇
  9. Bienvenue au MFC @Alexandre Chartier 😇 Je m'appelle Isabelle et je viens d'Allemagne. J'apprends le français depuis 4 mois, donc je peux assez bien écrire le français. Parler est une autre affaire, mais nous sommes tous très heureux de vous avoir ici 🙌
  10. I love to sing as well but I'm probably not the best and poorly I'm not really talented with that. But what I want to ask is, if I can upload something else, I'm not singing but I try to produce music through a DAW called FL Studio. I'm still a beginner in this so if you don't have a problem sending my produced songs/tracks in here, don't have such high expectations 😅
  11. Hey Guys, how are you today? 😇
    Bom Dia Hello GIF

    1. A. Clay

      A. Clay

      In short


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      A. Clay

      Capital Weather Gang @capitalweather · Details on DC heat response plan today. twitter.com/MayorBowser/st… * Mayor Muriel Bowser @MayorBowser · It’s going to feel like 114 degrees in some parts of the city. So, what do you need to know? 1. If you see someone that needs help dial 311 or 911 for an emergency 2. Visit http://heat.dc.gov for tips on how to prepare 3. To find a cooling center: http://bit.ly/districtcoolingcenters


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      @EzPz_german_squeezy today i feel good :thumb_yello:

  12. Hallo Prisca, mein Name ist Isabelle und auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen! Also hier oder bzw. mir geht es relativ super. Gibt nichts zu beschweren
  13. Bienvenue au MFC et amusez-vous bien à explorer le Forum. Je m'appelle Isabelle, je viens d'Allemagne 😇 But mostly I speak english here, cuz my french is not really good 😄
  14. I made a GIF on giphy.com
    I think it looks kinda cool!

    What are you guys think about it?

  15. Hey guys, could you send me your favorite MIKA Gif here in the comments? That would be really cool, because I can't decide. I need a GIF, because we have reached the first perks level on the MIKA server and we can now set a MIKA GIF as a profile picture of the server. I would need several choices so that the users can decide exactly which GIF they prefer to see on the server. Thank you very much for your help. 😇

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      I don't think my favourite gif would be suitable :das:

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  16.  I only post so much from Discord because I really appreciate the potential of this platform. I have made so many new friends. No matter if far away or in the surrounding area. Here is a small video that Discord uploaded to YouTube, which I have been waiting for a long time. 


  17. We are still looking for some people to join our community on Discord. A community like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or WhatsApp. Discord has a lot of potential for communities, a platform that does more than many social media platforms. Opportunities to make phone calls with unlimited numbers of people, listen to music together, video chat together, watch videos or a movie together while talking to each other and much more. Feel free to stop by if I have aroused your interest. 🥰

    Entdecke die Wochenendrouten auf www.wirklichtolleseite.de..png

    1. crazyaboutmika


      I am trying to join but at first it didn't accept any password, then it accepted one but it got accepted before I had a chance to save it :doh: 

      Right now my phone memory is full but I will add an sd card soon and I will try to join again..

    2. EzPz_german_squeezy


      @crazyaboutmika You can join Discord through every device. So if you have a phone, a tablet/iPad or PC/Laptop then you can create an account over there and you can login through your phone with these data. I’m sure this will work definitely.☺️

  18. Hallihallo, seid ihr eingeschlafen? 😅 Ich auf jeden Fall nicht. Mich würde es gerne interessieren, wie es euch so geht ☺️ Wie habt ihr so die letzten Wochen verbracht. Langsam kommen ja ein paar Lockerungen auf uns zu.
  19. What I can recommend to the Millenniums and of course to everyone else. I recently came across these songs again and it immediately reminded me of my childhood. Maybe you still know these songs and like it as much as I do (p.s. I am going on a time travel into my childhood and maybe someone is glad to have found this song as well 🥰) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Here also a song before I was born but it's an unforgettable song🥰
  20. I'm listening to her as well. Came to her through a friend of mine. She is really talented
  21. I thought I might open a thread for song recommendations. Here you can share links of songs or the file itself with us. It doesn't matter which genre or artist. Maybe we can meet new and talented artists or old almost forgotten songs. I am curious about your recommendations.🤗
  22. Hey ich habe mal eine Frage an euch. Und zwar habe ich schon seit längerer Zeit so eine Idee im Kopf, allerdings weiß ich nicht, ob diese schon existiert. Ich stell es euch einfach mal vor. Ich hatte die Idee eine Q&A Library hier im MFC zu eröffnen. Also wo man jede Frage finden kann, die MIKA einmal gestellt wurden ist bzw. auch Fragen die noch offen stehen. Zum Beispiel wenn Fans gerne die Antwort auf eine gewisse Frage haben wollen ohne dass sie Stunden daran verbringen müssen um zu suchen. Also stellt euch das Ungefähr so vor: 1. How old is MIKA? A: 36 2. What is his full name? A: Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. Das ist jetzt nur ein einfaches Beispiel. Ich würde das natürlich auch auf Französisch und Italienisch übersetzen lassen, wenn sich dafür jemand finden lässt. Könnt mir ja Feedback dalassen ☺️
  23. Hello, friends, I'm just about to make a list of all questions from fans to MIKA. Therefore I would like to ask you to send me every single question you want to ask MIKA sometime or which ones are already answered (with the Answer). With this I want to make it easier for many fans to search for questions they would like to know about MIKA. I would then create a list with questions that are still unanswered and questions that have already been answered. What definitely still came into my mind to translate the questions into English, French and Italian. If you are interested in it, I would be very happy if you let me come with some questions. A small library for MIKA questions could be a great idea. 🥰
  24. Hier mal eine gute Nachricht! Dank einem Baden-Württembergischen Fan durften paar Baden-Württemberger heute mal in den Geschmack von MIKA seinem Lied "Tiny Love" kommen. Auch wenn ich nicht dabei war, bin ich trotzdem froh, dass mal ein neuartiges Lied von ihm im Radio lief. 🥰
  25. Dank dem Coronavirus dürfen wir jetzt auch nichts mehr machen. Ich bin echt unzufrieden damit, wie wollen die Leute denn bitte ihr Geld verdienen? Der Staat wird das mit Sicherheit nicht bezahlen.