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  1. Lilies are toxic to cats and dogs. I find that he has them in his kitchen concerning for Melachi and Amira
  2. the virus that causes the common cold is a type of coronavirus. I agree with @Anna Ko Kolkowska, things should improve as weather gets warmer. Not completely go away by all means, but things should still improve
  3. She wasnt mean, people were mean to her lmao
  5. Glad you had fun @Presci1108. Its hard after a mika gig, it puts you on a bit of a high. Pretty sure there is a thread for that.
  6. Is she that girl from XFactor everyone kept saying sung like a goat (which is kinda mean tbh, but everyone is mean on xfactor)
  7. Hello! Welcome to MFC! Love that you are from Malaysia. My Uncle used to work there. Are there many mikafans in Malaysia?
  8. im gonna be honest smoking something that 'made him smile' makes me think of weed. that's illegal in the UK, dont know about the rest of Europe, but I guess he can smoke whatever he wants to
  9. One of the things MFC has taught me is to restrain the british tendency of swearing every other word when im talking

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    2. WeirdChild


      if you swear on mfc, you get tackled to the ground by the mods wearing those animal costumes Mika and the band used to wear, I dont make the rules :roftl:

    3. silver


      You'd better believe it :taz:

    4. silver


      Think of it as an opportunity to express yourself utilising the incredible vocabulary of the English language

  10. i dont really know who this guy is but i love that suit. And his hair. ☺️😂
  11. I have never seen people say camp means cheesy. They are nothing alike. Camp is like a bit femenine, a but gay and its a fantastic really good thing. we stan a camp King
  12. This description makes it sound like we are being offensive by calling him camp, but its more of an affectionate thing we call ourselves. Im just very gay and very happy and very camp and I love very gay, very happy and very camp things XD
  13. Mikas kilt/shorts thing is gay culture and im proud of him. Probably not the weather for it tho, if its as cold there as it is in the UK
  14. Is this gonna be subtitled? I would love to watch it but I struggle with french and i assume quebec french will be even harder o_O