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  1. im not even kidding, the literally pass out all the time. This video is over ten minutes long and it’s one of many similar videos
  2. I personally disagree with Kpop the way it is. I would love to have artists from Korea on the radio, but the contracts that the performers are in are rediculous. They work such long hours there are compilation videos on YouTube of the members of kpop bands passing out from exhaustion. I personally don’t listen to kpop because I don’t want to support the record companies exploiting the performers. Many kpop fans get very defensive about this however because many people love the music and have crushes on the performers and don’t want the bands to break up or fail.
  3. WeirdChild


    I really get what Mika says because when I was at my first primary school my teacher was horrible to me because my spelling and handwriting and reading was worse than some people in the year below me. She kept getting the students work and showing it to me next to my own so I could see how rubbish I was. This was when I was 6/7 years old so I don’t know what she was expecting anyway. I ended up being removed from that school and my parents paying thousands of pounds a year for me to go to private education. People didn’t realise that I was having great difficulties with dyslexia until I was 15 years old, they just thought the teacher was bullying me. In in my opinion, it’s not completely out of the question for Mika to not have been diagnosed or recognised as dyslexic until he was older because most people don’t recognise it at a young age.
  4. I have studied animals and I find this idea cruel. I am unsure of the exact biology of sea urchins but I believe they have a nervous system and nerve cells that respond to stimulus. They most likely do not have a brain complex enough to translate these signals into the sensation of pain, but either way we cannot know for certain. I find this idea very upsetting. (Sorry for the geek out, animals is one of my special interests) as a a member of the Scouts as a kid, I can inform you that chestnuts found in the forest are completely edible while conkers are not
  5. WeirdChild

    Tour rumours 2019

    I was expecting only one gig in the uk, if anything. I live around an hour away from London by train so that is probably where I would go anyway. Most touring artists don’t go to tiny seaside towns.
  6. I have 4 Instagram accounts so I voted on it multiple times 🙈🙈🙈
  7. WeirdChild


    I definitely see Mika as someone who is dyslexic. Dyslexia isn’t even just about spelling and reading and effects many parts of your life and it isn’t just the spelling he has difficulty with. For many people, their being dyslexic isn’t picked up on until they are older. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 15 although I had teachers shouting at me for the things I was worse at compared to other students. In my opinion, Mika is definitely dyslexic.
  8. Oh my god, I’m so obsessed with this song I can’t even deal with it. Not even just on a basic listening, as a guy who’s interested in the construction of songs I adore it. 1) really good use of Mika’s range. Very effective. His voice sounds so beautiful here. 2) I love the lyrics. It’s so poetic. Mika really knows how to paint a picture with his words. 3) the way the sound has been built up. The vocals are just as important as each instrument. Clarinet, violin etc. 4) the backing vocals kind of gives me an early Queen vibe. Around the Queen, Queen ll, sheet heart attack sort of era. 5) it’s catchy. Another ear worm I think. 6) why does it remind me of The Greatest Showman? 7) loving the chorus i could listen to this this song all day. If there’s a song that could help raise Mika’s profile in the UK again, I think it could be this one. I’m gonna go and encourage the British to listen to it on social media now. XD
  9. WeirdChild


    Thay sounds like some form of colour blindness rather than dyslexia or irlens. Maybe one of your eyes wasn’t sending a clear message to your brain? That’s really interesting, I might research that effect.
  10. WeirdChild

    New album Mika next year 2019

    Yeah, also when your dyslexic you are really creative and have loads of ideas but you just can’t physicalky write it down. That’s why my fanfiction account is so bad. People complain at me to update and then 5 years later I still haven’t because every time I sit down I only wrote a sentence lmao
  11. WeirdChild

    New album Mika next year 2019

    I’m curious too one of the main reasons his albums take longer than other people’s is because he writes his own songs. Lots of people don’t do that. I think the way his albums have changed have shown how he has matured and grown as a human being.
  12. WeirdChild

    Tour rumours 2019

    My brother has promised me tickets if Mika tours the UK!! Please Mika!!!!!
  13. WeirdChild

    New album Mika next year 2019

    Im actually not a fan of “it’s my house” (don’t kill me) but I did find strasera Casa Mika a bit cringe. (I watched it anyway because I’m a fan lmao). I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t on the English release. A lot of English fans would probably find it confusing anyway because not too many have heard of Casa Mika. Most English fans are lgbt and read his articles English language magazines only so won’t be aware of stuff happening in Europe. The happy music with sad lyrics reminds me of ‘life in cartoon motion” so maybe he’s returning to his earlier sound. No place in heaven was very 80s and origin of love was more modern techno pop. I’m probably gonna be obsessed with whatever he brings out tho lmao
  14. WeirdChild

    Tumblr blogs

    Hey, my tumblr is blameitonmika I would love it if people followed me!
  15. WeirdChild

    The 'thank you MFC' thread

    Thank you MFC for: -being so accepting when I kinda came out as trans -helping me to improve my skills with the French language. -translating articles and things into English so I can understand them (thanks subtitling team!) -all being friendly. The Queen fan club, queenzone is very hostile and not inviting to any fans. Also some people there are really homophobic which is strange because Freddie once said that he’s gay as a daffodil XD