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  1. I am from the uk, but i have never heard of Jack Savoretti before. I do listen to radio 2, so maybe i will hear the new single
  2. Mel has the white fur patches of an old lady. My dog Penny had those all around her mouth, so people used to say she had a “milk moustache”. Do you use this phrase in other countries? How old are the girls now, does anybody know?
  3. If anyone doesnt know, Joey Graceffa is a popular youtuber from LA. He has actually mentioned Mika a few times in his videos.
  4. I noticed that as well and ive been laughing for ages
  5. I have got tickets!! Its my first Mika show and im going with my mum! Also, as my mum is there and i am still not out to my mum as transgender, im going to introduce myself to people there as “Hannah” rather than Jack. XD
  6. Id just woken up when i saw this and all i saw was bums and all my brain processed was “im jealous” and i was just like “ok mika”
  7. Found mika on my news app. They called him the greatest singer of all time XD
  8. I have made a tumblr post with a link to the lyric video Mika posted and have tagged it in some lgbt tags to try and encourage people to listen. If anyone has tumblr could you reblog it please? You can add your opinions and stuff onto it if you would like, i just want to get more people to listen. Thank you! (my account is blameitonmika)
  9. Haha sorry. Im autistic and i can never tell when people are being sarcastic yes, it does make more sense than “condoms” but i dont understand why swimming pools would have teeth
  10. Im really sorry but i was wondering if this was sarcasm or serious lyrics? I know you put the laughing emoji but im not sure if its showing sarcasm or amusement.
  11. I dont understand the lyrics. What is he saying?
  12. I couldnt tell if he said “ice cream” or “i scream” lmao.
  13. Mika’s no longer friends with Greg Wells? Why not?