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  1. Mikas kilt/shorts thing is gay culture and im proud of him. Probably not the weather for it tho, if its as cold there as it is in the UK
  2. Is this gonna be subtitled? I would love to watch it but I struggle with french and i assume quebec french will be even harder o_O
  3. Saw this on instagram and i nearly SCREAMED with laughter
  4. One of them even has “im not a fake” in the bio which is immediately telling everyone its a fake 😂😂
  5. There are loads of presumably fake Andy accounts on instagram, but i don't think they are contacting people. Some of the bios for the fake Mika and fake Andy accounts are really cringy 😂
  6. I adore Joey Graceffa. Ive been watching his videos for years. He has done auch a beautiful music video for his song “dont wait”, which features his boyfriend Daniel and is how he came out to the fans. He also has some adorable huskies. One of his huskies, Lark, recently had a litter of puppies and they are so cute.
  7. This sounds like a really nice interview, i cant wait for a translation 😁😁🤔🤞🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  8. The line “that dont make her less of a girl” makes me think of transgender women rather than people in drag. Its a big thing that trans women are expected to behave in a very femminine way to be respected for their gender so this is why many trans people love this song. i love the idea of it being about his sisters. Mikas sisters are icons
  9. I have never been able to write a report before as this was my first Mika event but i can write one now! i arrived at the venue kinda late - around 6:40 in the afternoon- because of traffic in London. It took us a while to find the correct line but we found it eventually. There were a few people trying to buy tickets from people in the queue and i was looking out for some friends i was hoping to meet that i had been speaking to on twitter. i was very nervous in London, because my shirt and bowtie kinda made me stand out and London isnt the safest city in the world. My friend Blake who was with me grew up a Londoner so we knew that we had to stare at the ground and not make eye contact with people as that is whats expected in london. When i joined the queue i put my trans pin badge on ( i put it on sideways and my mate had to fix it in the venue later. The line to get in was moving pretty quickly at 7:00. It was a bit gross because the standing line had to stand next to rubbish bags in a dodgy alleyway, but i was too excited to care. Some MFC members handed us a piece of paper with “we missed you” and cardboard hearts to be held up after the first song and tiny love. The venue was already pretty full when we got in. I didnt really get a good view of the stage and only got a brief glimpse of Mika a few times, but i did get to watch Zuleika dancing up on a balcony with some other people who looked vaguely familar and Mikas nephew. I think the rest of Mikas family was there but i couldnt see them. Im kinda glad i wasnt at the front though because someone on twitter told me there was fighting and I definitly wouldn't want to be involved with that o_O Mika’s voice was FANTASTIC. You can really hear the benefit of those high notes. I was screaming along to every song and i started losing my voice by the second song. I completely lost it at “We are Golden” and also had to take my asthma inhaler because i LOVE that song so i was extra loud for that song. There was a lot of mentions of some guy who broke up with Mika in the alleyway behind Shepard’s Bush. Mika said he was still bitter about it years later which I thought was really funny. Poor mika. Even though i couldn’t really see Mika, i still had lots of fun. The setlist was fantastic, his voice was fantastic. My friend Blake has a crush on Max, who he describes as “beautiful”. Mika ran off stage and returned wearing his grandmothers shirt and i honestly wasn't surprised. I looked up at Zuleika and she was laughing. Near the end, all the lights went off and everyone was screaming and shouting “Mika” and he came on and sung Grace Kelly, Tiny Love reprise and Stay high. My parents could hear both Mika and the crowd singing from halfway down the street and could even tell us some of the songs that were played because we were a bit loud. i stayed behind a bit at the end to meet one of my mates from Italy who I was giving some PG tips teabags too, and then we had to drive back home. I didnt get back in until gone 2:00 in the morning so i had to leave my review until today. This show was one of the happiest experiences of my life. If mika does another London show I definitly want to get tickets, and i cant wait to see the videos from the rest of the Tour
  10. I didnt get a diploma when i left school, but i did get my gcse certificates. He did go to school in Westminster, didnt he, so a school leaving event is probably a good guess
  11. From what i can gather on Twitter, people dont like the lyrics because tomorow is a lot more romantic than domani. Also a lot of italian fans are afraid he is going to sing domani instead of tomorow in italian promo and gigs.
  12. he often contradicts himself in interviews so I am still inclined to believe tomorrow is about Andy