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  1. Hi, I phoned to them this morning and they told me that his venue was official, and then he told that he won't come, and they don't have details... I think that it's probably because of Easter and he'll be with his family. That's a bit sad but he will do other festivals, I'm sure...
  2. Hi everyone! Who is going to Verbier Impulse in Switzerland on the 16th of April? We could meet! Have a happy New Year! Mathilde
  3. Hello everyone! I'd like you to post here all your sheets, chords and tutorial to play NPIH songs! (If someone have Oh Girl You're the Devil and Good Wife ones, I would send him cookies ) Kisses from France, Mathilde <3
  4. doom, dararirari doom

    1. frenchfan84


      Dararirari doom.

    2. Hestia


      dararirari doom, dararirari doo doo doo!

    3. frenchfan84


      I said everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today.

  5. Hi! Do you guys have any informations about the swatch signing session in Paris? Thanks you in advance! Mathilde
  6. Salut Laura! I'm from France too Welcome <3
  7. Thank you all, really that's very nice of you <3
  8. Hello and welcome! I've moved your thread to the 'Introductions' section :)http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32581-hello-from-france-im-new-here/

  9. Hi everyone! I'm gonna introduce myself a bit, so I'm Mathilde, I'm 15yo and I'm from France (sorry for my bad English btw) I'm a Mikafan since 2008, I've discovered Mika at school I was at Mika's concert on this Saturday in Strasbourg, that was amazing, I was at 1 meter of him (just in front of him, in the middle <3) ! I've heard about the MFC, so I've decided to make myself an account here I'm here to make myself new friend who are sharing their Mika appreciation So, could someone please explain me how this fan club works, I'm actually a noob x) Mikakisses! Oh and here is a beautiful pic that I've taken at the show, I'm proud, that's my phone and computer wallpaper now! x) <3