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  1. Hello everyone! I was looking for pictures of the Paloma fan action that me and my friends set up during the gig. I'd love to print and keep them as a cute memory😊 I'll hopefully post some pictures from the concert later today
  2. Hello everyone! Sorry for not replying earlier, uni, gigs and stuff came in the way😅 anyways, I'm open to anything, I love mellody's idea and I'd love to help and create them! Unfortunately gigs like this one and Reggio Calabria are not selling as much as the others...
  3. Ciao a tutti! @AMikAlice proporrebbe un'idea per la Fan Action di questo concerto: creare delle colombe di carta stilizzate da sollevare durante Paloma! Fateci sapere se l'idea vi piace
  4. Hi Deb! I sent you money for: Alice Vizzoni Irene De Nigris Lucia Tonacci Silvana Brischi Can't wait to join you all in London, see you there!
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