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  1. It seems quite difficult psychologically for an artist this period of creation, especially him, who gets involved so much in each album. But I'm sure the result will be wonderful and all this work will worth it, I trust him ! And he deserves some rest, I hope he will enjoy these some "few days break" ! ^^
  2. Well .. It's official, Mennel leaves The Voice .. She just announced it in a small video on her Facebook page. She said that she did not want to hurt anyone, and that the whole controversy surrounding her old comments touched her a lot and that because of that, she prefers to leave the adventure. This is the first time a candidate leaves the show like that, so I really wonder how they will do, I think it's going to be really complicated .. I do not know how far she went in the adventure, maybe those at the recordings can tell us now? But in any case it's not going to be easy .. And Mika must be quite upset about that, especially since he seemed to really like her .. In any case it is a pity that it ends like that ..
  3. I don't really know what to think about all of this.. Obviously all the comments which just criticize the fact that she wears a veil or that she is Muslim, it's disgusting and it's absolutely not acceptable. But it's true that what she said about the attacks and the fact that apparently she supports some not really clear people as Carafon said, it's quite a problem for me. And it's a big problem for TF1 and all the production of The Voice too. We can't denie or hide what she said, and even with her explications, all the buzz around that isn't giving a good look of the show.. Also for Mika, I don't know how he takes all of that, but as some of you said, he is quite involve in the story now that she is in his team, so I don't know if she will go far in the adventure and arrives at the directs, but in any case it could become pretty problematic for him too.. So I don't know how all of this will finish but this article talks about it : It says that according TF1 : "We discovered the messages Sunday, as the general public. We wanted to study the situation intelligently and not make hasty decisions without having all the elements." The channel specifies that it will decide quickly knowing that they "can not keep in the program, a person who makes statements against the law of the Republic". So we will see..
  4. They are beautiful ! It's good to have a little bit of his news, he is quite silent lately on social medias so I miss him a bit haha ! Around 8 years old I think but maybe I'm wrong.
  5. I just read you and I found it very interesting ! I have never seen Mika as "just a singer" either. He is a complete artist with crazy creativity and huge imagination, and I think he has this need to express himself through art. So of course he is a musician and a singer, but I do not think we should lock him up in one box, "he has to make music and just that." (I do not say that in relation to you directly !!) Especially when you see how talented he is in his other projects too ! Watches, clothes, bottle, pens, all his drawings... And also Casa Mika, which has been a big project and a huge challenge for him, and I think that he completely nailed it, it was fantastic ! So personally, if he had to make or play in a movie, I would not mind if he thinks it's a good idea or if he really wants to do it. For the musical, if it's one of his dreams for a long time I hope he will one day find the time to realize it, (even if it's already a really really really busy man !) and I'm sure it could be magical <3 And I'm completely sure that he will never give up music, we all know how important is it for him ! ^^ (I'm sorry for my probably bad english haha ! I try to do my best ! )
  6. Merci beaucoup tout le monde ! Thank you very much everyone !! It's too nice ! <3
  7. Hi ! My name is Anouchka and I'm 17 years old, I'm french so please excuse me for my probably not very good english haha ^^" I am a fan of Mika since three years now (and I had the chance to see him twice in concert, he's such a great performer !) But I'm pretty new on this site so I don't deny it, I'm completely lost at the moment ! I'm very shy but I'm sure I will be comfortable with you, you seem very nice ! ^^ I can't wait to get used to this website and I hope to make nice meetings, but I don't doubt !