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  1. Yeah he did. Found this on twitter
  2. Yeah, I mean thats how they are used in most pop songs and music videos. I assumed mika would make a similar reference since he's been talking about how desexualized pop music has become and his wish to be more sensual etc.
  3. Cherries are considered a sex symbol no?
  4. Yeah and I think it fits because Sanremo is modern in songwritting too. This site https://genius.com/
  5. Haha yes. 'Who gives a s**t about tomorrow' is the line that really throws me off though, it doesnt sound liberating or whatever just ... vacuous and teenage angsty.
  6. Its his vocal styling thats a bit imitative of other artists no? And the rather unoriginal themes/song structures that seems overdone, even by himself.
  7. Maybe he wants the song to have a broader audience.