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  1. Thanks, I knew the difference between camp and cheesy, just pointing out they may get confused, same with camp/kitsch but I dont think Ive express myself very well I wasnt aware of the gay comedians however and I guess I can see Mika's tv persona as an atempt at camp - he was the bitchy one X Factor, some segments of Casa Mika - but otherwise it seems reductive and dare I say innacurate ( while Mika does inhabit some gay stereotypes, effeminacy isnt really one of those ). Now if someone would want to describe Mika as flamboyant thats something I'll totally agree with
  2. I dont know why but when I saw that tiger on the cover I immediately thought of the song Eye of the Tiger
  3. This song still doesnt make any sense to me if it is not about drag queens
  4. I wasnt trying to argue that Mika isnt camp ( though the line mentioning him asks for a reliable citation too ) but about the fact that kilts arent camp
  5. Uhm, cheesy and camp are strongly related aestethics, the first is just more naive lol. Anyway, I assumed it was outdated to use camp as a description of behaviour but I guess in UK camp still means 'effeminate gay man'?, though I always took the articles describing Mika as camp as an ironic way of saying 'this is fun bad taste'
  6. As @silver said the term is hard to describe but its basically self-couscious ironic kitsch, it is something that would be considered bad taste but the joke is that both the 'artist' and the audience know it is tacky or over the top which gives its camp value to a piece of clothing, art etc. Personally, I would consider Mika's earlier style and the suits from X Factor as camp not this skirt or his more recent style. Also camp is just an aestethic, when people ( and I dont mean fans to be clear ) call Mika or any other person camp it is oftenly dismissive and meant as 'cheesy'
  7. Oh I liked it too, but calling it camp seems like a very anglocentric view and I was quite surprised by how people reacted haha, to me this is the least camp/most boring outfit of the three he had worn.😅
  8. Funnily enough, fustanellas are a tradionally male garment in the Balkans/Greece
  9. Thats my feeling too actually, and I bet he loved how well that performance in Palermo was received
  10. Max liked one of my tweets asking if they have given up on dancing and playing at the same time way before the US shows and if Im not remembering wrong Mika said something about how he will have a whole month in the summer just for rehearsing with the new band which obviously didnt happen. Anyway, it doesnt really matter
  11. Eh, there was clearly a negative reaction to the whole band change, I wouldnt be surprised if that influenced him to change his mind about the tour ( I wanted to look up the comments for that performance at Seat Music Awards but the video was deleted , there were many people criticizing the performance in a constructive way imo not just being mean ); though yeah most of the italian/french shows arent sold out so that might have forced him to cut the costs of the production.
  12. I thought the same... I was wondering actually if he meant the comments about Boum Boum Boum or he wanted to complain but didnt know in what other context to bring that up lol. I think most people didnt like the dancers because they just werent very good, nor they were playing/singing live - nothing to do with what he is saying. I wrote something on twitter about how it is silly to sing 'I want your ice cream' at women but I doubt he saw that Ive actually seen more criticism for having a woman in the Tiny Love music video ( though it was more people wishing he would have a man in a video for once, not a demand ) and I did comment on that too.
  13. I dont get this I still fail to see any difference
  14. Oh thats even more awkward Yep, I wanted to point that out too - I wish there was some continuity at least in their styling if nothing else.
  15. I dont get why Mika had to be on the Eiffel Tower and not on stage with everyone else. I feel like Ive just watched two different performances that some video editor put together by mistake