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  1. I copied and pasted in Google translator the whole interview. I don’t usually trust google translator at all, and I haven’t even controlled how it is translated but I think it’s an important interview and this way you‘ll have an idea of what we’re talking about, without having to wait for a properly translation, even if probably this is not so grammatically correct. MikaParisMatchgoogletranslator .docx
  2. It would be a nice idea too! 😊
  3. I meant the tiny love stories Mika talks about in his last Instagram post 😊
  4. yes I thought it too, maybe we can do a screenshot of our instagram comment and add that phrase in the tweet? It was just an idea, if nobody wants to share his story somewhere else (many are very private, I admire you!) it's ok, no problem
  5. Since there are so MANY lovely, sweet and interesting replies to Mika's last ig post, and sharing and reading all this love makes feel good.. What if we start a new hashtag #OurTinyLoveStories on Twitter and anyone who’d like to share his tiny love story write it (or re-post from Instagram) there? Also I think it would be nice if everyone will end his story with the phrase “My name is … I was born in … and this is my tiny love story”, it becomes even more personal I think (it’s a @Beatrixxx_always ’s idea on her instagram comment and I loved it)
  6. I've been to the venue in Bologna several times too, it is actually the biggest event arena in Italy but when you're in you don't feel it at all, it feels much more like an intimate place and you can see very well from every place. In general for this tour most of all the venues in Italy are big arenas with about 6000-8000 up to 18000 (Unipol Arena) people capacity. The more intimate one are probably in other country around Europe as @mellody said.
  7. for Swatch too!
  8. Another article about this topic here:
  9. I was at the supermarket and took a photo of the entire text, here it is 😉
  10. Yes he said so He actually said that the tour will start in New York, that they will be in the Usa, but also somewhere else, before the tour starts in Europe and that anyone knows it yet ☺️
  11. Mika also went see his concert in Milan last 17th April and he filmed exactly this song "Youth and Love" 🥰