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  1. Yes, each pre-recorded episode (so until the 22nd of October) is broadcasted on a free channel (TV8) the day after the broadcasting on Sky, on Friday (so for example, the first episode this Thursday will be broadcasted on TV8 on Friday the 18th). But then unfortunately the live episodes won't be rebroadcasted on the free tv, only on Sky.
  2. Yes it's an article on today's newspaper LaRepubblica, more exactly in its insert "Il Venerdì di Repubblica". I haven't read it yet though.
  3. Translation of Mika’s part on @Subtitling Team IG Stories! 🇬🇧 https://instagram.com/stories/mfc_subs_team/2370433527480817178?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=5kayph9ma9sr 🇫🇷 https://instagram.com/stories/mfc_subs_team/2370433534762061803?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=hbe6q1lb86qk
  4. Vanity Fair Italia - 7 Aug 2020 Interview with XF judges https://www.vanityfair.it/show/tv/2020/08/07/x-factor-2020-giudici-intervista-emma-marrone-mika-manuel-agnelli-hell-raton-tv «È la prima volta che noi giudici ci frequentiamo anche fuori dal programma. Usciamo, andiamo a cena e visitiamo mostre. È come se fossimo il cast di una sit-com» rivela Mika con il consueto entusiasmo. MIKA: «Torno a X Factor con la stessa anima, ma con più esperienza» Sono passati 4 anni dall’ultima volta che si è seduto dietro al bancone di X Factor, eppure per Mika s
  5. The Subtitling Team is working on it! Almost finished! ☺️
  6. During XF they do change their clothes even during the auditions, the production has always mixed together different pre-recorded episodes with different clothes (https://youtu.be/hO8DxkyzHsQ for example you can see several outfits in this summary of last year's first episode of auditions) I saw an IG story of the XF account a few days ago and Manuelito was dressed differently than the 2 first days, so I think they all changed their clothes but we didn't get any pic yet.
  7. @silvio_tova IG story (cropped)
  8. He's name is Manuel Agnelli, so yes, they're both called Manuel but they rather call the younger one "Manuelito". Manuel Agnelli didn't have any social account and it seems yesterday night they had fun creating him a new Ig account called "The colleagues of Manuel Agnelli" lol 🤣
  9. Mika will be on air from 12 to 13pm on Sunday 28th!
  10. If we manage to organize something in order to celebrate it all together would be awesome !!
  11. And another one: TG2 Week-End del 08/02/2020 http://www.tg2.rai.it/dl/tg2/rubriche/PublishingBlock-ddc23123-938d-49ec-99c3-7f49498ed285.html IMG_8524.MP4 IMG_8525.MP4
  12. A short backstage clip in this Italian program (“Blob”) tonight: https://www.raiplay.it/video/2020/02/blob-44ef94a1-5c60-4090-ae19-15ba3db58f9a.html FullSizeRender.mov
  13. Tanti auguri :happybday:

    1. virgi


      thank you!!! 

    2. Paoletta


      tanti auguri i wish you happy bithday :happybday:

  14. I'd say that the left version would be enough, I think it's clear 👍 So looking forward to this huge FA, I can't even imagine how beautiful it'll look like! Hope everyone will follow the instructions and take part in it!!
  15. For the instructions we decided to print them both in French and English (for not-french fans who are coming), and the English version is the one @mellody wrote here (even if we should add instructions for paper planes as well) 👇🏻
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