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  1. If we manage to organize something in order to celebrate it all together would be awesome !!
  2. And another one: TG2 Week-End del 08/02/2020 IMG_8524.MP4 IMG_8525.MP4
  3. A short backstage clip in this Italian program (“Blob”) tonight:
  4. Tanti auguri :happybday:

    1. virgi


      thank you!!! 

    2. Paoletta


      tanti auguri i wish you happy bithday :happybday:

  5. I'd say that the left version would be enough, I think it's clear 👍 So looking forward to this huge FA, I can't even imagine how beautiful it'll look like! Hope everyone will follow the instructions and take part in it!!
  6. For the instructions we decided to print them both in French and English (for not-french fans who are coming), and the English version is the one @mellody wrote here (even if we should add instructions for paper planes as well) 👇🏻
  7. Hi! Just a question.. Did I get right that you would like to do a unique rainbow in just one side of the arena as you draw on the map, or are we going to create two different rainbows in both right and left sides? Or this is still to be decided?
  8. Hi! @mellody I love the idea of the rainbow flag for Bercy, as it is the last show of the year we will leave with a great memory of it; also after all the previous shows, we would bring the same concept he’s bringing on stage with colours, but in our own way; and something more practical: it seems that seating places are almost sold out for this venue, so we won't risk to leave empty spaces (without colours), and so I think it would fit perfectly. I already attended some concerts were this kind of FA was done and it worked perfectly, we lit up a simple A4 coloured sheet with the phone torch! I attach here two videos, so that you'll have an idea of the result! I didn't take part in the organisation of those FA, but I don't think it would be that difficult to organise And for the standing area, I don't know.. maybe as you said, everyone could hold up sheets with all the colours!
  9. I copied and pasted in Google translator the whole interview. I don’t usually trust google translator at all, and I haven’t even controlled how it is translated but I think it’s an important interview and this way you‘ll have an idea of what we’re talking about, without having to wait for a properly translation, even if probably this is not so grammatically correct. MikaParisMatchgoogletranslator .docx
  10. It would be a nice idea too! 😊
  11. I meant the tiny love stories Mika talks about in his last Instagram post 😊
  12. yes I thought it too, maybe we can do a screenshot of our instagram comment and add that phrase in the tweet? It was just an idea, if nobody wants to share his story somewhere else (many are very private, I admire you!) it's ok, no problem
  13. Since there are so MANY lovely, sweet and interesting replies to Mika's last ig post, and sharing and reading all this love makes feel good.. What if we start a new hashtag #OurTinyLoveStories on Twitter and anyone who’d like to share his tiny love story write it (or re-post from Instagram) there? Also I think it would be nice if everyone will end his story with the phrase “My name is … I was born in … and this is my tiny love story”, it becomes even more personal I think (it’s a @Beatrixxx_always ’s idea on her instagram comment and I loved it)