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  1. Hello Mikafanclub, I would like to say- thank you again gor tickets for the show in Luxembourg. I won them in the MFC competition and I went to Luxembourg with my friend Miša😃. She knew only 3-4 Mika-songs before the concert.. But she was delighted with him❤️. She asked me after that, when and where the next concert is... I think we can welcome another fan among us😘 Here are a few photos and videos from Rockhal. If you want to see more of them, you can look at my ig- .https://www.instagram.com/zlataberkiova/ Enjoy it❤️. And MFC- thank you again❤️. Special thanks to @dcdeb for very fast answers to my questions before the gig😁😘😘 (and the last note-Mika in his pink suit at the end of the gig was.... ❤️W❤️OW❤️😍😍) VID_20200129_211020.mp4 VID_20200129_210844.mp4 VID_20200129_215750.mp4
  2. You're welcome Anna😘. I will add more videos and photos tomorrow❤️.
  3. VID_20191122_212820.mp4 VID_20191122_223907.mp4 VID_20191122_221432.mp4 VID_20191122_214046.mp4
  4. Ahoj, nejede nektera ceska fanynka na koncert do Londyna? To jedu uplne sama? To jako fakt?? 😱😁
  5. Please come 😃😃. I don't know anyone either, I don't speak English very well, but I am looking forward to this MFC meeting more and more....❤️
  6. Ahoj, je tady nejaka fanynka z Česka, ktera jede na koncert do Londýna? To fakt jedu uplne sama?? 😃
  7. Hello, sorry for my English, but what's happened with the account on Twitter? Is it blocked? Why? Thank you😘😘



    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Exactly. You can enter the account by clicking on a button, but I don't know if we can see any new tweets.

  8. 😍😍😍😍😍
  9. Pilot pen cz For Czech Mika fans😘😘 Mika Pilot PEN Hi-tecpoint v5 available in the Czech republic!! http://www.papirnictvi-daubner.cz/. You can also order the set of 24 pieces, what contains all Mika pilot pens, but it's not that super😍 box from Mika instagram😃, but it is a paper rack like in the shop.
  10. For the Czech republic👍, the answer from Pilotpen.cz.... I have all Mika pens,what are available in the Czech republic👍👍😍 Dobrý den, vícekusová balení zatím nedodáváme. Ale určitě budou v průběhu roku k dostání, ať již v maloobchodě nebo hypermarketech. Výhledově budou také na e-shopu propsani.cz, Určitě sledujte náš profil na facebooku, barevné krabičky naplněné produkty se objeví jako výhry v soutěžích :-)
  11. ahoooooj, konečně někdo další z Česka!!!!!:-) Paráda!!!! Tady Zlata:-)

  12. Ahoj všem, já jsem tady taky nová a trošku mě mrzí ( nebo spíš hooodně mě mrzí), že je nás z Česka tady tak málo. Já objevila Miku až pozdě, po koncertech, ale další koncerty si ujít v žádném případě nenechám!!! .
  13. It's very nice from you, thank you very much☺. I'm fine now, I miss him so much, but Mika's songs help me????????????????
  14. It's a big shame!!????????????????. It's really perfect to talk about Mika???? with someone else.
  15. I can't believe there is only seven fans from the Czech republic.Anybody else? I would like to find someone for the writting about Mika☺. My English is horrible, but i hope you understand me.????????. I already found Anna????????.My name is Zlata.
  16. Why? He saved my life 7 month ago. My husband died,I wanted to die with him...i listened to Mika's songs all the time and I cried all the time.. I think it was the only thing I was doing- crying and listening. Mika helped me really a lot.. Ps.sorry for my horrible English
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