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  1. Refund for Taormina received today! Check your bank account if you were waiting for it.
  2. The X Factor production believes it's safer because they are tested repeatedly and contact tracing is easier, if needed. On the other hand, there's not a real audience reaction, it seems fake.
  3. From 22 to 5 am we are allowed to go out only for work or health reason , so I think it won't affect the lenght/time of the live. Workers can go back home after 22. Concerning the audience, they're background actors, therefore probably considered workers as well as the production.
  4. Same for me . I sent a request for clarification on Monday at this link: https://www.ticketone.it/?affiliate=YXZ&fun=page&pagename=helpcontactform but no answer so far. I think there's something going on with the local promoter (it's not Barleys Arts as the other venues), it's the only thing that I can think of that could make sense. It seems they are really slow with legal procedures.... first with the vouchers.... I had to wait about 2 months for mine, while some friends with tickets for other venues received theirs within 3-4 days of their request. Now with the refound not working for Taormina, while being ok at least for Verona that I know of. By the way @carafon could you please link me the discussion on Twitter? I would like to know more. Did this happen for Taormina or Verona?
  5. He says his hands are like that because he's obsessively cleaning using bleach. Yes, exactly.
  6. I believe the song he meant to be talking about the fans is "Dear Jealousy". What led me to think about that it's the intro he did for it during the Tiny Love Tiny Tour, when he said he was jealous of the other artist that were singing in front of us instead of him. Jealousy is the emotion that make him realise it was time to get back on stage. So what he probably meant in the Christmas video was not a song about the fans, but his reaction to the fans going to other artists concerts'. It's still about fans but from his perspective, not ours. That's what I think; or it could be possible that the reference to the fans is more subtle and we still have to find it. That could be another explanation.
  7. He was supposed to have fake "knives" (he probably means razor blades) during filming, but he got the real ones instead, so he hurt Stiller's finger. Shortly after his part of filming ended he had a flight to catch, so he was kicked out with the fake moustache, tatoos and stage clothes and he was so embarassed he tried to remove the moustache in the toilet but he failed. This part is not really clear... He said that doing TV made him a celebrity, so he had to present himself again (as a musician) with the new album; he also said that even though he made TV he's still top chart in France, while others who did the same are not.
  8. and I agree with others, I feel like "Cry" doesn't belong to the album, even though it's growing on me listening after listening. I also find the album more mainstream pop than the previous ones, maybe it will sell more ? Will we hear it more on the radio? I hope so. As of the new songs, I LOVE Tiny Love Reprise , I admit I was very emotional when I first listened to it, especially when I heard Joannie and Paloma singing. Also I really loved the live version of Blue, and I didn't expect to like the studio version, but I do, even though I still prefer the live one. To sum up, I like most of the song; for some ones it was love at first listening (es. Dear Jealousy, Paloma, Blue...), for others I needed (and still need) more time. Those are my thoughts after the first few listening. I don't think I can rank them right now. I might add more in the future.
  9. Thanks for writing it down. I made a few corrections and completed it: Cause I can’t be your slave to the rhythm I've got charcoal (?)* on my feet Won't it be nice to get a little bit into you It's just that I'm a little bit into you I can't be your bitch to the rhythm It (?) won't be enough for me Won't it be nice to get a little bit close to you It's just that I'm a little bit into you Must be a reason why A reason why we fall in love Give me a reason why I'm hurting for the both of us Must be a reason why A reason why we fall in love Give me a reason why It hurts so much Don't make me Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry [x4] If it’s only pain you deliver Then why does my heart not see Why do I keep on finding ways to be next to you When no one makes me feel more alone than you Must be a reason why A reason why we fall in love Give me a reason why I'm hurting for the both of us Must be a reason why A reason why we fall in love Give me a reason why It hurts so much Don't make me Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry [x4] l'll be ok again, I'll be ok again I'll be ok again, I won't cry over you Don't make me Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry [x8] *I'm not sure it's charcoal but I'm pretty sure it's not needles. Has anyone figured it out? Any help?
  10. Ciao @Rita70, clicca su "Going" qui: Benvenuta @Anna-is-golden! Niente per mesi e mesi ed ora esce tutto insieme, quasi non si riesce a stargli dietro tra singoli, concerti e interviste. Almeno però non esce in sordina come "Sanremo".
  11. Hi Florine and Welcome to the MFC! I'm Ellys from Italy . I was going to write you something, but I read @sara09 's beautiful message and it resumes what I wanted to say so nothing more to add. Have fun in the MFC.
  12. Tanti auguri :flowers2:

    1. Michelle Blondet

      Michelle Blondet

      Tanti Auguri @Ellys facciamo compleanno insieme 😉 😘

    2. Ellys


      Thanks to both of you. :wub2:


      Happy belated birthday to my birthday buddy @Michelle Blondet:happybday:

  13. I already gave it to @Wilhory
  14. I know I'm late but... Does anybody else need a code ? I have one I didn't need to use, so feel free to ask if you need it.
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