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  1. Ellys

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Io ero poco più avanti (95) e sono riuscita ad entrare, ma il tipo della security verso le 14 circa, quando si è messo a contarci col contapersone ci ha detto che fino al centinaio si riusciva, dopo aveva già dei dubbi. Probabilmente, oltre alla presenza dei fan della Leone (comunque pochi come ha detto Gabry), c'erano molti posti per gli accreditati o comunque riservati, altrimenti non mi spiego come 2 ore prima il tizio sapesse che su 400 posti, solo 100 sarebbero andati ai fan in fila.
  2. Me too. Yes, exactly. He said that when he was doing X Factor he had been asked to collect all the articles he wrote and to publish them in a book. At first he said yes, but later he re-read them and thought his articles were "transient, not important, not long lasting" , so he decided to re-write them all. He also said that, by reading the two chapters of the book, he demonstrate he's not a fool, like someone who pretend to do his homework when he does not.
  3. Ellys

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Ora disponibili anche i biglietti per il 14.
  4. Ellys

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Grazie mille @Loo!! Solo un piccolo suggerimento, più che di molestie in generale, la traduzione di harcèlement nel contesto scolastico sarebbe bullismo. Detto ciò, ottimo lavoro.
  5. Another private gig ? I really hope this is the last private one he does till the album is released.
  6. Ellys

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    c'è anche questa versione alternativa, in cui audio e video sono sincronizzati anche nell'ultima parte, al contrario della diretta di fb: https://mega.nz/#!YjAiiCzK!63oGaX0HXPBhgAdosJeL28jGSSQ8l56V61o-4SE6tXg
  7. Title changed. Now it's "the sound of music".
  8. Ellys

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    Love it! Thanks for sharing @ladyolivier What a great article you wrote. You have amazing writing skills. Keep writing. Have you ever considered writing reviews of Casa Mika's episodes? I would love to read your analysis.
  9. They might have known someone is always late
  10. No. I found out that they usually live stream, so we'll possibly can watch it live on the website or on the official Facebook page "Wired Italia". https://nextfest2018-firenze.wired.it/live/ https://facebook.com/wireditalia/?locale2=it_IT
  11. Probably yes. There are many videos in last year's website.
  12. He probably didn't mean black and white for B&W, but Bowers & Wilkins speakers. http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/Speakers Well, at least we know he's finally back to the studio, working on his next album.
  13. Here it is. I tried my best. The interviewer checked Mika's Ig and found out he's been a guest at the Elysée, and then he asked I: what do you eat at a president's dinner? Mika: I was eager to meet Brigitte (Macron's wife) and I absolutely wanted to know what we were going to eat ... (then he started talking about food) You eat well, but not too much I: Do you mean the portions? M: Yes, a little bit small. I: Hey Macron, are you saving on food ? M: It was very formal.You had to know which fork to use and when . I: Were you prepared? M: No! In this case you have to make a choice between conversation and food. Conversations were fast and intense, all in french, and I decided to eat less in order not to lose the conversation. Then I came home and I ate an hamburger. I: So, little food but lots of talk.. M: Yeah. (they talked about what Mika was going to sing on stage, and he revealed one song: "Stardust" with Chiara Galiazzo.) In the end: I: Italy adopted you, You speak Italian so well... We are a bit naughty, so .. M: I am too I: we wanted to get you in trouble with some easy tongue twister. (Then Mika started reading them and did so well!) I: You're great, not only at singing but also at italian tongue twister. M: these were easy. I: we've been good.