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  1. Just read through all messages, I love the idea of "We've missed you" and the paper hearts I have an hour and a half in the car with a friend if any more paper hearts are needed! Will be getting to the venue around 5, (if we can find it) do you think this will be early enough to get quite near to the front? I'm only 4ft10 and am my friend is 5ft4 (we both got tickets for our 16th birthdays)
  2. 33 days until the concert!! What are we doing for which song? I have a few extra ideas from the album if we need them, just wondering if anything is set in stone.
  3. I was thinking that we could use the different colours for 4 songs we can choose when the album is out (such as red for tiny love if we don't use the balloons). we could buy and distribute them if we meet beforehand or on the doors. They're cheap, easy to use, and small enough to get into the venue in handbags / pockets.
  4. Would this work? We could contact the seller again for possible discounts on a bulk order then distribute? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Glow-Company-Flashing-Glitter-Pendant/dp/B07G7BFK14/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=flashing+hearts&qid=1563726296&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  5. We could do a similar thing with these- 36 pack fingerlights. They're cheap to buy in bulk then disperse. Love it!
  6. We could see if the music video has something we could use
  7. Haha yes, either that or a tonne of artificial glitter and PVA glue 🤣
  8. I got standing tickets for Shepards Bush London! How early would I need to get there to have the best view?
  9. Got standing tickets to go with a friend for our 16th birthdays, so excited!! I've never seen Mika live before, but I've been a huge fan since I was 6 with pop party 9 so I'm really looking forward to it. Also a little scared in case it's not everything I want it to be though but I'm sure that wont be the case.
  10. I'm buying London tickets tomorrow!! Hoping there are some left with a good view since I'm not even 5ft 🤣
  11. :happybday::yay:have a nice day!!! best wishes!!

    1. Dominika


      All the best on your birthday! :yay:


  12. People keep asking me what i would like for my birthday (eventhough its ages away) and i keep saying don't worry about it because they can't get me a birthday card from Mika 😶 😕 aahhh i can dream i guess.  

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    2. Dominika


      There is a lot of Mika items mybe you could ak for something like that and extend your Mika collection?

    3. MikaFreaka2003


      I could but my family isn't too well off. maybe just some money in a card so I could save to go and see him when he next tours in the UK. that could work... 

    4. Dominika


      That's a good idea! I also save money for the tour :wink2:

  13. i can't find the notes page for t's & c's. Can someone link it please?