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  1. Hi Roselyne! (I love your name) Welcome to the MFC, we all really hope you'll enjoy it here! Trust me, you will not forget about him here
  2. Happy birthday to me... :D

    1. Mikasister


      Ohh Ii dodnt know it's your birthday :doh:


      Have a lovely day!!  :flowers2:







    2. frenchfan84



  3. I still feel so bad for everything that happened. We lost 22 beautiful people... 22 Arianators... my "family" It hurts my heart so much to hear or read about this. It also makes me feel terrible to see my queen so sad. I love Ariana so much and I hate to see this happen to her. I can't even begin to think how she must feel. At least she made the last moments of the deceased ones the happiest.
  4. Hey there You must be pretty excited about coming here to Washington D.C. I've never been there, but I can tell you a few things about it. Washington D.C. is a very historical city here in the US, and we have quite a few landmarks, such as the White House, Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. There are more buildings there; you'll have to research Washington D.C. to know exactly where you want to go. You can take a tour to the different buildings and they will teach you about the history of our country and how it was founded. Hope I helped in a way... again, I've never been there
  5. So I tried a little Freddie, I've gone identity mad!!
  6. Three songs that mean a lot to me would have to be Relax, Blue Eyes, and Big Girl. The song Relax helps me a lot in my life. If I'm feeling nervous or stressed about something, I just listen to the song or remember the lyrics. This song has inspired me in many ways and has helped me through many tough times, especially in school. The song Blue Eyes helps me when I'm sad. The whole song describes my life. Sometimes I'll be pretty depressed, but I will instantly think of the lyrics "blue eyes, blue eyes, what's the matter with you?" That usually drives me to listen to the song and I take in all
  7. Hi there, welcome to the MFC! I've only discovered Mika about a year ago myself, but it's one of the best things I've ever done. I hope you like it here, see you around!
  8. Hi Maria, welcome! Your story made me smile, you seem like a very nice person we all hope you like it here and we're really glad that you joined!
  9. Hi An, welcome to the MFC! I thought your story was really cute... there are some things that I can completely relate to We're all happy you're here, and we hope you like it here
  10. Hi there! Welcome to the MFC, we hope you love it here
  11. So I looked around here and noticed that Ariana Grande wasn't a topic... I love Ariana Grande and I was wondering if there were any other fans here too
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