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  1. Love that one! And that scruffy look suits him pretty well
  2. I love so much tonight's episode, so much nostalgia with all those songs! And it's always such a pleasure to hear how happy Mika is when he's presenting!
  3. Heeeey nice to see another Belgian! I'm from Brussels! I love Namur, there're so many beautiful landscapes over there And it would be a pleasure, hope to meet you too!
  4. Thanks a lot, you're all so welcoming, it's really nice to be there
  5. Ho yeah, I heard about that, i'll definitely buy it! Too bad he's not doing the english voice too
  6. Wow would love to have a narrative book with Mika's voice... No matter the price, it would definitely be the most worth thing on earth, it's so soothing but kind of sexy at the same time
  7. Yeaaay thanks! Gosh my Mika's marathon will never end, it's awesome
  8. Hi guys, nice to meet you and thank you for welcoming me!
  9. Hooooo i'm sorry, i read way too quickly your name! My eyes are playing with me sometimes
  10. Thank you everyone for your warm welcome! I'm truly glad to be part of such an amazing and kind community! Hope I'll see you in a concert or an event soon!
  11. Oh my god, thanks a lot! I've been dying to watch his show or previous episodes of X Factor but everything is in italian so couldn't understand much... I think I subscribed to your channel on Youtube (Sabrina Charlie) a few days ago, I've been watching every videos since then, your channel is amazing!
  12. Hey everyone! My name is An, I'm belgian and I'm 22 years old, nice to meet you! I'm a pretty recent fan of Mika. Two months ago, the blind audition of Vincent Vinel randomly appeared on my facebook and I was so intrigued to see Mika there! I have to admit, I did know him in his debut thanks to the huge success of his first album and I loved his songs back then but I completely forgot about him after that... So I was like "Wait, is that Mika? When did he become a judge in the Voice? And more importantly, when did he get so hot? " So I got curious and listened to his new songs, fell in love with Underwater, Last party, Talk about you, Stardust...Well, basically every songs of him I could find Then watched some episodes of The Voice and fell even more for his personnality, his facial expressions, his french mistakes when his talking, his coaching, his laugh... He's like a huge ball of cuteness! But I totally became a fan when I saw his interviews, his work and how skilled he is in making music but in art too, how passionate he is in every concerts and how he managed to stay so simple and kind despite his success. He's truly magnificent and such an amazing person. I hope I'll get the chance to go to one of his concert someday! So that's it, i'm glad to rediscover him and to be part of this community! It's nice to see other people sharing the same enthusiasm! Can't wait to learn more about him and about you too! LovelyCuddly