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  1. Same!! There's actually quite a few seats left... about half actually. It'll be heartbreaking if he's performing in a half empty theatre but we'll have to just bring twice the energy 😤 It's just too bad that everything central and within a reasonable distance is sold out... *sigh* @Sivan How'd you manage to get such great seats right before the show? Please share xD Don't get me started on ticketmaster. It's basically a scalping site now lol. "Official Platinum" pffft
  2. Woops late to the party 💔 But I'm super excited he's gonna be in my city!! Wondering if anyone else was planning to go by themselves and wants a new friend? I'm also contemplating whether to just suck it up and buy one of the remaining seats or wait and see if a closer seat opens up at a reasonable price... What y'all think? XD
  3. I saw his post on Twitter! XD It was at 2150 EURO when I checked the page which is $3000+ CAD ... i.e. not happening 🤣 But I hope whoever wins it has a great time ^^ Plus it's going to a great cause! If I only I had that kind of cash lying around...
  4. Happy Birthday :happybday:

  5. These pens look so cute Glad to see Mika forever expanding his horizons! Does anyone know if these will be available in Canada though? My google search seems to have failed me
  6. Lovely reports. Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait for the season to start
  7. I'm Canadian and I gotta admit, I completely forgot Mika existed until I started watching The Voice France ... Like @ladyolivier said, it's perfectly plausible to live a pop-culture-literate life without knowing Mika. Ever since I re-discovered Mika, I've been trying to promote him amongst my friends and many of them do remember Grace Kelly but had no idea that he continues to make music They like the songs enough but they forget about it if I don't bring it up. And Mika doesn't appear on any radios, tv shows, or even advertisements so of course they'd easily forget. I'm really hoping that he promotes his new album effectively. Of course, I think he's kinda in a difficult position. His music is, for a lack of a better word, a peculiar flavour of pop and I'm not sure if the mainstream will accept the sound of his album. This means that he has to promote the style of the album as well as himself which I imagine must be quite difficult.... I hope that sort of makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I don't know if US/UK is ready for Mika
  8. Ahhh that makes much more sense than what I was thinking XD thanks Sara!
  9. This might be a stupid question but isn't Naples Napoli in Italian?
  10. I just watched the episode from this weekend... so disappointed by the loss of Morgan! Also don't get how Lisandro won over Angelo
  11. I heard Relax at Captain's Boil (a restaurant) last week. Never ever expected to hear Mika songs from anywhere besides my own playlist haha. It was great
  12. Same! I was trying to find it earlier but... it's like it disappeared
  13. @Kumazzz Lou Mai yes! Her voice is really strong and bright... Colour of Rice on the other hand... I think her voice is a little shaky I think maybe it would be better if she sang a song with a faster tempo / shorter notes.... @frenchfan84 What are your opinions of Audrey and Emmy? Mini preview of saturday: Lou Mai vs. Claire! https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/the-voice/videos/samedi-claire-gautier-lou-mai-vont-s-affronter-sera-sauve-mika.html
  14. @crazyaboutmika So.... I'll start us off with my top 2 favourites, I'm sure there were others that I liked but these two were the most memorable to me. From Mika's team: Vincent V He was the guy who couldn't see very well. He had a very positive and funny attitude that I enjoyed a lot, and is especially inspiring to see in someone who could be considered "disadvantaged". He also had awesome piano skills, I think even Mika was impressed From Florent's team: Nathalia YMCA!! My favourite dance song still despite how many times it's been played. And she put a very very interesting and original spin on the song. It seems like a very difficult song to perform since it's so well-known but I think she did a great job. And her sense of style is top ^^ I'm excited to see who the coaches will put against each other in the battles as well... I wonder if Mika is crazy enough to put his two teams of 3 against each other
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