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  1. My favourite MIKA song - A story by Panduck My favourite MIKA song is "The Origin of Love". The way it starts as a "dull love song" and slowly evolves into a complex masterpiece of sound is just out of this world. The lyrics goes deeper and deeper as does the effectusage that is very difficult to keep at that level without making it seem "overdone". It is a masterpiece of a song, virtually impossible to top. But eh.. My favourite MIKA song MUST be "We are Golden". I listen to it and I am pulled back to the greatness of the 80s. It is such pure joy and bouncy happiness that it lifts you up almost no matter what. He shows that he just can outdo even the masters of the 80s. I just wanna dance! No, listen.. My favourite MIKA song is "I see you". The fragile voice, the amazing instrumentation. It paints a picture in my mind that cannot even be described. It is a palette of musical colours on a dreamy canvas with lyrics that just grabs your heart. Hm.. No.. My favourite MIKA song mut be "Any other world"... I mean... Seriously... It takes a poetic genious to write these lyrics. Here, he competes with the masters of the 60s with amazing lyrics and simple, yet powerful music. You cannot listen to this without getting tears in your eyes. Really.. I think my favourite MIKA song is Promiseland. I dont even know how to describe this song. It is so dynamic, crafted from start to end. Beat,instrumentation, lyrics, vocal performance.. Wow! Beautiful Disaster has to be my favourite MIKA song. I am attracted to this song for so many reasons, the lyrics are amazing, and he wraps it up in, again, a song crafted from beginning to end, like a true master. I enjoy every single second, every single note seem to be put there for a purpose. Nothing is left to chance. Well. I guess this goes for most of the songs on this list... Overrrated is so amazing it must be my favourite MIKA song. Heck, I dont even like music in this style and this song just makes me want to bounce. Please do not ask me why this is my fave MIKA song, I have no idea. I just get so happy. Yet.. pulled down a bit... by the lyrics. There is a bit of conflicting emotions here. I... eh... But.. I really think my favourite must be "Last Party". It is so lovely, and sad... Odd combination of joy and depression. And such an important song. This describes how I feel about the world to the letter. No! My favourite MUST be Good Guys! *runs and get a tissue* Seriously... I cannot even... Heroes is... Oh thank goodness I have a stack of tissues... Dang you MIKA how in the world could you write something like this. This song HURTS and I just cannot stop listening to it. I may have left a few favourites out still. Have been a bit absent from the forum. From MIKAs music? Not at all. Either I listen to it, or it is autoplaying in my head.
  2. Of "my faves", the third album is the winner so far for me. But It is really not easy to say that any album is a favourite over another. All the album contains several songs that REALLY touches me. He really works on his music in EVERY single song to appeal to you in different ways. I do not think I have ever seen any artist that is so crafty in such a range of styles. That he takes his job seriously is no question.
  3. I see that but I do not quite buy into that as a full explanation. We are consumers and we are easily manipulated to like stuff. Some artists are hits for years and years, despite putting out more or less the same kinda music. They have insane marked forces pushing their music out. If you do not have the trust of the "music industry backbone" behind you, you will loose. I have no idea what the explanation is, but I am puzzled that the good singers, who people really seem to be taken by, how their voice touch them, how amazed we are by their talents, are mostly IN movies, ON shows like "The Voice" , "X-factor" etc, but not in the "hit collections", at least not for very long. It seems the marked is very catered towards what young people like, probably because that is where the eagerness to spend money on music is highest. As with MIKA having a huge fan following amongst us old-folks, this is not so desireable for the industry. Again, back in the 80s, I remember how kids and adults alike had music for their tastes. We had bands that appealed to the young crowd and bands that appealed to the old crowd, and some that struck both. Now, it seems old people still cling to the music "of the past". Well, until MIKA came along. With the internett changing the way we listen to music, this can fortunately change. My music tastes can be reflected in what I play on Spotify, not by what the industry push out on radio. Indie music has new channels. I hope for a new "musical revolution!". And I think MIKA can be a leading player with that, not just as a musician but as a guide for others.
  4. It is to the point if I wonder if MIKA is "batteled" by forces in the music industry that does not want music to be something beyond what is easy from them to control "hot chicks singing about how they adore tough guys and tough guys singing about how great they are for hot chicks". When I see the fan response that MIKA has gotten, it seems a mystery that it has ended up where it is now. It would be like Elton John being discovered, having some great albums and concerts that people just LOVED, and then suddenly noone knows about him. Given what MIKA has done, he would have been one of the BIG names in the 80s, and given how people genuinly seem to love his music, he SHOULD be now too. I am reminded of the movie "SING". Where the animals that performed so amazing were loved by the audience. The porcupine was giving the "next hit song!" a really good 80s hard rock style song, and people actually loved it! the Koala in the movie said "This is the next hit". And you feel with people that saw the movie that this was a hit material. But you know what, once the movie is over, it seems forgotten, and we are back to the "sexy chicks and tough guys". Music before seemed to be "what does people love and want to hear?", and now it is "what can be wrapped up in a sexy wrapping and shipped and sold for a low cost and high profit." The movie SING actually made me angry. Not because of the movie, the movie was good, but because we adored the voice of the elephant and the talents of the porcupine, and all the other animals, and to showcase their talents, we had to bring back music or music style of the 80s. It is like the movie Frozen or specially Moana. Where the movie contains a real well written song that is sung in a real good way in the movie, but wrapped up in this "hot chick voice" at the end, vocoded into a disaster and made to be the same wrapping as everything else. It is like they do not want singers with an amazing voice, a true skill range, to really become popular. Are these artists to "self minded", too able to become independent, and become a threat? Or what is the deal. Why is good music in a movie something completely different from what is considered good on the radio.
  5. This is just so weird, if he was so popular back then how come virtually everyone I ask have not even heard about him. Where did the fans go?
  6. Nice to see other Norwegians here! We live plopped down right next to Gardermoen airport, btw, if you ever travel past we could stop by and say hi I am so sorry we missed his conserts here, and everything else. We just have been completely disconnected from the music of today, as we have, as you have read, just totally given up on it. And as noticed, even when GREAT people like MIKA comes along, they are not really given much attention. Even if I heard Grace Kelly, it was nothing compared to the "hits" like Diamonds in the Sky and whatnot. Most music is so painful I cant even listen to the radio :/
  7. The issue I have with the topic here is that "song" is singular, making it virtually impossible to answer. "Any Other World" "Heroes" "Last party" These are three songs that touches me in a way that very, very few songs do. We are talking Mike Batt "Bright Eyes" way of touching me, and that does not exactly happen often. Picking one is just totally impossible...
  8. Norway not represented? What is wrong with us Norwegians, we have no taste in music?
  9. On a sidenote, me & Swandog met because of music. The first thing we talked about on a chat-room (IRC, if anyone remembers), was how much we love Loreena McKennitt. We have a signed CD by her as a result of this. Music means a lot in our relationship, and I am very happy we are now discovering MIKA together! We have both decided that there will be a vacation to whatever town MIKA holds his next concert in
  10. Found Mika: Sinfonia Pop on iTunes. Now we have something to watch this weekend!
  11. Things are looking promising, after starting the treatment she is on now a bit over a year ago, MS has been inactive. But the treatment even is quite heavy and takes a real toll on the body. But it is better than what MS does to you. I hope it will be inactive for a long time.
  12. Yes, it seems like spotify has all the different versions of the songs, they have different versions of the albums with the extra tracks, also the orchestral versions. I feel bad not having bought his CDs, had we discovered him 10 years ago, we sure would, right now we do not even have a CD player. I just want to support him more than listening on Spotify. We will get tshirts! And concert tickets! I dont even have a DVD player... But these things may be on Google Play, for sale there. I will have to check.
  13. I have managed to get one person really fall in love with his music. Also I found one of my friends is a big MIKA fan, really the last one I would expect, as we have been on a total clash when it came to likes for music. Other than MIKA, apparently... A few other friends enjoy some of his music. I am just so happy that my mate loves his music just as much as me. That is a lot more important to me than if my friends does or not.
  14. Both me and my wife totally fell in love with Cirque de Soleil the first time we saw them, and have seen one show every year since then, september we have front row tickets to Varekai. We know about addictive performances. Some of the songs by MIKA makes me think how well they would fit with Cirque de Soleil. MIKA seems to be quite the performer, so I can truly imagine they will be quite an experience. We saw Fleetwood Mac in concert a couple of years back, and while being an amazing band that it was wonderful to get to experience live, they are so far from their prime, it was an experience more for the memory than what they are now. We definitely want to see MIKA while his voice is what it is now. And if we feel like we need to see him again and again, I do not see a problem with this
  15. Thanks for all the "welcome!" messages. I made the tweet in order to "fish" for MIKA fans amongst my twitter friends. My "fishing for fans" amongst my facebook friends had not yielded much result, so I wanted to try to see if twitter gave any more response. It did not. Not a single one of my followers on twitter liked or responded anything to the tweet. I did not expect the responses and reactions I got from where it came. My phone kept buzzing with likes, retweets and responses from total strangers, all MIKA fans. It seemed like such a wonderful, open and friendly fan-crowd. Not really too surprising given the message that MIKA gives in his music, but I was quite surprised the amount of responses. So, yes, of course I had to join Now I am hoping to see other fans at a concert some time in the hopefully-near-future.