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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Molly, I'm 17 years old, and I live in Florida. I love to sing and I play a bunch of instruments, and I plan on studying music in college. Mika is so inspiring to me as a musician, and the first song I ever wrote was actually inspired by him. I honestly don't really know how I discovered Mika, I just knew the song Lollipop many years ago but never really knew who Mika was. A few years ago I listened to some other songs by him and thought they were pretty good and that he was pretty cool, but I still wasn't super into him. About 2 months ago though, I don't even know exactly how this happened, but I just started listening to Life in Cartoon Motion and I thought it was incredible. Since then it's just been a blur of listening to all his other music and watching every video and interview of him I could find (even ones that aren't in English, which I barely understand but still enjoy lol). Another interest of mine other than music is languages. I'd like to learn either French or Italian (or both) to help me understand Mika more. I've been learning German for about 6 months now, which is useless in helping me understand Mika, but if anyone who speaks German would like to help me practice that would be great. If any other musicians want to talk about nerdy music stuff especially in Mika's music, I'd love to talk! I look forward to talking to you guys and meeting other Mika fans!
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