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  1. Hi Mika fans, yes Jack Savoretti is quite well known in UK lots of my English friends follow him. I remember him on Casa Mika so I looked him up. Love the fact that Zoe Ball commented on Mika singing in French! English people generally are just used to everything being in English and are really surprised to hear another language. I can still remember the fuss about Vanessa Paradis' song Joe le Taxi being a hit. (Yes, I am that old 😉). I live on France so speak French all the time. Liked the way their voices went together.
  2. Merci bcp Anna, Thank you SO much. j'ai fait mon pre order. Je croise mes doigts pour les billets; C'est l'anniversaire de ma petite fille le 19 décembre, Mika sera à Nantes le 20 décembre, donc 🤞 bisous xx
  3. J'ai vu un pub disant que si l'on ordre l'album en avance on peut acheter les billets pour la tournée plus tôt que le public. Mais je ne trouve pas le lien maintenant. J'habite à Nantes et voudrait aller au Zenith en décembre . Est-ce qqun sait qqchose? Merci en avance xxx
  4. Look what I found in my local Leclerc store 😍
  5. Such a good choice. Lyrics even more relevant today _ they try to tear the mountains down to bring in a couple more ...
  6. I heard Nikos telling Mika off for swearing but I think perhaps, to give Mika the benefit of the doubt, he was translating the English expression"have the balls" to do something; So young man, have the balls to be yourself. A common (but sexist) expression for having courage. You can also say 'Oh, grow some' and the balls (testicles) is understood. You can also describe a man, or woman, as ballsy meaning sassy or courageous. But be careful as 'you are talking bollocks' or balls! means you are talking rubbish. Sometimes Mika translates expressions word for word like le cœur sur la manche - wearing your heart on your sleeve e;g; showing your emotions and the French coaches do not understand him. I will try and find the clip again to check what he said as I may be wrong, perhaps he did say get your balls out, not sure now!
  7. Kumazz, the CD was just English exercises, no Mika sadly! I had to return iit to the library. My students all laughed because they know what a fan I am. Some of them watch The Voice now so we talk about that (being paid to talk about Mika - love it)
  8. I use the magazine I Love English for my teaching here in France. Borrow it from the local library and guess who I found on a back copy! (I know it is not press 2018 but did not know where else to post it, date is 2015)
  9. About the origins of Grace Kelly, I have seen a few interviews in English with Mika where he mentioned the name of the person the song is aimed at. He is being discreet here so I will not say it either. Enjoy The Voice tomorrow night MFCers! xx
  10. I love Frédéric Longbois! At last and individual talent. The recording I went to in Paris (final blind audition) was quite boring.
  11. My two sets of pens have arrived from the Dutch website I mentioned earlier. I know I paid extra to have them shipped to France but felt like treating myself - it is Mika! I love the colourful pen pots. Planning to have a new computer desk with shelves above - the Mika pen holders and pens will have pride of place!
  12. Yes Mamiam we were certainly lucky to be young in the colourful 70s! Love love me (too) !
  13. Bonne année! Je sais que je suis un peu en retard mais je viens de trouver ce 'thread' Je suis anglaise, j'habite en France depuis 2015. J'aime bien pratiquer l'écriture en Français. J'attends avec impatience The Voice: