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    A bunch of things including anime, videogames, fanfiction, languages,... And Mika of course or why the hell would I be on this site?

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this~! I love it ^^
  2. Heya Sabine ^^ Thanks a lot for the welcome~!
  3. Thank you ~ Hopefully I will =3 haha thank you~! I'll try not to forget him again, yeah xD Thanks for the welcome~! ^^
  4. @Kumazzz Nice to meet you too~! Thank you for the welcome ^^
  5. Thanks for the welcome~! I'm having fun indeed x) See you =3
  6. Thank you all for the nice welcome~! ^^
  7. Bonsoir à tous~! Je viens d'arriver sur cette terre nouvelle, il faut encore que je m'habitue au site mais j'espère pouvoir discuter avec vous =3 Message très court mais mon inspiration n'est pas éveillée ce soir xD Bonne soirée ^^
  8. Personne ne résiste à Mika ;p Nice ~ I'm probably gonna like you too, then ^^ Thank you~!
  9. Hello there ~ My name's Roselyne, I'm a 17 years old girl from Belgium and, well, I love Mika x) (Surprising, uh?) But how did I discover this amazing person and artist? Well, the first time I really got into one of his songs was back when I was like 11 or 12. The "tradition" at my little village school was to prepare a big show for the end of every year, anyone could participate. On that year, I decided I'd dance with the other girls. To my pleasure, we were going to do it on Mika's song, "Elle me dit". (By the way I'm from the French-speaking part of Belgium so this explains that~) God knows I loved it. I remember jumping like a mad cuckoo clock on a trampoline (That's the only comparison I could think of) on stage in front of my (probably ashamed) mother xD But then, I forgot about Mika... Of course when someone mentioned him I was like "ah yeah that guy" but I wasn't going to listen to any of his songs again anytime soon... BUT THEN The Voice (France) came in. It must've been in 2014 or 2015. And I began to love his personality and well, his cuteness when he makes mistakes in his sentences x) And then, when The Voice was over, I forgot him again xD (I'm awful, I know). BUT THEN 2017 arrived. The new season of The Voice was gonna begin and I told myself "Hey, why not watch last year's season? There's Mika and Garou in it" Thank god I did that. I realised (again x2) how oblivious I had been to his awesomeness. And then, finally, I listened to his songs. Good lord are they amazing! Of course it didn't stop there. Just last night I couldn't sleep because I had so many videos of him to watch x) I mean, really, he's cute! (I love his dogs btw) I also love hearing him speak in a bunch of different languages ~ I mean, I love languages in general so yeah ^^ And uh, here I am! I swear I won't forget him again. Twice was enough x) I hope we'll all have a good time together ~ Don't hesitate to contact me even if it's just to make a bit of conversation, I'll be pleased to meet you =3 I speak French and English so either will be good ~ Have a good day, love yourself~!
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