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  1. PoubleBBB

    Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Okay, thank you! ?
  2. PoubleBBB

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Merci pour ta réponse! ?? Oui je sais qu'il ne fait pas de concert cet ete! ? Je n'ai jamais regardé aucune émission qui se déroulent en Italie, je ne savais pas trop comment les regarder et puis j'en avais pas très envie mais Casa Mika ca m'intéresserait oui! ???
  3. PoubleBBB

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Bonjour! Je suis nouvelle sur le forum! Mais ca fait trois ans que je suis fan. J'aimerais faire votre connaissance les françaises!
  4. PoubleBBB

    Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Oh no... She's a friend since my 3 years old maybe before. But she's not a Mikafan. In the gig I was with 3 dans I met on an instagram conversation with people who comed in Carcassonne and with a friend of my shool.
  5. PoubleBBB

    Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Thank you very much Sara! (My best friend is called Sarah ??)
  6. PoubleBBB

    Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Thanks to everybody! I know everybody have not my luck... After my experiences, if I had to give you an advice: find the good idea in the good moment! ? it's depends the circumstances too! I bless the circumstances! ??? Is there a topic where we tell our mika adventures? ? to read yours! ? I know the french topic! Thank you! ? If I make mistakes in English or my sentence is not very well, if it could be better, please tell me! Everytime everywhere! ????
  7. PoubleBBB

    Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Hello everybody! I have been following Mika for 3 years. I really discovered him in his first year on The Voice. Of course I knew Elle me dit, Love Today and Relax, take it easy. Actually not really... When I looked for him on YouTube and I listened to Relax and Love Today I recognized this songs a very very very little bit. I knew I heard this songs when I was a child but I don't know them... It was a very strange feeling. And about Elle me Dit I thought it was older than it is. Or maybe I confounded with another one... I don't really know... My name is Lucie, I'm 15. ? I'm French. I was born in October so maybe I have a year in more than you think ? I was born in 2001! I live near Bordeaux. I don't precise the place here but if you live near Bordeaux you can ask me more provisions! ? I knew Mika fan Club before and I think I signed up one day but I have never come back here... I'm not sure... But now I'm better in English and I'm very engaged to learn this language so it's a pleasure to talk here. I saw Mika 3 times: 06/08/15 Rochefort 03/10/15 Bordeaux 19/07/16 Carcassonne I talked to him in Bordeaux, I told him he was my birthday gift (but I'm not sure if he heard that ??) he turned around to me and I said "because it's my birthday today" . I think he didn't really understand why I said that like this because he had not heard the beginning so he was a little surprised I think. He just gave me a smile and a "okay ??" ? but all the message was in his looks! ?? really! And in Carcassonne, I was dancing the Boum Boum Boum dance with 2 friends and he invited us to join him on stage. And the next day we saw him leaving his hotel with a hotel's car. We know that he will take his own car out of the city so we follow him (lol) running with flip-flops ?? no it's not true, at first we walked, after we began to run but we kept some meters between the car and us: we didn't want to be ridiculous ? we had sneekers and sandals. We lost the car. On the right there was a car park, we didn't see well. And on the left there was a street where there was a tall man (like mika) with sunglasses (like mika) a blue cap (like Mika) a blue tee-shirt (like Mika) close to a beige car (like the hotel's car) so I chose to go on the left. My friend screamt me "he had a dark blue cap and a light blue tee-shirt not a light blue cap and a dark blue tee-shirt!! " (or the opposite... ?) but I didn't listen to her, I didn't even heard her... And she was right because a woman with a stroller and a baby arrived close to the man. And the man wasn't Mika... So we came back to the car park and we saw the black Range Rover and Mika inside leaving... ????????????? I was soooooooooooooo angry to me!!!!!!!!!! That is my Mikadventures! ? I like Mikadventures especially when they are funny ???? so I can't wait to read yours! I don't know what can I say in more. Maybe I will edit my post later! Bye Lucie! ?