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  1. Oh, my god! Ok I'm heading straight to Japan now!
  2. Been playing this over and over and over again even though it's just only one minute long
  3. No worries baby, I'm pretty sure it's just delayed because of the distance maybe. You know, to cross another land sure does take time. I had so many times order stuff from overseas and it took 2 weeks the fastest, 3 months the latest. So, chin up! Don't give up yet! 😎
  4. Awwhhh you guys are so lucky! The gift boxes look cool! I wish I have one of those pen holder set though. But alas, I don't have enough money to shop from overseas anyway. So I just settled for these prints only hahaha thinking of sending these postcards to you awesome peeps! Yeah I was really mindblown when I first join the mfc, the fact that, idk if it's me who's too young to join this or it's the other way round, no offense. But you guys are so cool, so fast with the updates I'm impressed to be honest and most of all, you guys possess such a young soul! I just wanna hug every one of you! So here i wanna share my love with you all, drop me a message of your home address! Love, <3 Me
  5. Oh my god! It's real!! I want one too TT_TT
  6. Oh yes, I notice this too! Almost all web that sell the gift box set cost €15 and above now! I really want this but it cost s**tload plus I don't know how to get it because it's not available in my country Anyway, can someone who has got the gift box set share the pic please. I thought it's not released yet. Or were you guys talking about the pilot pen set of three?
  7. Hi @Mika Freaka =)! Oh yes, I've learned about that in sociocultural studies! I had always wonder about the Cape Malays lifestyle there now tho haha
  8. Well yeah, that's exactly what all the photographers do haha. Xie xie, I'm off to Mikaland...starting from...3..2..1
  9. Ciao @Gabry74! Grazie! Hope to see you too!
  10. You're right! Life is short. Ok maybe I should start saving for Mika's upcoming concert, specifically haha. I would love to go to Europe tho. I'm studying art and design now, under photography department. But before this I did major in psychology, doing ADP (one year here in MY, and supposedly continue 3 years in US). But due to circumstance, in which Trump won the election, things got a little difficult huhu. For safety reason, I just continue at local university. And too bad, public university didn't recognize the ADP certificate (different system and scheme). I was thinking of continuing psychology at private university actually but the tuition fee is kinda too expensive for me haha. Hence, I just start over and got an offer in this field that I'm doing now. Et voila! Now I'm on sem break, that's why I have so much time watching all of these videos of Mika lol. But I still have a life outside okay, been shooting outdoor. So yeah, I think I have a balance lifestyle rather than just being a lazyass who sit in front of a computer hahaha Hope too see you soon, perhaps at one of Mika's tour? Haha. À bientôt!
  11. Lol you're so funny Ahhhh I wish I'm a richass to go anywhere without worrying about money, but nah, I'm still a student. Yep, my money flies with my project mostly, cries :'( By the way, you're a psychiatric trainee, right? That sounds pretty cool! I had always wanted to study in that field, but life seems to have another plan for me uhuu
  12. Omggg hi neighbour!! Now I have hope that we can actually spread the MIKA virus around here