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  1. Loo

    Tour rumours 2019

    Paying to spend time with someone.... it's a concept that reminds me of something!
  2. So sweet and romantic!



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      Very nice Fortune :das:

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      Yes @Mikasister , he often erases his instas, and yes, it was fine at the same time as the kid's piano lessons.

    4. Paoletta
  3. Loo

    Sharing Work Experiences

    Irem, I would like to come back to the smile. It's something important; and look how well Mika understood it! That's certainly why you chose it as your signature. When you smile, it's communicative, the people around you feel better and smile too. The smile is a form of letting go intended to paralyze our aggressive impulses and neutralize those that the other may feel towards us. It's a sign of appeasement. In addition, it activates molecules in the brain that make people happy and reduce stress. That's why some therapies ask people to force themselves to smile even if they don't want to, all day long and it ends up becoming a habit. You could try, to see if it works with you and how others perceive you.
  4. Loo

    Sharing Work Experiences

    If this is your first work experience, it's normal for you to be nervous, everyone goes through it and even your future employer. If he seems nice to you, you can even tell him. You can take a small notebook and pencil in your pocket to write down what you will have to do as tasks. This will give you the opportunity to better memorize the process as the days go by. Ask if you will have a referent, when you will have questions to ask and especially do not hesitate to ask them during your interview and during your work. Not only will you make fewer mistakes if you know what to do, but it will also show that you are motivated. And as soon as this work is done, you will have an experience to add to your CV and you will be much less afraid next time.
  5. Loo

    The New Argentinian Thread :)

    ¡Yo también lo creía! Pero de todos modos, este año ya no es él el que twittea sobre "The voice", sino sólo su equipo.
  6. Translation: Clinic Lev RUDIN https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Flevrudin.ru%2F
  7. Mine, yes! The 2nd one! The third one! And the gardener's one.
  8. Both. And when you see the number of bodyguards, plus the reputation of the 3 singers, you think it was an anniversary that must have cost a maximum! 🤣
  9. Loo

    The New Argentinian Thread :)

    Y no lejos del Kremlin.
  10. Loo

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    https://www.femmeactuelle.fr/actu/news-actu/the-voice-mika-completement-destabilise-par-une-candidate-tres-spontanee-2075983# translation
  11. Loo

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    https://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2019/03/02/dans-the-voice-la-boulette-de-mika-face-au-candidat-makja_a_23682650/ translation
  12. Loo

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    https://www.voici.fr/tele/the-voice-nikos-aliagas-fait-un-enorme-lapsus-coquin-a-mika-657077 translation