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  1. But @Elvaraaa is a pretty girl with poise. It may disturb some people!
  2. Another one of Mika's instas; but I can't copy the original.
  3. Handmade socks are life. We don't want to leave them anymore! Yes, southwest also; 47! You have pigs and so... a farm?
  4. Hi Emily, welcome here! You are lucky to live in this beautiful country with charming people. 🧡 My name is Loo and I currently live in France.
  5. And then Max is always there for the upper register!
  6. More like that! So...
  7. 159834065_Sanstitre1.thumb.jpg.24aee0a15c837320fc4834bef16920a1.jpg

    1. Paoletta


      @Loo angel Mika :cloud:

  8. He's afraid of losing cat fans, he's putting them everywhere now!
  9. Throughout this year, there are several titles that appeared in this list, then disappeared; like "BLUE". So it's hard to know if they'll be in the album. We should find all Mika's other record companies!