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  1. So cute how Mika puts itself within the reach of Chiara, bending her knees and tilting her head when he plays the scene with her!
  2. Are they afraid that their Facebook shares will lose on the stock market?
  3. Loo


    Tell me, do you have new methods to manage dyscalculia in Italy? I was discussing it last month with a colleague psychiatrist, and in France there is still not much to help people suffering from this disorder, especially adults.
  4. They're giant chestnuts! I've never seen one this size before!
  5. Loo


    Thank you @Lalli for your testimony. Working with adults, there are several theories that emerge. Either dyslexia causes post-traumatic stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder causes dyslexia (or Alexia). This was realized by finding some cases of dyslexia among veterans or firefighters. Alexia as well as Aphasia are sometimes a consequence of great stress. But work continues in this area. http://dyslexia-research.com/page25.html http://www.ibiblio.org/rcip/dyslexia.html https://www.ledevoir.com/politique/canada/1371/l-etat-de-stress-post-traumatique-n-est-pas-l-apanage-des-militaires
  6. It's a sea animal. In many countries where it is eaten, it is opened in half like a boiled egg and eaten with a teaspoon. It is an expensive and refined dish. It's a bit like eating caviar in the mouth, it's slightly salty and delicate. To hold it, we take a towel or be careful.
  7. Eating some raw animals is a cultural practice that does not agree with everyone. But one thing is definitely certain: when Mika says he doesn't eat meat at times, it's not because he's a vegetarian or vegan!
  8. Loo

    MFCs Naughty Corner part 2...

    No, you're not telling. As Silver said, we can have a little fun, but we can't go beyond certain limits of what's appropriate.
  9. Great minds meet, I've done some research.
  10. It's an animal you eat alive or you burn it alive first, like in the video. https://sencanada.ca/content/sen/committee/372/lega/witn/shelly-e.htm Conclusions: Although it is impossible to know the subjective experience of another animal with certainty, the balance of the evidence suggests that most invertebrates do not feel pain. The evidence is most robust for insects, and, for these animals, the consensus is that they do not feel pain6.
  11. Loo


    Perhaps, that's why he knew how to read and play the piano before he was harassed and became mute.Even adults after post-traumatic stress can become dys(lexic, calculus or other).
  12. Loo


    Dyslexia can occur after post-traumatic stress disorder, and he had many of its features.