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  1. Translation: Clinic Lev RUDIN https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Flevrudin.ru%2F
  2. Mine, yes! The 2nd one! The third one! And the gardener's one.
  3. Both. And when you see the number of bodyguards, plus the reputation of the 3 singers, you think it was an anniversary that must have cost a maximum! 🤣
  4. Loo

    The New Argentinian Thread :)

    Y no lejos del Kremlin.
  5. Loo

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    https://www.femmeactuelle.fr/actu/news-actu/the-voice-mika-completement-destabilise-par-une-candidate-tres-spontanee-2075983# translation
  6. Loo

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    https://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2019/03/02/dans-the-voice-la-boulette-de-mika-face-au-candidat-makja_a_23682650/ translation
  7. Loo

    MIKA in French Press - 2019

    https://www.voici.fr/tele/the-voice-nikos-aliagas-fait-un-enorme-lapsus-coquin-a-mika-657077 translation
  8. She is currently "working" at the "Folies Bergère".
  9. I'm not sure that a person who openly admits to being a dominatrix is the sweetest, most shy person in the world! Remember last year, the performances of Demi-mondaine. And she managed to break into her field before she even finished The Voice! Show business is the place where you can break in, especially if you're weird. On the contrary, I hope that his coaching will be difficult and that everything will be filmed!
  10. It doesn't matter, it's not necessarily singing that interests her, but being noticed!
  11. For fun, I put the coaches' reactions in "La suite". Nikos: Be careful, we're going to travel. Not very far, but enough to discover that Mika and an object man! Yes, his talent has martyred him. Her name is Coco. Mika: And I'm on HIS team! Nikos: In all objectivity, Coco, who comes from Moldova, does not have the communication skills that we necessarily have in our programs with artists. But one thing is for sure; she sings, she sends heavy! (To Mika) so she teased you a little, she talks a lot. She told me "I love you, I look at you in Eurovision" when I have never done Eurovision in my life. I said to him: "Thank you, but I've never done Eurovision in my life"! She replied, "No, you're lying, you did it! "Well, if it makes you happy! However, she is a great singer. Mika: Yes, she has a crazy voice, but what's even crazier is that when you look at her now, she sounds pretty normal! Nikos: It's colorful! She is very atypical, she is a little iconoclastic, she breaks them a little... (Meanwhile, Mika waves at him, that he can add some more, laughing). In reality, you're in trouble because it's going to be hard to handle this one! Forgive me, but that's the term! To guide, to accompany. Mika: Yeah, honestly, I have no idea... Nikos: She has one, I'm telling you! Mika: I have no idea what's going to happen and I have no idea what happened! She has a strange power. N: She has chained you up, she's enigmatic! M: Yeah, that's right! I hope she wants to collaborate with me (Jen laughs). That's the problem! It's not where I can lead it, it's where she's going to bring me and I'm a little afraid to know! (laughs) N: Well, we'll let you think about it! Anyway, she's on your team and everyone's happy about it! Thank you very much! Her name is Coco, she comes from Moldova and she is at Mika's, bravo, bravo Mika!
  12. She lives in such a poor country with so few ways to get out of it that I understand that she is looking for other countries to succeed with the "weapons" she has. Well; flirting with Mika is a bit average, since he's in a relationship, but morality can sometimes fall through the cracks for those who are stuck by the throat. For me, it is no worse than students who occasionally prostitute themselves to finance their studies. Which I don't support any more.
  13. She knows what she wants and will do anything to succeed in one way or another. In show business it's still a predominant mentality! I like it when Mika meets his master! Even when he pretends he doesn't understand anything! Or maybe that explains why he thought no one was hitting on him when he was a teenager!
  14. Mika: I hear an accent! Coco: Who comes from where? M: Italy? No, no, where does it come from? Coco: Why not, I can speak Italian. (Said in Italian) Nikos: She plays, too. Family: Yes, she loves to play! Nikos: She likes to play with the camera and the camera loves her! M: What is your name? Coco: My name is Coco! M: Oh! Coco, she's funny! Where do you come from, Coco? Coco: I come from wherever you want!... A little naughty... Cock-a-doodle-doo! I come from Moldova. M: Coco from Moldova. Coco: It changes! M: Yes, but that's good! But look, there are the four of us. Jen: You have a great voice, but a great personality! M: Yes, a great personality. Jen: You sing what, you sing on stage, I have a lot of questions to ask you! Coco: I sing anything that gives you chills. Jen: Do you sing in French? Coco: Yes, I love French, I love France, the Italians too... Jen: Anyway, there is an energy that is very communicative. Coco: (watching Mika) I gave everything for you! Soprano: She gave it all! Coco: Almost! Mika: I saw a movie in my head. A girl who you don't think is going to win, and all of a sudden with her determination, she does a lot of things. And then all of a sudden she comes to the party and slams something and wins. (Laughs) That's the movie. (Laughs) And then everyone looks and says, "I didn't know she was going to win," but then she wins and she's the hero but the unlikely hero. And you're kind of the unlikely hero. You're elegant, you're beautiful, and you're... okay, naughty, but I think you're someone who's... (cut by Jen). Jen: (cut by Coco) Coco: Mika, can I tell you something? We have the same problem, we can't say what we want. (Coco and Mika laughing) I understand so much! Mika: You are fabulous! Coco: My smile, my secret is to smile! And you have to dye yourself blond. Soprano: (To Mika) There she is coaching you! Listen to his advice. Mika: Yes! How old are you, Coco? Coco: Oh, my God! We're not asking! Jen: You don't ask that! Mika: In singing everything is said! Coco: I am 26 years old. Mika: Oh, but, well, you're young! Coco: Do I look my age? (squeaks) Mika: I don't have the words! Coco: Be careful, everything started very well, Mika... Mika: I'm 35 years old, I'm almost 10 years older. Coco: Oh, there's a little gap... but still! Jen: I love it! Coco: But that's okay! Mika: No, but it's true, look... Coco: just smile, always the same rule, you smile! Mika gets up and goes to kiss his hand. "And I'll keep my mouth shut! » Soprano: coco! Coco: Good evening Soprano! Soprano: You heard how she said my name! Jen: That's very sweet! S: It was beautiful! No, but you know, where do you find these notes? At first we thought you were nervous. But actually, no, it's your personality. Coco: I was playing. S: We understand it now. And at some point, you keep going up? I said, but she's not going up, there are no more floors up there! And you keep going up! I'm here; but I can't miss it! I have to press! And you're going up! And I see Mika, he doesn't turn around. I'm saying it's weird that he doesn't turn around! I turn around and I see you, a diva who was in front of me! And with the class I have, there has to be a diva on my team anyway! Julien, what would you like to say? Julien : I would like to say that I think you are a show woman, you have prepared your move well, and that you have made us a really personal interpretation of this song which is "puzzle" in the sense that it is a very great song. I really liked it when you did the first chorus, because I thought to myself; here she is smart, she doesn't send the chorus right away and she does it with a pretty little head voice like that. And then you "let go of the dogs" towards the end and sent up. Welcome to The voice. I think we're going to have a lot of fun with whoever your coach is, seeing you in the next few weeks. Coco: Thank you very, very much! Jen is trying to talk.... Coco: What Mika, what's going on? (gives him the sign of smiling). Mika does it. S: And now it's up to you to do the show, because you have to choose. Coco: What am I going to say... I like to dominate! S: Oh! Ow! Ow! Ow! Jen: It's a good thing because so am I! Coco: You're a lioness! Jen: I'm a scorpione! Coco: I'm a virgin! (To Mika) still don't you understand what's going on? Mika: (laughs) No! Jen: You're great! (To Mika) Well, go ahead! Mika: Do you think she chose me? Coco: YES! Mika: I'm delighted, there's not another one like you! Coco: (showing him the steps below) You can go down a little bit. (M executes) That's how it's better! S: He's scared, Mika! Please, we need someone to come and reorganize Mika's brain! Are you all right? Do you understand what just happened to you now?
  15. Last song of the year 2018; but the first steps of the 2019 album! SOUND OF AN ORCHESTRA MIKA you lower your hand clarinet will play raise it back up and it flies away when you smile violins will soar when you move your legs a timpany will roar I can hear it , I can hear it, I can hear it , I swear all the music you’re provoking, filling up the air Its getting louder this is the sound of an orchestra I can hear it playin’ everywhere that you are there is a sound for everything you do this is the sound of my love for you listen to the sound of my love for you You don’t even know everything I hear every move, every note, everytime you’re near if I close my eyes I promise I can see a hundred people playing and it’s just for me I can hear it , I can hear it, I can hear it , I swear all the music you’re provoking, filling up the air Its getting louder this is the sound of an orchestra I can hear it playin’ everywhere that you are there is a sound for everything you do this is the sound of my love for you listen to the sound of my love for you before you even say what I know you’re gonna say there are the sounds I hear unrolling in my head comes down really close hold me like you do then all the music in my head you’ll hear it too this is the sound of an orchestra I can hear it playin’ everywhere that you are there is a sound for everything you do this is the sound of my love for you listen to the sound of my love for you
  16. You're welcome, Forum Guide!
  17. I really hope it's been over for a long time, all this! Caviar is still better for the brain!
  18. Anyway, both are over-the-counter, but one is just more expensive than the other! I also prefer caviar.
  19. Fortuné loves mimosa too!



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  20. He needs to accumulate even more fatigue, because he can no longer stop himself from telling stupid things (or funny truths)!
  21. Ultra-charmer mode activated!