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  1. https://www.foxlife.it/2019/08/20/mika-fidanzato-andreas-dermanis-vacanze-italia-foto/ La popstar e il regista sono una coppia ormai da molto tempo. I due stanno insieme da circa 10 anni ma non si sa molto della loro storia d'amore, principalmente a causa della grande riservatezza di Andreas. Mika, invece, ha parlato spesso ai media della loro relazione. Per i due ci sono in cantiere progetti importanti, tra cui l'eventuale adozione di un figlio. Il cantante, però, è consapevole delle difficoltà che potrebbero incontrare, principalmente per il suo stile di vita molto frenetico. Il talentuoso artista ha presentato proprio in questi giorni la copertina del suo nuovo album, My Name is Michael Holbrook, in arrivo il prossimo 4 ottobre. In attesa di ascoltarlo, buone vacanze Mika!
  2. It's not live, it's pre-recorded and it's old stories. translation:
  3. En este caso, fotografiaron la pasión caliente en el barco! 🤭 ¡Eso sería difícil para mí!
  4. Did you find the Asian girl Mika mentioned in the story, who did the analysis of the video?
  5. I agree with you too for the translator!
  6. I agree with you. Mika never does anything randomly, even in the smallest details, and as he's in extreme control, each piece of his clip has a meaning he wants. But since he won't explain it, it's up to us to look for it.
  7. Mika: I will answer your questions about Tiny Love. ....... Oh! That question! I'm going to lie! It's complicated! Come on, I'm talking nonsense! It's.... I... Too hard! No, I'm not explaining anything!
  8. https://www.gossipetv.com/mika-e-fidanzato-andreas-vacanze-prima-di-un-impegno-importante-429780
  9. http://www.ilgiornale.it/news/spettacoli/mika-relax-nel-mare-dellargentario-insieme-fidanzato-1738098.html
  10. I think he talked about it after Blue, but I can't find it in which interview.
  11. translation: In 2007, Mika invaded the pop with a dripping of saturated colors with Life in cartoon motion. Twelve years later, he returned with extraordinary strength when he signed a masterful album, My name is Michael Holbrook: a manifesto of rare musical richness. Intense, sensual, gifted, the American songwriter aligns songs that cross styles and eras, irrigated by the poetic art of Joni Mitchell, the narrative power of John Lennon, the sound of Tropicalia and the erotic charge of Georges Michael. In team with Marc Crew (Rag'n'Bone Man), guitarist Tim Van Der Kuil (Adele) or New Yorker Beatriz Artola (Drake), Mika delivers a luminous musical painting, with a dancing, magical and addictive synthesis.
  12. I saw and laughed! Will he answer seriously or will he invent one of his usual stories? Which questions will he choose as well?
  13. He knows that, and yes, he is very happy!
  14. In the end, only he knows the hidden meaning of all the symbols in his clips, and he won't say them. So we might as well have fun finding them ourselves.
  15. He had explained that a song on the album talked about his straight side and about loving a woman with a love that wasn't "physical", or something similar.
  16. For me; just as the melody is a set of genres, the clip is a set of symbols (like Rain). https://www.artmajeur.com/fr/mona-bessaa/news/797171/la-symbolique-de-loeuf-1-3 Œdipe
  17. I hear the Beatles very clearly after the drums. It's pretty. I think it will be a good commercial success.
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