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  1. :biggrin2:





    La popstar e il regista sono una coppia ormai da molto tempo. I due stanno insieme da circa 10 anni ma non si sa molto della loro storia d'amore, principalmente a causa della grande riservatezza di Andreas. Mika, invece, ha parlato spesso ai media della loro relazione.

    Per i due ci sono in cantiere progetti importanti, tra cui l'eventuale adozione di un figlio. Il cantante, però, è consapevole delle difficoltà che potrebbero incontrare, principalmente per il suo stile di vita molto frenetico.


    Il talentuoso artista ha presentato proprio in questi giorni la copertina del suo nuovo album, My Name is Michael Holbrook, in arrivo il prossimo 4 ottobre.


    In attesa di ascoltarlo, buone vacanze Mika!

  2. 7 hours ago, Kumazzz said:


    It's not live, it's pre-recorded and it's old stories.




    I had a teacher who came in to give me piano lessons. He said no, it's not possible, you're dyslexic, you can't even read the notes, you don't understand anything. I'm sending my wife Alla to you. Well, she was an opera singer.
    She was all adled on the piano, I was all adled on the piano. I had no interest. She would say, "Look, you can't read the notes, sing the notes!"
    Suddenly when I was singing and well, bling, I could play "twinkle little star" or "brother jacques" at the piano.

    She heard my voice and said, "No, you're a singer, you're not a pianist, we forget the piano and start singing".
    She started training me, she hung on to it. My mother realized there was something. I was 7 years old, one year later, I was at the Royal Opera singing "die frau in a chatten", the woman without shade with jean "Chollet".

    There were moments, I cried every time before singing, every time before taking a class.
    I trained 3 hours a day, my mother made me do it.
    It was one hour of breathing a day, two hours of singing. All that, that turned into a kind of passion. The moment when control began to take hold. And this mastery has been transformed into power. I was no longer crying because I realized that life would be much sadder and more difficult without this power: singing. And it was fabulous; Ah!... Until puberty. And it all fell into the garbage can.
    From the voice of Inexs to Barbara, the way she sang on the microphone, like that....
    This Caruso timbre with these old vinyls that say: "woon woon", and well even that, it stays in your head.
    A problem, a chalenge! I fight with my voice all the time. It hardens and also softens. You have to let it evolve.
    At the London Conservatory, when I was at the Royal College of Music, I was a baritone.
    I have a head voice, it's elastic, I get much more naked when I sing than when I take off my clothes, so my relationship is both extremely technical so that I can be extremely unconscious when I sing.

    It belongs to me, yes, and at the same time it does what it wants with me too. And she can betray me very easily. If sadness she wants to come out in my voice, she does what she wants.
    I have 2 singing teachers who follow me around the world, on Skipe and Facetime, everywhere, always. Minimun, 40 minutes of technical work before each performance.
    I can be in South Korea preparing me for a concert; and it may be that the English, she can't, so the French coach says yes and half asleep in his pajamas with his dog on his lap and he's drinking his coffee and directing me. But it's important to have someone else take authority, well, for the technical work." I'm the boss for an hour and you listen to me, you do what I want!"

    Journalist: "Do you like your voice?"
    M: No, but I can't live without her!

    But like all great love stories, we never declare our love, otherwise someone steals it!



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  3. 12 hours ago, Lo! said:

    Para fotografiar esos cuerpos torneados y bronceados x el sol italiano 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂📷

    En este caso, fotografiaron la pasión caliente en el barco!  🤭


    ¡Eso sería difícil para mí!  :wink2:

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  4. 2 hours ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

    A French girl (JULY@Mikatchinga) posted on Twitter a very interesting analysis. The main meaning of the Tiny Love in the video - for her - is mother's love. 

    And she did it in a very profound way. The story is complete (with photos from the video) and it looks pretty consistent.

    Actually for me the mother's love was the last on my list of meanings in the video :bleh:


    As Mika mentioned in his chat that mother's love is one of the meanings I started to think about it too.

    And here I find this post on Twitter :lol3:





    BTW: almost 525'000 views on YouTube!!!!!!!!!



    Did you find the Asian girl Mika mentioned in the story, who did the analysis of the video?

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  5. 10 hours ago, mellody said:


    I understood the contrary, as he said there's a lot of hidden messages, that it's a puzzle for us to decipher. :lmfao: He'll probably drop clues in interviews over the next few years, so one day we'll know the truth, and until then we can only try but will never know for sure. :aah:


    I agree with you.
    Mika never does anything randomly, even in the smallest details, and as he's in extreme control, each piece of his clip has a meaning he wants.
    But since he won't explain it, it's up to us to look for it.  :biggrin2:

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  6. Mika: I will answer your questions about Tiny Love.




    Oh! That question!
    I'm going to lie!
    It's complicated!
    Come on, I'm talking nonsense!
    Too hard!
    No, I'm not explaining anything!

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  7. 18 hours ago, mellody said:


    But wasn't that about the song "Blue", that it's a declaration of love to a woman he has no physical interest in? Or was there another interview I missed?

    I think he talked about it after Blue, but I can't find it in which interview.  default_dunno.gif.db77cfff9f410783ec364039ad016189.gif

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  8. 2 hours ago, Kumazzz said:


    sorry I can't read French, could anyone please transcribe this article ?


    Madame Figaro

    • 16 Aug 2019
    • page-24

    PDF file Madame_Figaro_2019_08_16_page-24.pdf


    MIKA, retour triomphal

    En 2007, Mika envahissait la pop d’un dripping de couleurs saturées avec Life in Cartoon Motion.

    Douze ans plus tard, il revient avec une force extraordinaire en signant un album magistral, My Name Is Michael Holbrook :











    In 2007, Mika invaded the pop with a dripping of saturated colors with Life in cartoon motion.
    Twelve years later, he returned with extraordinary strength when he signed a masterful album, My name is Michael Holbrook: a manifesto of rare musical richness.

    Intense, sensual, gifted, the American songwriter aligns songs that cross styles and eras, irrigated by the poetic art of Joni Mitchell, the narrative power of John Lennon, the sound of Tropicalia and the erotic charge of Georges Michael.

    In team with Marc Crew (Rag'n'Bone Man), guitarist Tim Van Der Kuil (Adele) or New Yorker Beatriz Artola (Drake), Mika delivers a luminous musical painting, with a dancing, magical and addictive synthesis.


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  9. 4 hours ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

    Not yet 24 hours from the video release and already more than 80'000  etries!!!!!


    I wonder if Mika knows about our discussion about the meaning of all symbols in the movie :wink2:

    I am sure he would be happy to know about the mess he put in our lives :roftl:




    He knows that, and yes, he is very happy!

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  10. 1 hour ago, carafon said:

    I love the song very much , everything is perfect to me but the way he says the last "dancing" …..and can't explain why ….:teehee:

    As for the clip ,sure it's full of symbols and probably several interprétations are possible

    I wonder if one of them coudn't be his duality feelings towards women ?

    Could explain the dark (even scaring……..😱) parts , and the more shiny ones when they are on phone :dunno:

    He had explained that a song on the album talked about his straight side and about loving a woman with a love that wasn't "physical", or something similar.

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