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  1. But it's true that sometimes he can be distant in his emotions, and it's also linked to his personality.
  2. For someone who is not romantic, I think he has written lyrics that are immensely romantic!
  3. Mat Maitland's cat: Quincy. http://catpeoplemagazine.com/mat-maitland
  4. Great introduction! Welcome officially here and keep having fun!
  5. Ohana's five kittens (6 days).
  6. No chainsaws, but.... Otherwise, reportage for the next album?
  7. He didn't need it, he had rehearsed so much, but the stage fright took over. So cute, after so many years on stage! I love his personality so much sometimes!
  8. Very nice suit! Too cute, the anguish he had for "Ali Di Libertà" (and the little note hidden in his pocket). Too bad his voice was covered by Bocelli's. "Tiny love" is pretty too, I liked how he got closer to Ida to spotlight her more.
  9. Ohana is her name because it means "family" in Hawaiian. Implied: No one should be forgotten or abandoned. But I affectionately call her "little barrel", because I think she took her name too seriously and her belly fattened up!
  10. I'm always here because of Mika and his vicious songs. But I'll clean his plates if I have pasta with pine nuts and basil too!
  11. I think that if Matteo doesn't sing it with his father, "Fall on me" would be more appropriate for Mika. And there are passages that would make it beautiful!