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  1. ohhh ok... if you did pass out could you got the nurse and get out of doing pe tho lmao
  2. Your about profile is Relatable™

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      fun fact: i can't see that pic myself 

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      You can't?! Why?!

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      no clue, idek where to look for it but it isn't anywhere ive tried 

  3. it's partially bc the site is pretty awful to use on mobile and partially cause i and a friend have met some really nasty people on here (also it's very clique-y and quite a few mfc-ers seem to think they're better than other fans....)
  4. let's turn it into a site where you can only talk about and post pics of the girls admiring their floofy beauty
  5. im always happy that someone i know (except for one person you know who you are) is on this hellsite we'll take it over eventually
  6. it 👏 my 👏 boy 👏 vireo 👏👏👏
  7. im gonna answer only #2 rn, #1 id need to think about for a while. mental illness hasn't changed anything about me. ive been this way literally since before i can remember. idk if it's even possible to be born with ocd but i have memories about it back from when i was maybe 4 or 5. i developed some form of social anxiety later, maybe around 7 or 8? as soon as i was old enough to realise that i acted different from everyone else and nobody really wanted to be friends with me, then it got worse about when i started high school and started actively getting responses of "i don't like you" or "you're weird" instead of just being confused as to why people didn't want to play with me. i know that many, many people develop mental illness as a teenager or adult but a lot of us already have it -- for me i consider it simply a neurodivergence and hardly a mental illness at all because i feel i would be a fundamentally different person without it. (note: the social anxiety developed because im autistic and people expect me not to be since i was diagnosed late and im in gen ed, so ive spent my whole life being ignored or turned down by other kids without knowing why)
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    ooh awesome a full length pic!! thank you sm!! ❤
  9. bone II


    those are so cool!! where does he get all these weird pants lmao
  10. bone II


    ooo thank you!! do you know of any pictures of the last pair that are not either blurry or weirdly lit? im curious about what the pattern/print actually looks like but the only pics ive seen are about as well lit as the inside of a sleeping bag lmao
  11. bone II


    oooh thanks for letting me know, ill go check that out! (one time a friend i'd known for about a year dyed their hair and i didn't recognise them at all) i can really only identify faces by hair and facial expressions, so sometimes in selfies mika looks like misha collins to me?
  12. bone II


    i know i can easily turn a few sentences into an essay, so i'll try my best to keep this short and to the point. my issue is not with the words themselves, but with the concepts. i have yet to see someone who thinks liking trombones is calling myself not normal, so it seems fair to assume that this was a response to a portion of my last sentence (i removed the irrelevant part about pants to save space): all i said here was that im disabled and hoping to find other fans who share my disabilities. i never mentioned the word normal, or any similar words or concepts that could easily be mistranslated. the only conclusion i can come to, based on my own experiences and those of thousands of other disabled people, is that im being told i shouldn't call myself disabled because that's a bad word and im saying im not normal. i appreciate that @BeNny was trying to be inclusive, but the way they approached it can range from being rude to having serious negative effects depending on the situation. a better way would be either to politely aknowledge it and move on, or to suggest a part of the site or way of using the site to help me find other people with similar experiences. i know that many people have very little experience with disability so im not offended or upset, but i would like to help educate people on what things are inappropriate and how they can fix it. i also know that things can go very wrong when translating between languages, but even if that happened it's important that the writer is aware of it so they can avoid it in the future. this got a lot longer than i intended, and unless anyone has legitimate questions, concerns, or areas they would like clarified, im done with this subject since i don't think defending myself against a total stranger dismissing my concerns without addressing them is a worthwhile use of my time
  13. bone II


    do you have any favourite composers? im really partial to Berlioz. i definitely don't think mika's symphonic versions are bad! just that his music is, especially from a performer's perspective, much better suited to a smaller ensemble or there aren't enough parts to go around this is a very nice sentiment and i appreciate it, but unfortunately that's really not how it works. ive spent my whole life being rejected or ignored because i didnt play the right way, i didn't understand what other kids did, i only talked about things i was interested in, i didn't know about the right things, i moved my body in the wrong ways -- and I was lucky enough to be in an environment where i never got bullied! even if you leave out how other people treat me because of my disabilities, i'll never be the same as everyone else; i can't go outside without ear protection because everything is overwhelming, i can't do many academic classes because my brain doesn't process things like other people's do, and i regularly become convinced that something harmless like picking up a coin off the ground will kill me. also please notice that i never once mentioned "normal" or "not normal", simply that i want to find other fans who share a particular experience with me. if i had mentioned instead that i wished to find other fans who are trans, i can only assume you wouldn't say i was calling myself abnormal for wanting to meet people like me. i also never said my life was lacking joy because of being disabled; again, simply that i want to meet people who share a particular experience with me. im sure you meant nothing bad by your statements and i apologize if this reply comes off as overly aggressive, but the things you implied, intentionally or otherwise, were incredibly inappropriate and i would like to help you understand why