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    sometimes happiness is born from depression.
    #Gregory(na) <3

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  1. ! QUESTION TIME !:toot:if it is not a stupid question! :D


    you listen to music .....WHILE?
                                      WHERE?--->HOME sopratutto!!!! 


    about me:
    I love listening to music....while I am cleaning my house, WASHING DISHES!!!!! while I am studying, while I am taking bath, I am travelling, I am with friends, ....before sleeping, while getting good news.... after failed an exam... 
    also without WHILE!!!!!! ---> most interesting!
    specially ALL DAY :S 
    # mika, 2017 Tempo delle donne he was sad about people usually listen to  WHILE STH... he is so right! Do you agree? 

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    2. Lilyen


      @Loo, YES. thank you, WOW! 

    3. Dominika


      I lisen to music when cleaning, dish washing, taking bath, cooking/baking, driving a car, but never ever while doing stuff for work or studying, it's too distracting for me, I will sing straight away instead of actually working or learning :teehee:

      I usually listen one particular singer for a while and then I choose someone else. But also playing music which is accurate to my mood. I play sad music to make me sad even more and play happy music to make me more happier. It sounds like it doesn't make any sense but it works for me hahaha :lol3:

      I think I like any kind of music but yes, it's mostly pop :biggrin2:

      The meaning of lyrics is important to me but there are songs in which I don't care about it that much because the whole thing sounds so right and joyful. 

    4. Lilyen


       I just listen to Song Of An Orchestra' before start to write my dissertazione, because my teacher does not believe in me too much, also if she is saying I am brava. She is not a good person.(..) Like i Know the reason, she wanna make win other students who cares more about her research field...:( 
      Thank you MIKA by giving me hope, and the feeling 'everything will be alright, and STILL it is'with your magical song.