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    sometimes happiness is born from depression.
    #Gregory(na) <3

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  1. ! QUESTION TIME !:toot:if it is not a stupid question! :D


    you listen to music .....WHILE?
                                      WHERE?--->HOME sopratutto!!!! 


    about me:
    I love listening to music....while I am cleaning my house, WASHING DISHES!!!!! while I am studying, while I am taking bath, I am travelling, I am with friends, ....before sleeping, while getting good news.... after failed an exam... 
    also without WHILE!!!!!! ---> most interesting!
    specially ALL DAY :S 
    # mika, 2017 Tempo delle donne he was sad about people usually listen to  WHILE STH... he is so right! Do you agree? 

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    2. giraffeandy


      Sometimes I have to listen to music while doing something else (while travelling, cleaning up, studying etc.), I love to have a "soundtrack" everyday, it gets me in a good mood but sometimes I take the time to listen to music and really concentrate on it. I agree that many people are listening to music just as to background music and don't really pay attention to the lyrics or meaning of a song, they probably don't even care what the song is about if the song is catchy/up-beat enough. That's really sad. 

    3. Lilyen


      @giraffeandy yes. so sad. I guess it improves so many skills, like emotional intelligence.. and we should be more conscious, or at least being conscious of not being conscious :D ok.. 

    4. Loo


      I listen to a variety of music in different circumstances and places.

      * Jazz, in good company, for a warm evening or in a piano bar. Associated in my mind with dimmed lights.
      * Classical music, to learn and study, especially J-S BACH.
      *Bollywood, to give me energy or when I have to do a difficult job.
      *Songs of birds, cicadas or nature to relax.
      *Pop, mainly for sports, because it doesn't require a lot of intellectual concentration and it gives you a lot of energy.
      *Some singers for pleasure or to improve my knowledge of a language, such as Francis Cabrel, Barbra Streisand, Angelo Branduardi, Dimash kudaibergen...

      *(When I was a teenager, to feel sad, romantic and crying.) Lol!


      I am very attentive to the lyrics (and innuendoes), the feelings expressed by the singers during their performance, their gestures and the clips of these songs.
      All this must suit me so that I can listen to them regularly.


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