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  1. e non so perché ti scrivo in inglese!!!!! allora lo traduco:: " Sono totalmente d'accordo con le tue parole meraviglioseeeee!!! Grazie mille per il link! Buona domenica!" (e con gesti naturalmente, un po urlando. haha)
  2. i agree with your every single word ! thank you for the link!!!
  3. 34528935985485 times listened... and ANCORAAAA

  4. Image result for mika casamika children:bleh:

    1. Dominika


      Where is Mika?

      There is! :lmfao:

    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hahahaha so cute !!! 😍

  5. Lilyen


    omg i love this place+++++
  6. subidubiduuuu

  7. I love them!!! 

  8. Hallelujah

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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      In fact, I have understood words but not the meaning. 😳

    3. Dominika


      Oh, so it means that Mika can make you scream louder only by writing to you than your boyfriend who is doing everything for you :biggrin2:

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      OK, thank you haha 😁 

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  9. oh.. mamma mia, viaggia tanto! Grazie per gli informazioni!!! Grazie, buona serata
  10. ciao @Gabry74 sono bentornata, solo che gli Status Updates...grazie, fra un po' vado a cantare con coro un pezzetto della "Libro della Giungla" Come va la vita in Italia senza MIKA? C'é l'ansia, vero??
  11. io ho capito "very very very caro amico.." :hug:

    1. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Thank you Lilyen, thank you so much to share this song. 

      I didn't know it, so I look for lyrics. 

      They are very beautiful, absolutly wonderful. 😍

      They touching me a lot. 

    2. Lilyen


      @Maria :) on youtube you can find all CasaMika songs....! 

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      I discover them when I watch casa mika.

      I will watch this evening. 

  12. Where are GOOD guys?!:tears::wub2:

    1. Maria :)
    2. Boucarilla


      Oui je le savais, et c'est d'autant plus intéressant, insérer Oscar Wilde dans une chanson...

    3. emilyb


      I'm with you @Lilyen ! There doesn't seem to be good ones

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  13. #MUSICTHERAPY. (exams are cominnnnnnnnn')
    Related image

    1. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Yes, it's interesting! Your studies are about literature?

      I like that ! 😊


      Me, I've had a test in history, physics and german, but i haven't succeded... 😥


    2. emilyb


      That second picture has a lot of what is on my test tomorrow (the atomical portion)!!!:lmfao:

    3. Lilyen
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  14. an other RAIN...:wub2::tears:

  15. She made my cry.

  16. I have too.

    1. Dominika


      She's so cute! :wub2: