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  1. Ah they weren't working for me before they are now. I thought the speech would be in English thanks anyways
  2. I know I'm a little late to comment on the first episode of Casa Mika but I just watched because I was waiting for the subtitles. And I want to talk about here because none of my other friends are Mika fans so I need someplace to air my feelings, so forgive me if this gets long. I was really curious to see how Luciana would be after all the discussion, and it's true that at first I didn't think she suited the show very well but then she started to grow on me. When she made that speech before MIka sang "We Are Golden", the open letter to all those kids who feel different, she spoke with such power and sincerity that it made me emotional, I felt every word she was saying. I don''t exactly understand if Gregory is supposed to be a metaphor or symbol for some part of MIka or his personality, or is he just a character Mika created for the show? That part when the American guy in the taxi was yelling at Mika that he has no talent and doesn't deserve to have his show was hilarious! Mika took it with such grace and humor, I wish I could see the look on that guy's face when he saw the show! I really wanted Mika to bring him on stage and show him the proof. This time around I enjoyed the show even more than before, I felt like it was more cohesive, more complete, it held my attention from beginning to end. Last time I'm ashamed to admit I would skip through the songs by the other guests, but this time I didn't because it felt like every song, every scene fit into the full picture, like a movie, and once you started you never looked away once. I can't wait for the next episode, thank you again amazing translating team!
  3. ah this is my favorite of the 6. Someone should make a gif of Mika's adding spices move
  4. Thanks! I just found it on my Chinese music app 😊
  5. ah thanks. I was hoping that an MFCer had a Youtube react channel or something, I love those and there are none on Youtube for any of Mika's music, but I guess not.
  6. Sorry to keep asking questions on this thread but it seems like one is supposed to ask here first before starting new threads? Anyway I was wondering if anyone has made album reviews or reaction videos for any of Mika's albums? Is there a thread where people post their album reviews or reactions? Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read an answer this.
  7. *wishes she could send hugs over the internet* you guys are my superheroes!
  8. Is there gonna be an English transcript or subtitles for the interview? Not immediately I know people are busy but just wondering if sometime in the future? Something I can look forward to?
  9. I think it's We can dance on music, yeah we can watch the sun go down This house is yours and mine you can always stick around
  10. Ahhh this is awesome! Love this new song, it made me smile immediately and totally made my Monday! Thanks so much for posting! The lyric about the bed being too short, I wonder if he has that problem sometimes in hotels because he's too tall?
  11. Alec Benjamin--Paper Crowns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzmjdntlRJk
  12. Yay tennis fan in the house! Gonna be busy watching the finals tonight? (well tonight here in Shanghai...not sure what time it will be on where you are)