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  1. Read a really interesting interview. What a bunch of new information! :das:

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    2. Mikasister


      In early times



    3. Loo


      What are you talking about at night!

      I came to the same conclusion last night... :lmfao:

      Andy is a fan of the first hour and a cameraman!
       The rupture was in 2010, like reconciliation.


      Mikasister said

      " I have the impression that Mika is not an easy person in his private life. I think he needs someone who let him freedom."


      He acknowledges that it is not easy for his loved ones to live with, but he decided last year to try to fix it. I hope he succeeds, but you'd think so yes!
      I hope the concerts don't put everything on the floor. :pray:

    4. Mikasister