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  1. I think meanwhile he's going to release new songs before the tour begins, it's called 'tiny love tiny tour', I guess that's not 'the revelation tour' yet, He's gonna announce other dates when the album is released, well I think so, I think that's kind of shows to promote his upcoming album, such as showcases, he did similar things in asia But anyway, I don't mind if he did concerts based on his 4 albums, he got enough hits and great songs to build up a great show, I'm happy that he's back
  2. Please help to make thé song played on nrj
  3. It's not Mika who is promoting Jack in the UK, Jack already released a solo version of the song, and his latest album went number 1 in the charts in the UK But at the same time you can see that radios in the UK are not gonna play Mika's music, they didn't even mention it's out, but now that there is Jack, they are playing the song (the same story with ariana in the US) other point, may be the market that they want to reach is italy, and that Mika's italian management are behind this collaboration
  4. Hahaha 😄 so, WE expect more with these girls with him on stage😘
  5. Did he kiss the girl's neck at the end of ice cream? Or I'm wrong
  6. I love this new band, I was first worried when i knew that MIka is gonna dance, but hé looks confident, I enjoyed his performance in the voice and Verona, he killed it, and the new band looks so cool. I would love to see them on stage
  7. He didn't perform yesterday, it's programed for today, but anyway we have the voice the finale today
  8. I'm disappointed, i spent hours trying to find a way to watch rai1 live from France,
  9. Hé Said that the last song of his album is sang by his mother and sister Paloma
  10. Here is a comparaison between SOAO and ice cream during the first 3 days: Ice cream///SOAO 115 355 /// 142 217 59 067 /// 61 004 47 234 /// 41 052 Total ( 3 first days) 221 656 /// 244 273 I'm surprised that soao did better on spotify than ice cream, without any promo
  11. I need some help to promote ice cream on thèse forums:


    English speakers




    French speakers


  12. I was wondering is there anything WE can do for thé 31 may (of course streaming and buying the song)
  13. Are there any Mika fans who are gonna bé there????
  14. I guess this time we're gonna have choreography and dancers on stage
  15. It's normally one night, we can watch thé direct performances on tf1, that's why i asked @Gabry74 from where did she get thé date cause they haven't yet announced the date officielle. In 2015, MIka performed talk about you
  16. He has to present something new in order to participate, and by the end of thé concerts there is à winner thinks to the votes of the public
  17. Are you sure it's for the 16th may?
  18. Yes i believe so, he's gonna perform at "la chanson de l'année" hé should come with a new song like all the other artists, personally, I think we're gonna get a new single by the end of may or debut june