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    I like playing bass, drawing and languages. I also like other artists such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots and Owl City. You know, the emo kids.

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  1. Oh my, I've spent all day trying to watch him live on my TV and then they cut it right when he was going to perform, I was so mad! But oh well. I guess I have to watch it in YouTube or somewhere else, but I was expecting to watch him perform with my parents.
  2. daItrick

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Alright, this is a really specific thing to ask for but does somebody know where I could find a .png (or .jpeg, i don't mind as long as it has good quality!) of the CD of NPIH? Like this, I mean: I'm looking in Google to find it but the quality is really bad and it's really small compared to the other three so any help would be appreciated !!
  3. daItrick

    The New Argentinian Thread :)

    Hmm puede que pase cómo Adam Young de Owl City. Me explico, al principio sacó dos canciones bastante... para niños chicos, digamos. Fueron Not All Heroes Wear Capes (para el día del padre) y All My Friends (literalmente parece sacado de los Cantajuegos aunque a mí me guste ), lo cual dio mala fama al nuevo álbum que sacará este año (todos sabemos de que no lo sacará este verano ni de coña, este Mika es más lento que un caracol). Pero, poco a poco y sacando tres canciones por cada viernes en 3 meses (más o menos), volvió al mismo estilo del antiguo Owl City y Sky Sailing. Puede que Mika vaya por un camino similar, ¿no? Sólo mi opinión
  4. daItrick

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Wait wait wait, hold on... What's going on with Mennel? I wasn't a lot on the internet in these days because I'm moving and such but why is she leaving? I heard something about terrorism but I'm not sure if I missunderstood what I read or not...
  5. daItrick

    the trans thread

    @miles this is the trans thread !!!! as you can see, we're just. 3 ppl
  6. daItrick


    Ahh we're like, 4 but I'm low-key the most active? even if i don't connect everyday you know? yeah i've seen it !! the colours are really nice and eveything about it it's just so !!!!! y'know !!!
  7. daItrick


    Hi Miles, welcome bac to the MFC !! Name's Vireo !! I can't believe you're trans too!! We have a thread in here if you want to check it out! By the way, just checked your tumblr artblog and i'm in LOVE with your art style! It's so cool, gosh!!
  8. daItrick

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Oohh does somebody know where or how can I get them in Spain or if they'll be available in here? I've been looking everywhere and I can't find them!
  9. daItrick

    hi !!!

    Dez!!!! Welcome to the MFC !!!!!! :^D
  10. You guys should have seen me jump when I saw this in the morning! but I can't believe he's so close to me too and I can't see him because I live in the countryside... Oh well, next time I'll be lucky!
  11. daItrick


    God, this is so ME. Anyways, my name's Dallon or Vireo and I'm from Spain!! Welcome to MFC!! I'm gay too hough, so we got something in common.
  12. daItrick

    the trans thread

    Ah just a tip: DO NOT come out if you've seen hints that your family it's transphobic. My internalized transphobia is increasing 'cause my parents keep telling me it's just a phase and that I'm [Dead Name] not Dallon or Patrick or whatever. I low-key went to the closet again by lying to them and saying that I'm still confused so I'm safe again.
  13. daItrick


    Yes I know!!!! I also wanted to go as Patrick but it didn't really feel like it could suit me x_x About my family, I recently came out to them and they keep telling me I'm just confused. My mom kinda forgot about it now but my father hasn't spoke to me the same way and I'm really affected by that... I just hope he accepts it or I'll have to make some kind of lie to not hurt me or him. I mostly do digital art! I have some traditional too but I'm trying to get used to my graphic tablet! Wanna see some examples?
  14. daItrick


    Oh hello!! My name's Vireo or Dallon!! Nice to meet you! I'm also gay and trans, what a big coincidence! (Despite the fact that nobody of my family accepts it so... ) Also, the fact of you writing futuristic cyberpunk sci-fi is so cool! I might not write but I do draw and edit stuff so those things are a big inspiration!