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  1. giraffeandy

    Ice Cream

    I also think almost 3 minutes is too long... Maybe we could divide the song into more parts with some overlaps to make sure it fits all together?
  2. giraffeandy

    Sold out Shows from Revelation Tour

    When a concert is sold out so early they sometimes make an upgrade and move the concert to a bigger venue... At least here they do it quite often if they see the place sold out too quickly.
  3. I received the same on fb yesterday...
  4. giraffeandy

    2019 - Mika @ Komplex 457 Zurich, CH, 22 Nov

    I don't want to be stressed during the trip so I booked a room in a hotel just 1,5 km from the venue anyway, it's a free reservation so I can cancel it 3 days before... The trip is already getting expensive so I think I don't care anymore. It's for 109 CHF but it's for two so I hope I can find someone to share, I'm in contact with one Czech fan so hopefully I won't travel alone. Otherwise I can offer it to someone here who is interested.
  5. giraffeandy

    2019 - Mika @ Komplex 457 Zurich, CH, 22 Nov

    I get it, unfortunately there are less bus lines on Saturday so you don't have so many time options...
  6. giraffeandy

    2019 - Mika @ Komplex 457 Zurich, CH, 22 Nov

    Yeah with a car it isn't a problem... So hopefully I won't miss anything when leaving after midnight, the bus station is about 3,5 km from the venue and there's also a night bus or train to get there.
  7. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    The prices are similar to the hotels, I found just one cheap flat but too far away from the venue...
  8. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    I planned to stay over one night but apparently Zurich is the most expensive city for living according to The Economist... And unfortunately the hotels really aren't the cheapest.
  9. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    Finally have my ticket too! As you've already been to a show in Zurich, do you have an idea about the time schedule, when does the show end and how long have you been waiting after the show? I found out that I could leave the night of the concert at 1:30 but I dont want to be in a hurry because of that...
  10. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    Today Zurich suddenly works even without a code...
  11. I think he is doing it now to promote the new single because this performance looks better on screens and at festivals where he is perfoming just a couple of songs and no everybody in the crowd is a fan... The choreography with the clapping in the middle etc. grabs more attention and it's probably more fun for the general public. I'm pretty sure he won't do that with every song on the tour (at least I hope)...
  12. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    Now I'm glad I haven't pre-ordered but that's really not fair, it doesn't make sense...
  13. I've just heard on the radio the wonderful song She is Always a Woman by Billy Joel and had to think of Mika who introduced me to so many great songs and musicians and I also had to listen to his cover of the song... It's really hard to concentrate on studying when everything reminds you of Mika. :lmfao:





    1. Mikasister


      One of my favorite covers  :wub2:

  14. giraffeandy

    Ice Cream

    This is such a cute reaction video... Love her fangirling over Mika.
  15. giraffeandy

    New album Mika next year 2019

    *Michael Holbrook, don't forget! I have marked it in my calendar on Friday...