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  1. giraffeandy

    Mika's collaboration with LP mentioned the song in 5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week:
  2. Yeah, right after he turned around he was smiling and saying "That's my college. I went there...".
  3. giraffeandy

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    Glad to see I'm not alone!
  4. giraffeandy

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    Me too, I'm listening to Queen on repeat after I've seen the movie, of course I liked their songs even before but now I got obsessed with them...
  5. giraffeandy

    Mika's collaboration with LP

    I also really like LP and I have to say I've already listened to the whole album three times and this song is at the moment probably my second favourite after Dreamer...
  6. Maybe I'm just tired but today I listened to the song Girls and I got this idea... I know I'm crazy. :lmfao:



  7. The New Music Friday playlist on Spotify confused me for a while... :lmfao:


  8. I've bought this month a new phone (after 8 years so it was quite needed) and already changed the background several times but I think I will keep this at least for a while... :biggrin2:


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    2. Szara.



      I also have a problem with choosing a photo for wallpaper on my phone.   :biggrin2:

    3. Boucarilla


      I have one of the Stade de France as I was there... 😁😁😁


    4. Lilyen


      I have my brother as wallpaper :P:P:P

  9. Today I accidentally found Mika on two playlists Spotify recommended to me – Cheesy Hits! and Guilty Pleasures... I'm not sure if I should feel happy about it. Mika is a proud pleasure! :biggrin2:

  10. Hi good evening happy bithdayy to youu!!! :happybday:

  11. Happy birthday, Andrea!! Have a lovely one :hug:


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    2. giraffeandy


      @Dominika Thank you! :hug:



      Today it's also been 3 years since Mika's symphonic concert in Como... :wub2:

    3. Dominika


      Have you been on that concert? If so then you had the best birthday present of all time! :swoon:

    4. giraffeandy


      @Dominika No, unfortunately not... :emot-sad: But I have the limited edition with the CD&DVD and on the booklet there's the concert poster with the date of the event.

  12. Happy Birthday :happybday:



    1. crazyaboutmika


      Happy birthday giraffeandy :happybday::huglove:

    2. giraffeandy


      @silver @crazyaboutmika Thank you! :hug: The cake looks delicious. :bleh:🍰:biggrin2:

  13. giraffeandy

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!
  14. I used to be a really big fan of her and I still like her, especially her older music, but the new song is so good... It's about her illness (she had Lyme disease in the past years) and it almost made me cry, it's so emotional.

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    2. Lilyen


      (I started to listen a playlist of her:DAnd I forgot about HER Happy ending... 

    3. giraffeandy


      @Lilyen :lmfao: Skater Boy was my favourite song when I was like 11, we used to sing it with my best friend all the time. And a few days ago I heard My Happy Ending on the radio and realized I still know all the lyrics, such a great song. 

    4. Lilyen


      yes!! Nostalgy of my teenager-years.......:punk::glasses2::lmfao: