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  1. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    Reminds me of this (if it's an American band)...
  2. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2019

    To be honest, I don't like paying for M&G. I know many artists do that but I think you shouldn't pay for meeting someone... It feels wrong to me. I think if there are too many fans who would wait after the show, it's better to make a competition than force them to pay more for meeting you.
  3. giraffeandy

    Phobias and Weird Hobbies

    That's classic!
  4. I've always heard "light is tragic" and thought it should be "life"...
  5. That has to be the album title!
  6. Everything is possible, I mean, it's golden at least (even though it says bronze in the hashtags...), but my wild guess is they were just lazy... Anyway, I could be wrong.
  7. I have a theory – maybe they originally used the hashtags just because of Mika's car and then when posting the second post they just copied the exact same hashtags without realizing that it has nothing to do with Mika... At least I think so.
  8. Me too but I don't want to hurt anyone with my singing...
  9. Maybe they will meet after the show... Shawn Mendes tweeted some time ago (and even posted in his instastories) that he used to love dancing to Grace Kelly.
  10. Why not? It supposedly boosts creativity and some artists use it... (just joking, I'm not a fan of drugs)
  11. And hopefully he is coming up with a baby name soon and the baby won't be called I've just had sex with this bassline for real.
  12. I saw this today on YouTube, it's from Sunday, I didn't even know that there's The Voice in my country (I don't watch TV very often)... :lmfao:




  13. giraffeandy

    der Deutsch thread part 4

    Verstehe, manchmal weiß man auch nicht, ob da ein Ton überhaupt ist oder nicht, bin dann immer enttäuscht, wenn ich meine Kopfhörer umsonst suche...