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    I miss the days when it was possible to decide at the last minute that you cross the borders of three countries to see your favourite musician live, when all you had to do was to buy a bus ticket, book a hotel room and enjoy the trip... :making-a-wish: 

    1. Mikasister


      Same here. I miss even simple things like meet friends for a coffee, or on the weekends go shopping with my daughter, on weekends non-essential stores, shopping centers etc... are closed. It is also forbidden to leave our city , so I can not go to her home and she can not come to mine either.


      I miss going to the theater as we used to do, concerts, even if they are not Mika's concerts. I've had tickets to see Elton John since 2019. I should go last October but it was cancelled and I doubt I'll use them this year, so....everything is a nonsense. I'd rather not to think because I get quite sad. :sad:


    2. giraffeandy


      @Mikasister I also have a concert ticket that I bought in 2019 for March 2020, the show was postponed to March 2021 and now again to March 2022... :facepalm:

    3. Starlight


      I miss my best friend... I haven't seen her for one year now tho she doesn't even live that far... she had Covid-19 like her whole family and she doesn't want to meet up cos sometimes she feels sick again with the same symptoms and fears she could still be infectious to others...


      I miss life as it was before this nightmare started...

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