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  1. Update: I finally got the beads on Friday and spent today making one earring, it took me hours but it's finally done... Now I have to start making the second one. :sweatdrop:



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    2. Starlight


      I'm impressed!!! And I love it! :clap::wub2:

    3. giraffeandy


      @Starlight I hope later I'll be able to like it too, now I'm too tired... :lol3: I'll finish the second one another time. 

    4. x_adoring_mika_x
  2. That's such a cute dream! But waking up afterwards and realizing it was just a dream must have been hard...
  3. Great interview, I missed him speaking in English...
  4. I spent over an hour yesterday trying to choose the right colours of beads for my next rainbow project inspired by the Revelation Tour... :teehee: And this is the best I got. The order is on the way! :cheer:



  5. I have to share today's dream. But I have to start with the background story first. I had my Spanish class today (on Zoom) and yesterday I got to bed quite late. And my brain knew I have to wake up before the class so I have enough time to prepare (eat breakfast, dress up, brush my teeths & hair so I don't look as bad on the camera etc. ). So that's what my brain made out of it: I was sitting in a car, coming home from a long trip with my family, exhausted and tired. But I knew I have to be ready for my Spanish class. For some reason, there were no signs of the pandemic situati
  6. If you're looking for a show to brighten up your days and you do have Netflix, watch Julie and the Phantoms, believe me, you won't regret it! :biggrin2: The series is a bit like a musical and it's so uplifting with a great story, lovely characters and catchy music. I finished it in two days, unfortunately it's quite short... Do you have any recommendations for other uplifting series/movies? I need more right now. 

    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      you should try Pose

    2. giraffeandy


      @Irem Aytepe Oh yeah, I've totally forgot about that one even though it has been on my list... Thank you! 

  7. Me after an one hour dance class before the pandemic:


    everybody wants to be a cat happy dance GIF


    Me after a 20 minute dance work out on Youtube now:


    Tired Good Night GIF


    I hope I'll be fit again before there are any gigs... :teehee: Unfortunately, it seems I have plenty of time. 

    1. giraffeandy


      Maybe I just need a MIKA WORKOUT! 

  8. Here the snow melted in only a couple of days although there were plenty of snow before, I guess it's the same in Athens. It used to be - 10 °C and now it's 15 °C here.
  9. I guess it will be the same as Live At Brooklyn Steel so only digital.
  10. :excite: A new live album and another digital release... I guess it's time for a new DIY! :teehee: 



    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      I do exactly the same :-)

    2. sara09


      Your handwriting is so pretty! :wub2:

    3. x_adoring_mika_x



  11. I don't think there will be a tour in the near future... But I'd love to see him wherever (in Europe) he might have a gig. I'm only afraid that you won't be able to travel without vaccination and I don't think I'll have a chance to get vaccinated anytime soon. So I hope I won't be in a situation where I'm unable to travel to a gig. But as I said, I don't see a tour coming soon.
  12. MFC mail today... Thank you @mellody:mikalove: 



  13. Me in these days... :(

    Shaking Cold Weather GIF by funk

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    2. silver


      Pity we can't visit him

    3. giraffeandy


      @Starlight That's great! Is he just studying/working there for now or does he live there permanently? Do you visit him often (when it's possible, not now unfortunately :()? 

    4. Starlight


      He's working and living there. :) I haven't visited him yet, he prefers to come home. :naughty: We planned to visit him, but then the pandemic started... :dunno: But as soon as it's possible we'll visit him of course!

  14. :happybday:

    :yay:Wishing you all the best, Sara! :hug:

    Birthday Cake Sticker by MIKA

    1. sara09


      Love the gif! Thanks a lot :hug:

  15. Btw, did someone already translate the spoken parts of the show in English? Did he say anything interesting (different than usual)?
  16. Idk but I just googled it and got this... It kind of make sense.
  17. I watched the concert yesterday and today I just listened to it while beading and somehow it was even better... Like I could fully focus on the music and enjoy all the little details in the new arrangements. It's magical, I think I will play it a couple of times in the next few days... And watch it again too.
  18. Oh no, now it makes complete sense that he was so silent lately, I mean it wasn't the first time of course but last year he was quite active... I have no words.

    I miss the days when it was possible to decide at the last minute that you cross the borders of three countries to see your favourite musician live, when all you had to do was to buy a bus ticket, book a hotel room and enjoy the trip... :making-a-wish: 

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    2. teenagedreamer98


      Apart from seeing my friends and family, concerts are the things I miss most.  I truly miss having something to look forward to - the anticipation before the gig, meeting other fans, enjoying the live music.  I long for the day when concerts return.  At least the vaccine gives us some hope...

    3. giraffeandy


      @teenagedreamer98 Me too, concerts and travels are the things that give me the most joy, that I always look forward to and that make me happy for many days...  :emot-sad: I know there are bigger problems, at least I can see the majority of my family because I live with them so I'm not alone but I really miss these things. I miss the excitement, the tiredness, the anticipation, the planning, all of it. 

    4. giraffeandy


      Even the discomfort like sleeping on a bus and waking up so tired but you don't really care (or you do but not for a long time :teehee:),because you arrived at a new destination... Even these little things. 

  20. Yeah, also calling him the musical eminence (but we already know that he is actually the king... ).
  21. Danna Paola mentioned Mika in an interview for LOS40 about her new album K.O. (nothing new but it's nice): https://los40.com/los40/2021/01/25/videos/1611582204_655386.html Mika, “la eminencia musical” "Con Mika hice Me, Myself, una canción que habla del amor propio, una canción que es tan complicada que en un momento no iba a salir a la luz. Era una canción de mí para mí, pero cuando supe que tenía la oportunidad de hacerla con Mika no me lo pensé dos veces. Le da una magia a la canción impresionante. He sido muy fan de él toda la vida. Es una inminencia musical. A
  22. I've seen quite a few Spanish series and also some movies on Netflix to improve my Spanish so maybe I could give you some tips if you want but it depends on what genre do you prefer...
  23. Here it's a traditional Christmas Eve movie and we watch it on TV every year after the Christmas dinner and the presents. However, every year there's also a brand new Christmas fairy tale that the Czech TV shows on Christmas Eve at 8pm. This year it was quite good. Most of our Christmas movies are fairy tales like this.
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