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  1. I've seen quite a few Spanish series and also some movies on Netflix to improve my Spanish so maybe I could give you some tips if you want but it depends on what genre do you prefer...
  2. Here it's a traditional Christmas Eve movie and we watch it on TV every year after the Christmas dinner and the presents. However, every year there's also a brand new Christmas fairy tale that the Czech TV shows on Christmas Eve at 8pm. This year it was quite good. Most of our Christmas movies are fairy tales like this.
  3. It took me a while but now I kind of appreciate Mika's decision to cancel his tour instead of just postponing it. Last year I bought a ticket for a concert that should have took place in March 2020. Today I've realized that the concert was postponed again from March 2021 to March 2022. It feels ridiculous and even though I understand the company, I would prefer a cancellation at this point. :sad:

  4. TV5 Monde Europe is free on Astra 19.2E satellite, we have it too. I just don't know if the rest of my family will be interested in watching it but I hope I can record it on TV.
  5. Are these Linzer cookies? We make them too here.
  6. Most people here eat either fried carp (or another fish but carp is the most traditional) or schnitzel (from any kind of meat) and potato salad (every family has her own recipe but some of the typical ingredients are potatoes, mayo, eggs, some vegetables or ham etc.). We also have a lot of types of home-made Christmas cookies.
  7. This year I got into making beaded Christmas decorations, I've already gave away some pieces and I've bought more beads to make even more of them...I guess I will give some to family members.
  8. The Baby Jesus / Christ Child... is the traditional Christmas gift-bringer in Austria, Switzerland, southern and western Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the eastern part of Belgium, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, parts of northeastern France, Upper Silesia in Poland, parts of Hispanic America, in certain areas of southern Brazil, and in the Acadiana region of Louisiana. So I guess it's mainly a tradition in Central Europe. But I was surprised that it's apparently also in Portugal and Latin America, I didn't know that either. Tbh, I always thought of
  9. Wikipedia says: Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa - and I have to say, for me it's the same person too, even though the tradition is a bit different. As I wrote before, on the Christmas Eve comes Baby Jesus.
  10. As I've mentioned before, Saint Nicholas comes on the eve of 6th December. (That's "Santa Claus", isn't it?)
  11. Here Saint Nicholas comes with an angel and a devil to the kids in the evening of 5th December even though the Saint Nicholas Day is on 6th December. They bring sweets to the good kids and potatoes to the bad ones. The Christmas presents on 24th December in the evening brings the Baby Jesus.
  12. I have to say that as much as I love Mika (in a platonic way) and also agree he is a handsome man, I've always felt a bit uncomfortable when some fans were posting shirtless images of him with "dirty" comments. I don't like when people sexualize women artists as much as men artists. Nobody has to feel guilty for their fantasies and there's nothing wrong on having a crush on a celebrity but I do agree that sharing these kind of thoughts publicly crosses a line a bit. On the other hand, Mika has never been a "sex symbol" to me, I've always loved him only as an artist and human being so I do resp
  13. Oh, I haven't seen Fedez in a while, interesting hair cut and hair colour... Not my cup of tea tbh, it doesn't really suit him imo (sorry if it's old news, I'm not following him closely but I almost haven't recognized him which is weird considering he is quite noticeable).
  14. I guess songwriting isn't my strenght as I've never been able to write poems but I'll try my best... Quarantine, bring the freedom back to me Dear quarantine why are you still here with me all I want is to be free, please don't hold me back Dear quarantine, will all the madness ever end? Loneliness isn't a good friend I've spent too much time at home Oh baby, I'm missing, I'm missing, I'm missing my life I'm missing all of these little things I used to do And now you said stop I'm missing, I'm missing all my friends
  15. Today I got the I Love Beirut T-shirt! :cheer:

    I've ordered small but it's the biggest small size I've ever seen... :teehee:

    But that's fine. Better than too small. :wink2:

    1. Paoletta


      :cheer: @giraffeandy good... I don't have mine, they don't want me to buy the t shirt.. but i watch the concert 


  16. SOS, please, are there any fans who ordered the I Love Beirut T-shirt from https://shop.virginemi.com/mika/?

    I've paid for it on the 11. 9. I didn't receive it until now. Today the store charged me AGAIN. They charged the amount from my credit card today at night. I've already paid for the T-shirt and I didn't even get a shipping confirmation and now I have to pay once more? Does that happen to anybody else? 

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    2. giraffeandy


      @silver I've checked my bank account again and it seems that they actually cancelled the payment from September and they charged it today. But I haven't noticed back then because in September, we were buying quite a lot of things... However, they could at least inform the customers that they will charge them later because I was sure I've already paid in September.

    3. silver


      Well, at least they have not charged you twice. Quite a lot of companies take your payment details but only actually charge you when they despatch the goods.  Maybe the September charge was their error and they refunded when they realised it.  But I agree, they could have let you know what was happening.

    4. giraffeandy


      @silver I've already ordered there once and back then I've paid immediately even though it still took a few days till the order has been dispatched... They probably realized they won't have the T-shirts in stock for a while so they decided to charge the money later but it would be nice to let me know because once I've got the payment confirmation and I've seen the amount on my bank account as blocked, I haven't checked afterwards if the payment was made for real. I know booking.com does that sometimes when they want to check if the client has enough money to pay the stay but I've never experienced that with a store.

  17. It sounds to me like a song from an old French movie (nothing in particular)... I think the animation with the snowflakes on Spotify is my favourite thing about it, even the painting looks a bit like a movie poster. Now I just want to see the movie starring Mika in that white shirt.
  18. Tbh, I haven't watched much Netflix in the last few weeks so I've seen only 8 episodes so far... But the last two episodes were already better! This weekend I've binged Emily in Paris (I just needed something nice, happy and silly) and also I'm watching Las chicas del cable with my mother (to improve my Spanish ) so Lucifer wasn't on my schedule now but I will definitely continue watching. I just wasn't in the mood lately.
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