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  1. I'm not that worried, I mean of course it would be a huge disappointment but regarding the planning, I can cancel or change the hotel reservation, I can also change the dates for the plane ticket (although it's not possible to cancel it, but I can change the passenger as well so it's quite flexible) and the gig ticket itself – well, if it won't happen, there'll be either another date or cancellation (please NO )... At this point, I don't think that it would take place if the situation would be that bad that I couldn't travel to France at all. Since I'm vaccinated, I feel a bit more optimistic about travelling. Of course, I'm still cautious and I wear my mask inside etc. But even though France is red again according to our "traveller map", I'm not as concerned as I used to be because next week I'm hopefully going to travel to another red country (that wasn't planned but it got red so fast as many countries all over Europe...) and I hope it'll be fine. And yeah, the clothes & accessory – I have the same size since I was a teenager and I can still wear most of the things I bought for other occasions so it's still a good investment.
  2. Same, I'm a huge planner when it comes to Mika gigs but an even bigger procrastinator when it comes to my diploma thesis for example...
  3. No, it just seemed complicated as most people already booked the Mercure and some people are also afraid to share an appartment due to Covid so I haven't found enough people interested in Airbnb... That's why I rather chose a hotel, I didn't want to rely on someone else. But I can still change my plans.
  4. If your hotel would be by chance relatively close to mine, would you be interested in sharing a taxi from the venue? The hotel I was interested in is located in the 5th arrondissement but really close to the 6th one and the 4th (and 1st) are just over the river so maybe if you would consider a hotel in these areas, we could travel together (even if you'd prefer the travel pass, I'd feel better if I could travel with someone else after the gigs). Yes, I know you haven't decided yet.
  5. I don't have an accommodation either, only the plane ticket and clothes... But I'm also thinking of booking a nice hotel close to the center, I just haven't done it yet. Maybe I shouldn't wait anymore, the cancellation is free (48 hours before arrival) and the hotel seems nice, I think I won't find a better one even though it is a bit more pricey than planned.
  6. Now I checked the trains again because it seemed too much and today I found trains with less stops that take about 12 hours... I've indeed done 10 hours bus trips to Mika gigs before but I guess 10 hours is the limit for me.
  7. I'm kind of jealous that you even have a choice, I had like 3 options – plane (2 hours), bus (13-14 hours), train (16-17 hours)... I really wish the trains in Europe were faster.
  8. I'm looking for an English native speaker who wouldn't mind to read the abstract of my diploma thesis (only about 170 words) and let me know if it's fine. Anybody here? 


    confused wile e coyote GIF by Looney Tunes

    1. silver


      Happy to help

    2. giraffeandy


      @silver Thank you so much, I sent you a pm... :original:

  9. I must confess I have a new favourite singer lately... :sweatdrop:


    His name is Tico and he is a parrot. :biggrin2: I love to watch him while writing my diploma thesis. 



  10. I think we only have one QR code, the one on the Covid certificate which you can also use in the national app.
  11. Or maybe you need even more Mika so your brain does not have a way to escape it!
  12. Tbh, I found your whole dream (both of them actually) pretty realistic, this was the moment where I stopped believing that it could become true...
  13. Today I booked the flight. Paris, I'm coming...
  14. I was actually thinking of changing my shoes before the event... Maybe even right before the venue.
  15. So I guess I have to visit as much as possible on both Friday and Saturday...
  16. I guess I'll end up in ballerinas anyway... But no platforms.
  17. I've bought new pumps and the heels are 3" so I guess I'll be about 185-186 cm with them? That would be only 5 cm less than Mika. If I dare to wear them... (And I know I said before that I don't wear heels and that's TRUE but I really liked the shoes and the other heels were even higher.)
  18. Yeah I know, I wasn't complaining at all, only making fun that although I live in one of the tallest countries and my family is even taller than the average, we are not super rich...
  19. Tbh, I don't think it's just that because if you look at the list of countries with tallest persons, not all of them are the most prosperous... So there has to be more factors, also people in the north tend to be taller than people in the south. Btw, I'm 10 cm taller than the average woman in my country and about 4 cm taller than the average person. And I wish I was rich.
  20. I cracked up at the home-made confetti canons... That's hilarious!
  21. That doesn't sound very customer friendly, she should have been happy about the possibility to sell a dress, I guess she wasn't the owner of the shop but with this attitude she can close the shop right now...
  22. NO WAY, last week I've been to the mall and there was a café that serves hot chocolate AND THEY PLAYED LOVER BOY! But it wasn't a Tesco café, it's called "Mondieu - Organic Bistro & Chocolat". It seems that Lover Boy & chocolate is a well-known combination all over the world.
  23. I had a dress like that for my prom night and I really felt like a princess even though it wasn't easy to get dressed, there was even a crinoline for the huge skirt so I do get why princesses needed servants...
  24. I'm sorry to hear that, sounds really complicated and exhausting, hopefully you'll get your passport soon! Btw, wouldn't it be easier to have an ID card in the UK? Just saying because without it, everything seems even more complicated than having one extra card.
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