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  1. Idk but it seems to me that there would be much fewer seats and the concert is already almost sold out so I don't think there would be enough space... Also I guess keeping distance works better at a classical concert where people sit down silently than at a pop concert where the audience is more lively. Tbh I don't think it can take place under these conditions.
  2. Don't forget social distancing! (I've seen it on FB with Sherlock and decided to make a Mika version...)



  3. I guess that's because people in general are so "bored" and there are not many things that would distract them as usual so once they have an appointment they are on time... Now with online classes, none of the students is missing and they are all punctual.
  4. I think they simply have to go on until the government make an official restriction that will affect them because of the contracts they have. They can't cancel it on their own, they have to wait and until then continue with the promo even though they probably know it won't happen anyway... But that's the deal they have to follow.
  5. Challenge of the day: How many Mika CDs (including bonus CDs, live CDs etc.) can you play in one day? :biggrin2:

    1. giraffeandy


      It seems that not so many as I thought because I keep playing some songs on repeat... 

    2. Starlight


      It seems to be quite a challenge. :naughty:

  6. It's ok, I'm a student and I don't need the money for living but I was saving money for summer (which now seems "unnecessary" anyway). Unfortunately, as there are no more tourists in the city and gatherings are forbidden, the agency I work for had to stop its activity. I also should accompany authors on the book fair in May as an interpreter like last year (I study Translation studies) but the book fair has been cancelled this year. So I have to say even though I have some savings, I would prefer not to spend money for the trip right now...
  7. As I said, now I'm almost hoping it will be postponed because I don't want to be in the situation that the concert takes place but I can't leave the country... I know it's selfish but that would break my heart. Now you need a valid reason (visiting your family etc.) to cross the borders. I've also planned to save more money for summer but last month I lost my job (I'm helping out in a travel & tour agency). But from what I read in the translation of the article, I don't see the other dates happening either. Sure they start with the sooner dates but it's similar with holiday this year - month by month they are returning the money (or a voucher), now it affects only reservations till May but it's already pretty sure our family holiday in July won't happen either, we just have to wait till June to get the money back or to get a voucher for the next year. And also based on Mika's words yesterday, it seems to me he thinks no more concerts are going to happen this year as he is already focusing on the next one.
  8. I feel the same, the cooking show was the best thing that happened during the quarantine, literally crazy colours in the grey... I miss him so much but at the same time, I know he has more important things right now to worry about.
  9. This headline made my day:


    'This is Tim's fault': Triathlete kicked out of virtual race after husband trips over cord :lmfao:

  10. Home office for a gondolier:



  11. Quarantine tip if you have a dog and a lot of toilet paper... 


  12. I don't know why but as I had read the comment by @Natacha. before, I already expected the proposal when I read your dream but I've imagined it the other way around... Such a sweet dream!
  13. That's why I hate this ageism, it shouldn't matter if you are an younger/older fan, I don't know the age of many fans I follow on Twitter and I don't really care about it either... It's just another thing that splits the fandom like nationality etc. even though it shouldn't. We are all on the same boat, we are fans and that's all that matters to me.
  14. Hi, maybe you could help me with my brainstorming. It's my best friend's birthday in 3 weeks. It's already clear I won't be able to see her. Now I'm thinking about a gift. There are actually only two possibilities - either a "digital" gift or something I can order online and send to her address. A digital gift could be a voucher for example, one that I could buy or I was thinking of a list of things we could do together afterwards and I would invite her (café, ice cream, cinema etc.). That would be nice, on the other hand who knows when it will be possible to realize these plans and maybe I should think of a gift she can enjoy right now in the time of her birthday and not in a few weeks or months... It would be great if I could give her a "personalised" gift, I usually put together things I bought and even something handmade but I don't want to risk going to the post office now so if I send her something, it has to be a thing I can order and she will receive it from the shop directly. What do you think is the best idea? A "physical" surprise or a "digital" gift with a voucher? Or maybe a mixture of both options? Thanks for your ideas!

    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      You don't have to give physical gift atm. It can be dangerous but I prefer digital.

      You can make a video of your and your friend's picture with your song? Your and her/him song? It can be nice. 

      If you want cinema for that day, you can make voicecall and start a movie same time. You can talk about the movie and you can watch together. I always do this with my friend when we want to watch serie together.

    2. silver


      Well the easy thing to do would be a voucher for something like Amazon, so she could get whatever she liked.  Do you have any websites like Etsy, where you can order craft gifts and jewellery online and get sent direct to her? Actually getting a present might be a nice surprise in these times.

    3. Dominika


      2 ideas:

      - you can ask other friends to record short wishes for your bday firend and then put all recordings together 

      - in Poland there is a webside which prepare videos with celebrities or sportsmen wishing ppl happy birthday. You send them pictures and your wishes and they preparing a video. You pay for this but the money goes to charity company. My friend was in heaven seeing her fave footballer wishing her happy birthday. Don't know if you have something similar in Czech?

  15. Today I had a terrible nightmare... One of those that feels so real! :tears: It was about Mika being on an event with about 50 other famous people on a boat. Then the boat got lost and people were assuming it sank for some reason. I felt so miserable in the dream, I even cried, then I woke up and was so relieved it's not true but I think I will need a while till I get rid of that bad feeling... Luckily Mika won't be on a boat anytime soon. 

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    2. giraffeandy


      @Starlight Yes, I have no idea why my brain came up with such a horrible story, I usually have rather good or neutral dreams thanks god! But I guess maybe the whole situation now produce some negative feelings that your brain proceeds at night... I don't know but it was by far the worst nightmare I had lately, I hope it was the last one too.

    3. giraffeandy


      @Mikasister Yeah, the reality is a nightmare already...


      Even though it's hard, I think it's a good idea, it's better to be safe than sorry...


      Btw, the night before I had a dream I made it to Mallorca (I should have spent two weeks in July over there) but I had to take a bus, a boat, a train and I think one another vehicle because the planes didn't fly... The virus was still a topic but it wasn't as bad anymore. Not the greatest dream ever but at least much better than the one I dreamed tonight... 

    4. Starlight


      @giraffeandy That's true... all that is happening now is a nightmare...

      @Mikasister A good idea... safety is so important at the moment...

  16. Listening to the new album by Dua Lipa today, this song is my favourite so far...
  17. I have another song/artist recommendation. Lately I've been listening a lot to CHVRCHES, I know the band for quite a long time but since I heard their song Forever on the series Élite, I kind of rediscovered their music once again... They have a lot of great songs like The Mother We Share, Miracle and a lots more. But this particular song reminds me a lot of Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode – you surely remember Mika's cover of that song:
  18. I have honestly no idea but here the experts say it can take longer... It probably will calm down a bit but it will take some time till everything gets back to normal.
  19. To be honest, I think they are just trying to buy some time and waiting till the last minute... I have a ticket for a festival (not Mika) in the end of June and even though some festivals were already postponed, this one wasn't but I think it's just a matter of time. The music business has huge problems as well now, many shows and festivals are cancelled or postponed and they don't have the money to refund all people at once if they have to cancel so they are trying to reschedule or at least buy some time till they have to make the final decision. However, I really hope I'm wrong this time.
  20. From the chef of the central crisis team here in Czechia, he is an epidemiologist and he said in an interview that this year it probably won't be possible to travel abroad in summer and maybe even next year... Of course it's just a prediction so far but if he thinks there's a chance it will last so long, I have my doubts they will open the borders in 3–4 months. And my family is already sure we won't be able to travel to Spain in the beginning of July.
  21. I know nobody can predict the future but do you think Verona will be cancelled or postponed? The thing is, I already know I won't be able to come because I've heard the borders won't be open for a year or maybe even two (I can't even imagine, I live for travelling)... Also without bus and train lines, I won't be able to travel even if I could. On the other hand, under these circumstances I don't want to offer my ticket to anybody as nobody knows if the gig will happen at all. However, do you think I will get my money back if I can't travel due to restrictions made by my country? It's 100 euro and that's a lot for me now... Anyway, if the gig happens by some miracle, I have a ticket for seat 4 in the 4th row... I think you can change the name on the ticket for some extra fee.
  22. This is so heartwarming... And there are not enough nice news in these times. 



    1. Dominika


      Oh I love you too my Czech friend! :hug:

    2. giraffeandy
  23. Don't make me cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
    Don't make me cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
    Don't make me cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
    Don't make me cry, cry, cry, cry, cry

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    2. Lilyen


      so true. so true.

    3. Mikasister


      I feel like you @giraffeandy I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel.


      The things in Spain are getting worse every day with 15.000 infected and moore than 700 dead, and they say the hardest is yet to come.:tears: In Catalonia where I live there're almost 3000 infected and 55 dead. We have to be locked up at home and go out just to buy food. I have to be careful with mom because is an old person. Moreover, Mika doesnt help me. It seems that for him only France and Italy are suffering. Today I wanted to cry. :tears: Right now, I'm down. Tomorrow I do not know but now, I regret having bought  tickets for this summer. Right now I'm sad and annoyed. 


      When the year started, 2020 seemed nice to me and now all this. :sad::sad:

    4. giraffeandy


      @Mikasister Exactly, I was so positive about 2020, Mika on tour, so many good things coming and now this... :emot-sad: It's so unreal, I feel like I have to wake up one day from this nightmare but I won't... And it's getting worse. I'm so sorry for Spain and Italy, this summer I was going to have a holiday with my family on Mallorca and also planning to go to Verona to see Mika and now it breaks my heart what's happening in both countries I love... 

  24. I hope it doesn't matter it's more an artist recommendation but I tried to choose a representative song for each of them... Of course I listen to a bunch of other artists, this is just the starter pack. I think some of them have a similar style to Mika in some ways (they are also inspired by the 80s and the same artists as Mika) so I hope someone here will enjoy some of the songs and artists I posted above.