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  1. It isn't just this line, the whole song is trash... Makes me uncomfortable to listen to because it's so bad.
  2. I hate this, it doesn't make sense to me if they don't replace the word at least, it's the same with the song IDGAF by Dua Lipa, sometimes I hear the clean version on the radio and the chorus goes just "I don't give a ...", it's so weird, especially when the song is called IDGAF. The same with Beautiful Trauma by Pink, they just removed the swear words in the clean version and the gaps in the lyrics sound so strange. And then they play songs like Whistle by Florida which is really disgusting but no one cares.
  3. Idk, to me the song doesn't really represent the city, of course, it mentions the city and it's named after Sanremo, but the song isn't about the city itself if you know what I mean... It would work with another Italian town which is located by the sea as well. It's more about the image you get from the song.
  4. I think he said the ad is going to be there just for 2 weeks.
  5. It would be great if he would replace BG with Platform Ballerinas! I'd like to hear any song from NPIH, I hope he adds at least Good Guys to the setlist! Even Last Party or NPIH would be great. My dream is Hurts, Good Wife or All She Wants but that doesn't seem realistic. I also think in French speaking countries he can add a French song as Les Baisers Perdus and in Italy Domani, maybe he will sing part of the song in English and part of it in Italian, like he does with GK in France sometimes.
  6. The singles (Tiny Love, Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy, Tomorrow, Sanremo) and probably Blue and at least a part of Stay High... Maybe sometimes he will skip one of those songs. I also hope for Platform Ballerinas. From the other albums, I think unfortunately there still will be many songs from LICM (for me, Happy Ending and Love Today would be enough to be honest). I'm a bit afraid there won't be any songs from NPIH and also TBWKTM, probably only WAG has a chance to make the setlist. From TOOL I expect OOL, Underwater and EMD, at least in French speaking countries. The same with BBB, it seems, he likes to sing it live. However, I hope he will surprise us with some songs from the new album he didn't perform live yet.
  7. I have to say I'm quite surprised by the fact that this song seems to be the most popular one (apart from the singles of course) from the album and keep thinking it's because of the collab (even though Jack isn't huge, at least I've never heard of him till Youth&Love, he still has a solid fanbase which is of course interested in this song). But maybe it's because I don't like love duets and love ballads as much so I really can't get into it... To me songs like that sounds a bit boring and cliched most of the time, even though I like Mika's voice in this one of course but for me it's still both sonically and lyrically probably the least interesting track on the album...
  8. A metaphor for passion? This does sound awkward for me too I thought it's the blood from the scratches...
  9. I got it, I'm rather one of those who sings BBB like that: lalalalala TEQUILA lalalala BOUM BOUM BOUM... As a Mika fan, not only that I'm living on a wrong place, I've also learned the wrong languages.
  10. For me it was the only line I could figure out... Apart from Domani, of course.
  11. Limmatplatz indeed isn't far away from the bus station so that would also be an option for me if we are going to leave at the same time... Yeah, I also really hope Mika's timing will be right. Oh, you aren't planning to stay after the show? As @mellody said, I thought it would rather be a problem if Mika won't appear until then that nobody is going to leave the venue earlier. That's why I wrote I have to leave around 1:00.
  12. Thank you so much for your offer, that would be very kind of you! I originally also booked a hotel near the venue but then I realize that on Saturday all the direct bus lines are leaving at night or early in the morning so it doesn't make sense to me to stay in a hotel overnight if I have to leave early because of the bus... So I decided to leave at night after the show. Usually a concert ends around 23:00 so I hope I'll still have time to stay almost 2 hours after the show before I have to leave around 1:00. The only problem is the transport. If you are going to leave the venue around the same time, it would help me a lot. How far is the hotel?
  13. To share an Uber would also be an option but the bus station is near the city center so I doubt it'll be on the way to your accommodation...
  14. I've technically been in Switzerland many times but always just crossing the country to get to Italy so it's my first official visit too... Also I'd like to ask somebody who is going to Zurich a big favour... I'm travelling by bus in the morning of the concert and leaving the night after because unfortunately there aren't many direct bus lines on Saturday. If anybody wanna meet in the morning to take a walk through the city, get some food and go to the venue in the afternoon, I would be really glad as I'm travelling alone. But my biggest request is for the night after the concert. The bus station is just 4 km from the venue but I need to get there at 1:00 at night (the bus is leaving at 1:25). I'm afraid I can't afford a swiss taxi (also because of the call prices in Switzerland etc.). Is anybody going by car to the venue? If someone could drop me at the station, I would be so grateful. Of course, I could pay a bit for the ride.
  15. Also I think he once said there'll be artworks similar to the album cover for every single and then after Ice Cream and Tiny Love the other singles were released only with the album cover...
  16. Also the outro of Paloma is missing in the booklet and Tiny Love Reprise is completely wrong, especially the part of Mika's mum, the whole verse is different... Sometimes it's only one word but still, it changes the meaning a lot. I'm also very disappointed by the booklet this time to be honest, it seems like it was made in a rush even though they had quite a lot of time to do it better... Also there aren't any pics, I was bit surprised by that as I was used that Mika's booklets always had beautiful artworks even when the lyrics were missing there.
  17. Thanks, here are a few more from the rest of the video, I'll post them in the other thread as well...
  18. These are just from the first minute of the video...
  19. Love it more than the one for Tomorrow (even though it's a very similar concept), I even started to make gifs from the video...
  20. Of course, the same with the other singles...
  21. Made a ranking of the songs from MNIMH according to the number of streams on Spotify: Ice Cream 3 249 826 Tiny Love 1 282 468 Tomorrow 799 427 Sanremo 737 274 Dear Jealousy 604 054 Ready to Call This Love (Feat. Jack Savoretti) 472 492 Paloma 208 295 Platform Ballerinas 199 876 Cry 179 988 I Went to Hell Last Night 171 939 Stay High 152 435 Blue 146 693 Tiny Love Reprise 136 116
  22. Btw, wo kann man Domani in voller Länge hören? Ich habe es weder auf Youtube, noch auf Spotify gefunden...