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  1. @TinyLove_CJ @Starlight Unfortunately, I can relate to your stories too. I was bullied at school especially at the age of 9 to 11, then I changed the school to a grammar school and it got a little bit better, I mean I wasn't popular at all and some people still made fun of me but on the previous school it was even worse... I had one best friend who sometimes didn't want to hang up with me because as @TinyLove_CJ said, it made her less cool. Luckily, on the grammar school I got a best friend who was (and still is) very loyal so that made things a lot easier. I didn't know what was wrong with me back then, I guess I was rather shy so I was an easy target. I kept thinking for years that it's my fault that I can't get along with people. It took me a long time to get over it and I'm still dealing with some consequences. But leaving school and start studying helped a lot, the people are much better at the university. After years I feel confident again. But I still have trust issues when meeting new people and I need a lot of time to become friends with someone. I really appreciate how often Mika speaks about being bullied. I know it's something you don't want to speak about, you don't want to remember or even think about it but is very helpful when you see a grown-up man sharing his story. Of course also many of his songs are thematizing this struggle. Especially the song Hurts helped me a lot to leave that period behind me, it came at the right time when my life was changing for better and I needed this song to deal with the past and move on.
  2. Mika's music should be available in the pharmacy because today I didn't sleep well and felt quite sick in the morning but then I started listening to MNIMH and I feel much better now... Not perfect, but I have still Mika's whole discography to heal me. 

  3. How I look vs. how I feel while wearing Mika's merch... :biggrin2:




    1. Paoletta


      yess the tote bag is beautiful i was bought on Torino the 1° date of italian tour 😍

    2. Paoletta


      mika is amazing live :cheer:

  4. Maybe we can make a "Practicing Spanish for Mika's next project" thread on MFC where we would learn Spanish together...
  5. I know but I didn't mean now, he has been there before and also we don't know about all his journeys, only about places where he has gigs or he shares them on IG.
  6. I do believe he'll release some EPs this or next year (or the year after...) but I don't believe he'll release the book anytime soon... So i just don't want to think about it yet.
  7. Yes, that too! The interview reminded me of some conversations with my mother where I keep agreeing with her but in fact don't pay attention at all...
  8. I found the longer radio interview with the male moderator really interesting, the other shorter one with the female moderator was a bit in a hurry, I had the feeling Mika is interviewing himself and the woman was just reacting with "Yes/Yeah!/Right"... She doesn't seem to be involved in to the conversation as much. But the project with different EPs sounds great. I won't comment on the book yet...
  9. Me too, I thought he won't speak about it till we forgot he ever mentioned it in the first place...
  10. I think so too! I'm just learning Spanish again for the next 3 months (I've already learned Spanish before but I'm still at A2 level at best) so for once in my life I'm learning the RIGHT language.
  11. Today it's three months since my first Mika gig... :cloud:


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    2. crazyaboutmika


      Happy Mikanniversary to you 💖💖 💖 :hug:

    3. Paoletta


      @giraffeandy yes the same for me :hug:

    4. Dominika


      Great video! Happy anniversairy @giraffeandy ! :cheer:

  12. I know that feeling from Leipzig, I felt like a second-class person without a bike there... So maybe he made the same experience in Germany too?
  13. I'm not an expert either but I guess the more expensive series, the faster and better...
  14. Seems you have a much better phone than me.
  15. The regular emojis on your phone or the MFC ones? Because I have the problem only with the special emojis on MFC. Same here and I also use Android (Samsung).
  16. I was just curious about the ticket prices as I didn't know the currency and I have to say it's really quite expensive (84 € for the ticket close to the stage and even more for VIP)...
  17. Tbh, I doubt the collab has anything to do with the third season of Elite but they just announced that the new season is going to be released on 13th March. So we will know for sure next month but I still think the collab is unrelated to that. I thought maybe it could be a song for Danna Paola's album but she apparently just released an reissue of her latest album so who knows what's this collab about...
  18. I also have troubles with emojis when I'm using MFC on my phone, that's why I prefer to post through PC and use my phone only for reading the thread or messages. But I can delete emojis even on my phone, the problem in my case is that the loading of the emojis is slow and sometimes it even gets stuck...
  19. I realized that Mika has control over my life whether I like it or not. Everytime I'm thinking "ok, enough of Mika for today", I go out and hear a Mika song in a shop or I turn on the radio and a Mika song is playing... It's just inevitable!
  20. I had the same thought recently! I was sad about missing the last show when I saw all these nostalgic posts on social media but at the same time, I felt that being sad about it is a good sign because it means that I would feel even worse if I wouldn't travel to any of the shows so it was all worth it!
  21. I get it and totally agree with you but I just wanted to point out that unfortunately, Mika/his team is not always the best in announcing and promoting things... I was quite confused some days ago when I realized that the tickets for his summer concerts in Italy were already available even though he didn't post anything on social media until the tickets already went on sale... Which is quite late if you still want to get good places. So I get it that sometimes, it's difficult to wait if you want to buy the tickets ASAP.
  22. So glad that at least the show in Paris was filmed for TV so we have something to come back to now when the big show is apparently over... I watched it yesterday and it helped me a lot with being a bit sad about missing the last show. Social media is nice but sometimes it can hurt. :lmfao: I especially loved Paloma, I have to say it's not my favourite song on the setlist, but in Paris it seemed to be one of the best moments. Thank you again @carafon for sending me the link! :hug:

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    2. Dominika


      Ohhh I don't have a dropbox :sad: but could you send me the link? I will check how does it open or if it'll open

    3. giraffeandy


      @Dominika I'll send it to you, a basic Dropbox account is free anyway... :winksmiley02:

    4. Gemz


      Could I have the link too please? 😮

  23. I have to say I haven't posted anything in this thread yet because in fact, I don't suffer from a Post Mika Depression after a gig. Actually the exact opposite, I have a Post Mika Mania. I knew that from gigs I experienced before Mika, I always keep the positive energy with me for a while but it never lasted as long and never was so strong like with him. I really feel happy, everything is brighter, I even smile more and I'm still in a good mood. It's like getting endorphins or being high, Mika just makes my life better (of course I'm not saying that drugs will make someone's life better, just for the record! ). However, that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't feel sad about missing all these fantastic gigs I can't go to. Like every "addict", right after getting my dose, I'm looking for the next one. When I know I'll get the next shot, it makes it a bit easier but still, I really feel every word @Dominika posted here a while ago: I know that nobody can attend every gig of the tour. And I feel so grateful I could see him twice. There are so many fans who haven't been able to go to a gig at all. But like every addict, I wish for more. And I also wish it would be easier to see him. I travelled 2 700 km in total to see him twice and even though it was definitely worth it, it would be great if I could just decide to go to a gig, buy a ticket and travel maybe just a few hours to be there instead of looking for a direct bus connection that is only 9 hours long, not 12 and more, looking for an accommodation near the venue I can afford etc. For a student, it's quite an expensive hobby. I'm already saving money for Summer, for my trip to Verona, but at the same time I wish I could have been in Strasbourg yesterday even though I know I just can't be everywhere. On the other hand, I kind of like the travelling aspect to be honest, I've never travelled for gigs before, I always just went to gigs in my city and now thanks to Mika, it's a brand new experience for me and it's quite an adventure. The whole journey becomes a part of the concert experience. So I'm glad Mika encouraged me to travel more. However, you never get enough and my bank account isn't bottomless so I never stop dreaming of a gig near (= let's say less than 500 km ) me to see him again.
  24. I don't know if MFC is the right place for it but since I can't discuss this on social media or irl, I thought I could try it here... What would you do, if someone really close to you express themselves in a slightly homophobic way? Would you try to convince him/her otherwise? Would you just ignore it and avoid this topic in conversations? Or would you even stop meeting such a person ? 


    The thing is, I have a best friend I know for ages, she is the closest person I have in my life besides my family. But it really bothers me when she speaks about someone being gay as it would be a bad/not normal thing. I tried to explain it to her but I think it's not so easy to change her mind about it. She tolerates people being gay but she doesn't approve it if you know what I mean. And I really hate it but at the same time, I know she is not a bad person and it's really hard for me because she is like my sister. It's a similar feeling like when someone in your family says something you don't agree with but at the same time you don't want to argue about it because those people are so close to you but it still bothers you a lot. I hope it makes sense. What do you think about it?

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    2. Lilyen
    3. giraffeandy


      @Irem Aytepe I guess I have to accept it and hope she changes her mind someday... Of course I won't stop pointing out what I think about it.

      But thank you all for your support! It helps when I can express my feelings and thoughts about it somewhere where it's safe to do so.

    4. Starlight


      @giraffeandy I hope you'll find a good solution... it's really a problem for a close friendship..