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  1. Today I've got the official annoucement from TicketOne (nothing new but at least they've sent an e-mail)...
  2. Did anybody receive an email from TicketOne?
  3. I just have my own ticket, I didn't buy yours. I know I asked if you still have them but later I got better ones on TicketOne.
  4. I find the whole formulation "It will be possible to request vouchers from the ticket circuits by and no later than 31 July 2020." very rude! I mean, it's their duty. I know it's not their fault that the concert can't take place but it isn't our fault either. We paid for something, we didn't get it and now we have almost no rights to get our money back? If I won't request my voucher until the 31st July, then they just keep my money for nothing? That's so unfair. I really wasn't worried about the refund till Thursday but I could never imagine it will be so bad. Now I feel quite scammed.
  5. That's why I tried to send an email to the European Consumer Centres Network because I think it's a really customer-unfriendly refund policy. I already got in touch with them once and they replied, even though it wasn't really helpful back then. However, they know the laws in different EU countries and they can help you if you need information about your rights in such situations. I don't think it will help but at least I want to know if it's legal according to the Italian law. I get that they want to protect the business but not under these conditions...
  6. I have to say this is by far the most expensive ticket I've ever bought so I'm really quite angry now. There would be no problem with a voucher if the concert gets rescheduled, I already have one concert ticket and one festival ticket for the next year (no Mika) but now I'll get a voucher with an expiration date and I don't know if there will be any Mika gigs in Italy I can attend to use it. And I won't travel to Italy to see any other show, also there might be gigs I won't be able to attend because of the distance, date etc. At least you should receive your money back if you don't use the voucher and it expires. It's a lot of money.
  7. But yeah, I wasn't worried about the ticket until now... I hope there will be some new Mika dates soon because otherwise I won't use the voucher.
  8. Thanks, there are also FAQ about the vouchers: They have an expiration date and you can only use them for events organized by the same organizer...
  9. I had to use Google Translate but if I got it right, you have to ask for the voucher until July 31... But if you don't? You loose your money? Is that even legal?
  10. That really sucks! How long is the voucher valid and do you get your money back if you don't use it? Because the ticket was quite expensive and I would use the voucher only for a Mika gig... So I hope they will reschedule the concert in Verona.
  11. Tbh I think Mika gave up on all the concerts this year and I can't even blame him for that...
  12. Idk but it seems to me that there would be much fewer seats and the concert is already almost sold out so I don't think there would be enough space... Also I guess keeping distance works better at a classical concert where people sit down silently than at a pop concert where the audience is more lively. Tbh I don't think it can take place under these conditions.
  13. Don't forget social distancing! (I've seen it on FB with Sherlock and decided to make a Mika version...)



  14. I guess that's because people in general are so "bored" and there are not many things that would distract them as usual so once they have an appointment they are on time... Now with online classes, none of the students is missing and they are all punctual.
  15. I think they simply have to go on until the government make an official restriction that will affect them because of the contracts they have. They can't cancel it on their own, they have to wait and until then continue with the promo even though they probably know it won't happen anyway... But that's the deal they have to follow.
  16. Challenge of the day: How many Mika CDs (including bonus CDs, live CDs etc.) can you play in one day? :biggrin2:

    1. giraffeandy


      It seems that not so many as I thought because I keep playing some songs on repeat... 

    2. Starlight


      It seems to be quite a challenge. :naughty:

  17. It's ok, I'm a student and I don't need the money for living but I was saving money for summer (which now seems "unnecessary" anyway). Unfortunately, as there are no more tourists in the city and gatherings are forbidden, the agency I work for had to stop its activity. I also should accompany authors on the book fair in May as an interpreter like last year (I study Translation studies) but the book fair has been cancelled this year. So I have to say even though I have some savings, I would prefer not to spend money for the trip right now...
  18. As I said, now I'm almost hoping it will be postponed because I don't want to be in the situation that the concert takes place but I can't leave the country... I know it's selfish but that would break my heart. Now you need a valid reason (visiting your family etc.) to cross the borders. I've also planned to save more money for summer but last month I lost my job (I'm helping out in a travel & tour agency). But from what I read in the translation of the article, I don't see the other dates happening either. Sure they start with the sooner dates but it's similar with holiday this year - month by month they are returning the money (or a voucher), now it affects only reservations till May but it's already pretty sure our family holiday in July won't happen either, we just have to wait till June to get the money back or to get a voucher for the next year. And also based on Mika's words yesterday, it seems to me he thinks no more concerts are going to happen this year as he is already focusing on the next one.
  19. I feel the same, the cooking show was the best thing that happened during the quarantine, literally crazy colours in the grey... I miss him so much but at the same time, I know he has more important things right now to worry about.
  20. This headline made my day:


    'This is Tim's fault': Triathlete kicked out of virtual race after husband trips over cord :lmfao:

  21. Home office for a gondolier:



  22. Quarantine tip if you have a dog and a lot of toilet paper... 


  23. I don't know why but as I had read the comment by @Natacha. before, I already expected the proposal when I read your dream but I've imagined it the other way around... Such a sweet dream!
  24. That's why I hate this ageism, it shouldn't matter if you are an younger/older fan, I don't know the age of many fans I follow on Twitter and I don't really care about it either... It's just another thing that splits the fandom like nationality etc. even though it shouldn't. We are all on the same boat, we are fans and that's all that matters to me.