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  1. It feels very short to me too! Even though I know 13 tracks is quite a lot for a Mika album...
  2. Ja, vor allem klingt es nicht so, als seien die beiden wirklich "Fans der ersten Stunde", wenn da so viele Unstimmigkeiten vorkommen – im Jahr 2006 (klar wurden die Songs schon früher aufgenommen aber sie meinen doch wohl eher den Durchbruch im Jahr 2007...), Die größte Neuigkeit neben alldem Bekannten: es gibt ein Duett. Mika wagt erstmalig einen Gastmusiker einzuladen... (es handelt sich keinesfalls um das erste Duett), auch die ständige Erwähnung von LICM-Songs, als gäbe es keine andere... Ich fand auch merkwürdig, dass er gerade Ice Cream als vielversprechend bezeichnet und später auch RTCL als den emotionalsten Moment, da gerade Ice Cream und RTCL für mich persönlich eher die schwächeren Tracks sind und ich andere Songs viel emotionaler finde. Es ist nur interessant zu sehen, wie sehr sich ihre Meinungen zu Dear Jealousy unterscheiden (edit: und zu Tiny Love eigentlich auch). Tiny Love Reprise und sogar Sanremo haben sie überhaupt nicht erwähnt, obwohl es eine der Singles ist. Und die Aussage, dass No Place In Heaven zurück zu den Wurzeln ging, aber wie eine schlechte Kopie klang ist einfach nur falsch. Schade, dass die Rezension nicht besser geworden ist.
  3. Eine Doppelrezension auf Deutsch, leider nicht besonders positiv:
  4. I love the cover, I'm also a fan of Troye Sivan so I'm really happy that he covered this song...
  5. Wow, I'm really happy for you! Btw, quite funny to see him on the list next to a singer called Paloma...
  6. Nice to see we are not the only ones who has to learn the lyrics properly before the tour...
  7. But with a chainsaw, shackles are not a problem anymore...
  8. I'll try too... A list: Dear Jealousy, Sanremo, Tomorrow, Platform Ballerinas, I Went To Hell Last Night B list: Tiny Love, Paloma, Cry, Blue, Tiny Love Reprise C list: Ice Cream, Ready To Call This Love, Stay High (I almost wrote Say Hi(gh)... )
  9. I feel very distracted... :naughty:



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      The same here :naughty:

  10. I think it's still better than these: All these people talkin' to themselves Think they're talkin' to someone but they're talkin' to themselves
  11. I just want to say that Sanremo grew on me so much since the album release! It usually doesn't happen with singles that has been released before but there's something about the song that makes it better with time. Every time I listen to it, I like it more. At first, it was my least favourite single, then I realize it's really catchy and now it's one of my favourite songs from the album.
  12. Exactly, love that part too!
  13. There was one interview where the journalist (who heard the album before) said that Platform Ballerinas and Tomorrow are his favourite songs from this record but after that they only talked about Tomorrow, I don't think he said anything about PB...
  14. Me too, especially because of the first verse but I'm a bit confused about the line Is that why you let the devil in.
  15. I think many songs by Mika sound like out of a musical...
  16. I tried to listen to the album in this order and the tracklist is really good! If someone is interested, I made a playlist on Spotify:
  17. Maybe the concept of this whole album is to show the contradiction between Mika and Michael Holbrook and that's why it feels like two albums with different styles together. Like the more introspective songs stand for Michael and the more danceable for Mika. Or most likely I'm starting to overanalyze everything.
  18. For me there's no bad song (just RTCTL feels a bit meh to me, but it's still ok) but I have the feeling I'm listening to two different albums – one with songs like Tiny Love, Paloma, I Went to Hell Last Night, Platform Ballerinas, Stay High, Tiny Love Reprise and the other one with songs like Dear Jealousy, Sanremo, Cry, Tomorrow and Ice Cream. One style is more Beatles influenced, the second has more 80s and 90s pop dance vibe. However, I like some songs from both parts so I actually can't say which style I would prefer on the album...
  19. I don't get the general "hate" among fans for Cry tbh, I don't think it's the best song Mika has ever done but it's really one of the most enjoyable tracks on this record. Maybe it reminds of George Michael but Mika always had songs like that on his albums, just think of Touches You from TBWKTM, that's 100 % inspired by George Michael too (Faith & Father Figure) and still sounds like a Mika song. Cry also kind of gives me Tah Dah vibes, which is one of my favourite tracks from TOOL (deluxe). I have to say I'm rather kind of underwhelmed by some of the ballads on this record as I always thought ballads are Mika's strenght, even though Blue really grew on me after more listenings and I like it now. However, I think this album has some of Mika's best dance pop songs, which is kind of unexpected but I think I will enjoy this album for what it is. I actually have a quite similar feeling about MNIMH as I had about TBWKTM, many great songs I will definitely play a lot, it just doesn't have the flow of an album for me like for example NPIH had.
  20. Idk but the line "She ain't like no other señorita" seems very ironic to me, I don't think he means it serious.
  21. I feel the same about Blue, I like the lyrics but it didn't hit me yet. Wow, I have to say I have the exact same opinion on most of the songs and even the album as a whole, I agree with you on NPIH and I also thought of making my own playlist with a different track order! Exactly, especially for Mika who writes so specific lyrics most of the time this one seems to be too general...
  22. MNIMH, day 2, new thoughts: Cry really grew on me a lot! I was indifferent about it first but now it's probably a top 5 song for me. It's not a typical Mika song but it gets better with more listenings. An unexpected favourite of mine. On the other hand, it's hard to choose a least favourite but I have to say Ready To Call This Love feels a bit basic to me. It's a sweet love song but for me it's a filler on the album, the lyrics are quite simple and it doesn't hit me (yet). Overall I like the production of most of the tracks, there are many interesting twists and I like the instruments there, also some great bridges and intros/outros, that makes the songs even more enjoyable, all the songs develop in a way. And I also always loved Mika's songs with choirs.
  23. Yeah, I also feel NPIH is more intimate, I enjoy the new songs but at the same time I "miss" Mika in them. I'm a bit conflicted about it. I think this will be an album where I'll prefer to listen to the songs I'm currently in mood for rather than listen to the entire album. And I also have the feeling this album is more radio-friendly than his previous albums.
  24. On Genius there's shackles: 'Cause I can’t be your slave to the rhythm I've got shackles on my feet I think it makes sense and I also hear it there... (I know Genius isn't official but I usually read the lyrics there and they're mostly right.)