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  1. Strange that they are sold out on mikasounds.com because you can still order them here: https://shop.virginemi.com/mika/ (I prefer this shop because it ships from the UK instead of the US).
  2. Indeed, it felt like a real concert experience, I was excited before the gig, I couldn't sleep afterwards because I couldn't stop thinking about the show, today I was still high but at the same time I have PMD... Mika really exceeded my expectations and I'm always expecting a lot when it comes to Mika but this time it was even better than I could have ever imagined! (Or maybe I was just really missing him on stage... ) But it's quite unbelievable what he and the team made in a couple of weeks, especially since his initial idea was a small garden gig.
  3. I have to admit I downloaded the video too before it was shut down because I wanted to rewatch the gig today and I wasn't sure how long the link will work so I'm the last to judge even though I was going to use it just for my own purposes, I wouldn't upload it anywhere... But I think YouTube isn't the best platform if you don't want people to get the video because it's so easy to convert it. It was just a matter of time till someone uploads the whole gig. However, I still hope there will be an official way to buy it too, I would still pay for it.
  4. Made me think of the EP influenced by Arabic music he mentioned earlier this year...
  5. That was so intense... I can't put all my emotions into words, so here's a shortlist of them during the gig: (Mika on stage) (I cried like a baby during Any Other World) (that's literally me after Ice Cream... Such a Mika moment. ) Also I hope he will release this version of Promiseland, I love it! And I would really like to buy the concert on DVD...
  6. Not a big thing for the fandom but there's a Czech article about the concert tomorrow: https://musicserver.cz/clanek/64202/mika-v-sobotu-usporada-specialni-livestream-vytezek-pujde-vybuchem-postizenemu-bejrutu/
  7. Learning to draw on my new graphic tablet using a reference image...  :lol3:


    It's so much fun! 

  8. Youtube just recommended to me this video I've seen years ago because the algorithm knows I need a good laugh right now... :lol3:



  9. I don't think that the livestream will be geolocated, I guess you can watch it all around the world, just at another time according to your time zone.
  10. 8 euros for sending an e-mail? That's the most expensive e-mail I've ever seen. Sorry but they did literally nothing. Their service doesn't work at all. (Btw, if you return goods for a good reason, you don't pay the mail fees...)
  11. I sent them an e-mail, it's probably useless but that's all I can do. Also, I want the whole amount I've paid, I don't know why I should pay them € 8,11 for nothing...
  12. The gig feels like a new episode of Casa Mika for me... At first I thought it will be a small garden gig with Mika singing but now it seems Mika invited the whole world to join him in his house (of course virtual).
  13. But I requested my refund after the new law because I didn't want a voucher. I sent my request on 28th of July so the new law was already over a week old by that time.
  14. Sorry but that's a joke... You have to request both a voucher and then your money once again for a cancelled event? They are just trying really hard to keep the money, it's even against the law. That's the last time I've bought a ticket on TicketOne, even if it means I'll never see Mika in Italy again. They are the worst, that's unbelievable.
  15. Hi! I like that you know the exact day when it all started... Indeed an unforgettable experience! 😁
  16. I remember seeing that interview on Youtube, he said he can't hear that song anymore because of the chorus "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I like Kelly Clarkson so I was quite annoyed by his comment about it back then.
  17. Danna mentioned a surprise at the end of the live stream with Mika but I also thought that she meant the concert... Because Mika already mentioned a Mexican guest before.
  18. Unfortunately, the way he is wearing his face mask is not so cool...
  19. At the end of this part she also sings a part of the song and talks a bit about the lyrics (it starts at 11:00)... She says that when she sings "soy yo sin ti" she doesn't mean without another person but without the other part of a person... And that she leaves it behind in the past. Yes, I think that's what she means...
  20. I know that the bridge of Live Your Life is very short but to me it counts...
  21. So she wrote the song in November 2018 and this year in January she got the chance to sing it with Mika, if I got it right? Even though Mika is credited too, I guess they made some final touches together in the studio...
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