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  1. This is such a cute reaction video... Love her fangirling over Mika.
  2. *Michael Holbrook, don't forget! I have marked it in my calendar on Friday...
  3. I love mango ice cream, yummy!
  4. Me too... Well, at least I hope I'll need it. But it's always good to know the lyrics by heart.
  5. A song review, it got 7/10... At least some publicity here.
  6. I get why and I know it's not his fault but I wished there would be at least one gig in Central Europe (and Scandinavia etc. as well of course for other fans)... I saw some French fan complaining there's no gig in Nice and it's really frustrating to read such comments when there's no gig in your whole region. After all it's an "UK & European Tour". I'm used to the fact that some US artists are skipping more than a half of Europe during the "European" part of their tour but Mika is an artist who is the most active in Europe so it's quite disappointing...
  7. So now I read that it apparently does count every stream if you are playing the song at least for 30 seconds... I knew about the 30 seconds rule but I thought it works similar to Youtube where it doesn't count every view of the same person I think. At least once I read that there are some rules for that. But now I really don't know how it works...
  8. Me too but I'm afraid it doesn't count every stream, especially if you are playing the song on repeat... There are some rules for that when it counts as a new stream and when not anymore.
  9. I definitely live in the wrong part of Europe too... Still a bit mad about the fact that there's no concert at least 500 km away so I could travel just there and back...
  10. It doesn't work online but if you have the PC app it should work even in the free version I think... You have to find the song (it doesnť work in a playlist) and then put the cursor over that bar next to the time... It seems yesterday there were only 59 067 new streams.
  11. You can see it on your PC on Spotify, not on your phone... But the PC version of Spotify is free to download and works even if you haven't got premium, just with ads. (I have premium now but before I used this version on my PC.)
  12. 115 355 streams on Spotify yesterday (the number is updated just once a day so it doesn't count any streams from today yet).
  13. Ok, I was just surprised because according to the picture I saw it reminds me of the venue where Mika has been in Prague 3 years ago but that one is a bit bigger than that...
  14. Oh that's even smaller than I thought...
  15. I hope so but I want to buy the ticket in advance anyway to be sure I have it... Do you know how big is this Komplex 457? I saw some pictures but it's hard to guess the size...
  16. Ryanair (return ticket) just about 85 euros! But it's the airport which is 100 km from Paris so it's not as cheap actually... I considered the Bercy concert as well but the date isn't the best, just two days before Christmas Eve...
  17. There's a direct bus line to both Zurich and Strasbourg, it goes over night and takes about 9 hours. Unfortunately the plane is even more expensive than to Paris as it's not as frequented. I'm considering Zurich because I've already been to Strasbourg twice and I'd probably spend one more day there because the bus line goes just once a day in the evening. So I also need to find an accommodation for one night. There are some offers on but the problem is I don't know if I can find someone to join me... It would be cheaper (and better of course) to travel with someone than alone but there are no Mika fans in my surroundings who would be so dedicated to travel with me...
  18. Ok, so basically my only options are Zurich and Strasbourg... Zurich is 700 km away and Strasbourg 600 km.
  19. I did it! I'm trying to contact some radio stations here as well, they are still playing Mika's old songs quite regulary but everything is from LICM... The first answer I got isn't good, they think the song is not strong enough... At least I've tried. The second radio station will consider it...
  20. It's probably "hotter"... At least I hope.
  21. Ready for Ice Cream? :biggrin2:


    1. giraffeandy


      @Mikasister Me probably too, I have Spotify so I can stream it... But I saw this today on Instagram and thought it¨s quite funny how it fits. :naughty:

    2. Paoletta


      :partytime2: @giraffeandy oh yeah... also me wait to the album:yes:

    3. Dominika


      Couldn't be more ready :floor:


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  22. I'm quite sure the songs will be at least on some edition of the album like BBB was. If he hasn't changed his mind, It's My House could possibly even be a part of the regular album and I think he will include SOAO at least in Italy...
  23. Not sure about that, he said the album will be released in Autumn and it's possible that he will start the tour earlier...