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  1. And do you think this could be for the MNIM album cover? I know he wrote it's for the single art but it would suit so well to the title... And I like this style a lot.
  2. Ich habe gelesen, dass er das Konzert in Paris (Bercy) in Dezember bestätigt hat und dass er auch gesagt hat, dass das Album im Herbst rauskommt.
  3. *trying to introduce Mika to a friend while chatting*


    Me (sending a link to the Ice Cream performance): I'm addicted to this song right now, it's not out yet but I couldn't wait because I adore Mika.


    My friend: He looks so good! He is half Lebanese, right?


    Well, not exactly the reaction I was expecting... :teehee:

  4. I need one near Saint Tropez the second week in July please... But hopefully there'll be more opportunities during the actual tour.
  5. As long as you won't download it illegally, it's ok, streaming counts as well.
  6. I think so, where else should it be released nowadays? Spotify and co. & music video on YouTube.
  7. Ich hoffe, dass wir spätestens nächsten Freitag sowohl den Titel als auch das Erscheinungsdatum erfahren werden... Vielleicht auch früher, falls Mika das fertige Album-Cover veröffentlicht. Gestern meinte er, dass das Single-Cover schon fast fertig ist und das Album-Cover soll heute fertig sein.
  8. :lmfao:



    1. giraffeandy


      I saw it on Twitter during a class (without the sound but I know the original) and I had to laugh... :biggrin2:

    2. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Hmmmmm. I think I am the only one who finds it more unpleasant than funny. 🤔☹️

    3. We-Are-Golden
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  9. First page of my new journal... 


    1. Paoletta


      @giraffeandy :thumb_yello: good , well bravissimaaaa;  i like this :yes::hug:

  10. I agree, it's about the right contacts but he also has to be interesting for them... If he is performing at a show in France or Italy, he can be the headliner and many people will come to see him, elsewhere he hasn't that kind of impact. The popularity still plays a huge role.
  11. But he needs even more promotion and he also needs to promote the new single and the album... And they also have to invite him to these shows so it's logical that there are more opportunities in France and Italy. Unfortunately, I don't think he has so many possibilities to promote his new single in other countries.
  12. I thought about the same thing, if he is releasing the first single on 31.5. (I hope it's the release date for both the single and the music video), the album won't be released sooner than in 2 months at least... That's the end of July or the beginning of August if we stay optimistic. There also should be two more singles in the meantime. If we compare that timeline with TOOL or NPIH, the end of August or the beginning of September seems to be more realistic... So definitely not before the summer holidays, maybe during the holidays, but most likely after that.
  13. I agree, I think San Marino was the worst... UK was ok, not great but not bad at all. I really liked (in no particular order) Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland. This year I was even satisfied with our song and performance.
  14. The chorus is so catchy! And the lyrics seem to be...really interesting. I know one for sure – ice cream will never be the same.
  15. This is what I saw on Instagram but I can't understand most of the lyrics either...
  16. Hi Giulia! We have a lot in common, I also study translation and interpreting and even though I've already heard of Mika in 2007, I rediscovered him and became a fan only in 2015. And I really love Sherlock too!
  17. And people who love both? I can never decide between cats and dogs...
  18. Youtube knows who is the biggest rockstar! :das: (rocková hudba means rock music...)



    1. Dominika


      Because Mika can be brown, blue, violet sky... :floor:

  19. That would be great, these two songs are my favourites!
  20. That's what I'm thinking every month since forever...
  21. I know that this is waaaaaay toooooooo optimistic but if there's an announcement on Thursday it made me think if he's releasing a new song on Friday but yeah, that's just a crazy daydream...
  22. I just hope it's not a new commercial, TV show appearance etc., but finally something music-related...