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  1. Here’s just a draft of how the arena could look like with all the coloured sheets, what do you all think of it? My friends and I will be in the standing area and will help pass out some coloured sheets to the people in the standing area, and it would be perfect if some MFCers in the seated area were willing to distribute them all over the arena!😊 If everyone likes this idea, we could start counting how many coloured sheets of each colour we would need and also start thinking about the instructions to print on the back (both in French and English I would suggest)
  2. I tried to use a VPN and it didn't work anyway... but I did the same the day after and it worked! So it was probably only a temporary problem of my pc 😅 Thank you anyway Anne!!😘
  3. Here is the French interview "L'hebdo de la musique", but I can't watch it from Italy...😞 Does anybody know how to watch it outside France?
  4. My crying songs are Tiny Love Reprise, Any Other World, Underwater (especially when I listen to the live versions 😭) and No Place In Heaven.
  5. Mika at L'effet Pogonat on Ici Musique (Radio Canada) (3rd segment from min 22)
  6. Thank you very much for the links Eriko, but unfortunately they don't work on my computer... Do you know other ways to watch the show live?
  7. Yes, it is similar to a festival. It is a kind of party of an Italian radio station and there will be many guests apart from Mika. So I do think it is a concert, in which he will sing a few of his songs, including Ice Cream.
  8. And the Music Awards dates are wrong as well, aren't they?
  9. Here is the small interview 😊
  10. I've just found this video of the whole performance of Ice Cream and it is in an extremely high definition! 😻
  11. Tanti auguri :happybday:

    1. SilviaM


      Thank you very much☺️☺️