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  1. Mika at L'effet Pogonat on Ici Musique (Radio Canada) (3rd segment from min 22)
  2. Here is the yesterday's interview at Virgin Radio
  3. Thank you very much for the links Eriko, but unfortunately they don't work on my computer... Do you know other ways to watch the show live?
  4. Yes, it is similar to a festival. It is a kind of party of an Italian radio station and there will be many guests apart from Mika. So I do think it is a concert, in which he will sing a few of his songs, including Ice Cream.
  5. And the Music Awards dates are wrong as well, aren't they?
  6. Here is the small interview 😊
  7. I've just found this video of the whole performance of Ice Cream and it is in an extremely high definition! 😻
  8. I've just seen this tweet
  9. I’ve seen those dates too, but they aren’t Mika’s concerts, they’ve been probably confused with him even if they are other Mikas... It’s only a huge mistake, maybe automatically created by the site bandsintown
  10. Hi! Sorry to be late, but can I be added please? I’m Silvia from Italy 🇮🇹😊
  11. Capisco la situazione, e sicuramente lei aveva sbagliato (anche se io credo e voglio credere che lei si sia sinceramente pentita), ma penso che sia davvero un peccato non poter vedere le sue esibizioni, che immagino siano state molto belle... E soprattutto mi piacerebbe veramente tanto sapere il pensiero di Mika riguardo a tutto questo, perché finora non ho mai ben capito, nel senso che da un lato è grave ciò che aveva scritto Mennel e non lo metto in dubbio, ma dall’altro mi è anche sembrata esagerata la sua scelta (pilotata o non) di lasciare il programma, considerando che è passato parecchio tempo da quei post su Facebook...
  12. He said he won’t do concerts during the summer, so I think he won’t do any festival neither.. but I hope he’ll do concerts in autumn ( For me, the album will be released at the beginning of autumn, or at least I hope that!)🤞🏼
  13. I’ve just found my mail, writing “Mika” in the research bar! Thank you @Siri for the advice! Good luck to everyone!
  14. It’s strange, but I’ll wait.🤞🏼 If it doesn’t arrive I’ll give up because I read that I have to forward the I can’t try without the mail. Thank you both anyway!😊
  15. Okay, thank you! Because I didn’t receive anything, even if I am on the mailing list theoretically..
  16. Yes, I’ve seen! Haha that would be the only chance 😅