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  1. some further up pictures to enjoy the beauty of the scenography
  2. In the Movie MonteCarlo there are 3 Mika's songs
  3. unless we won't use the string or we can try to pass it on our t shirts and hope ahaha
  4. I was hoping to challenge the physics rules hahahah
  5. I have an idea wich is pretty easy and I think also affordable for everyone but since I'm traveling, I may need some help maybe for those who are already there or that hav more chances than me to get the material: the needs would be baboons the small colorful party one and string, quite a lot I would say. the idea was for happy ending which I know it is pretty late in the set list but I still think the idea is cute, so during the song we can tide the balloon to the string and the string to our wrist /hand to make It look like in the video
  6. Hello everyone is there any fan action planned for Wednesday?
  7. Now that the album live cam out I can still Get all the feels of that night the same night when I gave him that jacket made by me with my family help and he wore it Singing live today 😍❤️
  8. Is anyone reselling the tickets for the show in Padua? If yes please contact me
  9. hey there y'all, mika lovers. i have an important question to ask for everyone that may know the answer. I am interest in the world tour and I'd like to know if anyone figured which are the American and Asian tour dates thank you everyone
  10. European tour in the fall or European tour next summer? At this point does anyone know when should be the world tour dates? I Don't know how to make a separate message fro this so everyone can read it thx virgi
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