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  1. My favorite songs of the album are Rio & L’Amour Fait Ce Qu’Il Veut and I like No Place In Heaven and Good Guys as well. I like the other songs too, but these ones are kinda special for me because the remind me of my middle school exams. In particular Rio is the most special of MIKA’s songs for me, it relaxes me a lot and it makes me think positive just from the first line “Oh here I go again...”. I don’t know why, but I don’t like Staring At The Sun so much. Everyone loves it but it isn’t like other MIKA’s song, I can’t keep it playing for an entire hour without getting bored. I know it has an amazing meaning, but I don’t like the melody so much. Talking about the album in general: I totally agree with you saying that Life In Cartoon Motion is MIKA’s masterpiece and I think it’ll be forever, but this one is really good as well! ☺️