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    The voice 🎤🎹🎸🎶

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    I love Mika, the dance, the rhythmic and sportive gymnastic, the photography and the music. 🎶

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  1. Hello girls !! 

    I hope you are fine 💞

    If you are watching eurovision and you like France, don't hesitate to vote at 36 32. It's the number 21 😊😉 it would be amazing he wins !!!! 😍 😍 😍 



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    2. Mikasister


      Nothing new. Routine, which ist's not bad :biggrin2:

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hello @Dominika !!!

      I'm so happy too !! 

      I hope all is good for you 😉😘

      It was my favourite song too and i love this singer ! He's amazing ! 

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)


      Lyrics were so beautiful and the message very important and powerful... 

      And i totaly agree with him, when we are dreaming, we are all Kings and queens ! 

  2. :hug: 







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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      @ Mikasister: huglove: I worked... So it wasn't very fun... But you make me happy 

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      I 'm so tired, have a good night Alba and sweet dreams ! :cloud:

    4. Mikasister


      Good night and sweet dreams @Maria :) :hug:

  3. Hello girls !! :hug:

    I'm not here anymore but I often think to you... I want you know that I don't forget you... 


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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hello @Dominika !

      Yes I'm fine thank you, even if we have too much work... !! 😢

      And you how are you ? 😄

    3. Mikasister


      Hello and welcome back @Maria :) we don't 'forget you either. :hug:

    4. Dominika


      I'm fine too @Maria :) :wink2: Busy at work but happy :biggrin2:

  4. Have a good sunday girls ! 

    His unruly lock...!!! :wub2:I love !! 


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    2. Lilyen


      Happy sunday evening @girls! Elton-look

    3. Dominika


      Have a good week girls! :biggrin2:

    4. Lilyen


      Have A Nice Thheyy @girls :wink2:

  5. Hello girls ! :étreinte:

    How are you ?

    It's been so long ! 

    I haven't got internet the week since I went back to the school. 

    Look at this ! It's a page of my diary. :lmfao:"find the date of birth of Mika solving this sudoku grid." 


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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Oh I'm sorry @Mikasister

      I hope it's better for her now. 

      Have a good day ! :)

    3. Paoletta


      I fine :wink2:

      i wait  for Mika!!!! :cloud:

    4. Lilyen


      @Paolettamee too foreveeer......... 

  6. Hello girls !! 

    Here are some photos we took my friend and me recentely. ;)

    We will take photos again. 




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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      @Dominikahahaha yes I cut my hair ! :biggrin2:And it's annoying because they never want to be put in place ! 

    3. Boucarilla


      It suits you very well my dear Maria! 💕💕💕

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Thank you so much @Boucarilla:huglove:

  7. Hello girls ! 

    0:20- 0:22 and 3:10 :cloud:I am beside myself with joy... 

    Does someone know when was it ? 

    1. Dominika


      Oh, this song warms my heart every time :cloud:

    2. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Netherlands 2015

  8. Hello girls ! 

    How are you today ? 

    Here is what i drew in this afternoon. 






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    2. Loo


      I've been hennaing my hair for a long time, but now I'm trying to keep it natural color.

      When I went to the Maghreb, I used to have some made on my hands too, I find it very aesthetic and sensual.

    3. Boucarilla


      Beautiful Maria, congrats! 😍

    4. Mikasister


      Wow @Maria :) it is so so beautiful, congrats!! !!  Also the dress.:wub2:

  9. Does someone understand what he says ? 

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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Super ! Je suis contente pour lui :)

    3. Kumazzz


      “Hi everybody, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you tonight and thanks to Gianluigi for being there, representing me and my whole team. I’m honored to receive this prize from you. Most of all, this work was a collective work, with every author, the whole Rai2 crew and also the crew of the centre of Milan. So, thank you. I had so much fun. We put a lot of our hearts there. I put a lot of my life, of my fantasies, of my dreams in this program. I really found a house for two years. It was really, really beautiful. It was such an intimate and personal thing, in tv, but yes it was very intimate and personal. I’m very happy to receive this prize tonight, for me and also for the whole team. Thank you."

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Thank you so much @Kumazzz !! 😘

  10. The first time, it's beautiful. 

    The second time, it's amazing. 

    The third time, it's wonderful !! ❤️


    1. Loo


      Beautiful pic!

  11. Maria. I dont know if you could watch the show. Here you are some videos recorded by a fan






  12. Oh yes I loooove the video whose this photo come from. He 's so beautiful... This photo has its place here. This posture, his look and this makeup... I am beside oneself with joy !
  13. Hello Girls :hug:

    Wow it's very awesome ! (from 1:21) 

    Have a good day ! 

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    2. Dominika


      Good day to you too Maria ! :hug:

      This weekend is pure blessing for me. Yesterday I was on an event which is similar to Comic Con where you can see and meet all wonderful people dressed in characters from tv series, comics and movies. I also took a picture with an actress Felicia Day although I haven't seen her in any movie before :teehee::biggrin2:

      Today I'm meeting with Ewa. We hadn't an opportunity to see each other for a while, so now when the weather is great we go out to breathe fresh air and catch some rays of the sun :cheer:

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hi @Dominika !

      Wow it's great !! 

      You're very lucky... Say hello to Ewa from me and have a nice time together. I hope you will show us photos. :wink2:

    4. Mikasister


      I saw your pics @Dominika :thumb_yello:

  14. Hello girls ! 

    I have rediscovered this wonderful music yesterday. 

    It's soooo beautiful....its power is vast for me. 💞 💕


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    2. Loo


      Classical, piano, tuxedo, artistic blur...  syncope.gif.47d384560b1fc2ff0ad82e8d8b85e622.gif

    3. Dominika


      Thanks for sharing this video @Maria :) :flowers2:

      It's very beautiful mellody :cloud:

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      @Loohaha exactly ! :lmfao:

      And bow tie... :cloud:

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