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  1. Does someone understand what he says ? 

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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Super ! Je suis contente pour lui :)

    3. Kumazzz


      “Hi everybody, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you tonight and thanks to Gianluigi for being there, representing me and my whole team. I’m honored to receive this prize from you. Most of all, this work was a collective work, with every author, the whole Rai2 crew and also the crew of the centre of Milan. So, thank you. I had so much fun. We put a lot of our hearts there. I put a lot of my life, of my fantasies, of my dreams in this program. I really found a house for two years. It was really, really beautiful. It was such an intimate and personal thing, in tv, but yes it was very intimate and personal. I’m very happy to receive this prize tonight, for me and also for the whole team. Thank you."

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Thank you so much @Kumazzz !! 😘